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Wanted Anti Jelsa poster by Trackforce Wanted Anti Jelsa poster by Trackforce
Propaganda poster from Syndrome's Industries from one of the alternate story lines of "FALL Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons" . After a devastating freak blizzard damages the southern states Syndrome takes the opportunity of the public's latest anti-guardians sentiment and uses it to target the Guardians . He renames the storm "Jelsa" and gets support to his theory that it was a product of Elsa and Jack Frost  getting intimate . This idea comes out after Syndrome receives secrets from several spies among the Guardians (even kids passing as believers) who witness Elsa and Jack's relationship and after one is able to sneak into Elsa's room and videotape the act that happens at the same time that Washington D.C  get's buried in snow . The result is a strong hatred from the public towards Queen Elsa and Jack Frost . The latter suffers a Ban in many towns where parents arm their homes and public parks with Syndrome's products and many join the " The Kronos Guard " group created by Syndrome to stand againts the guardians and be ready to fight them when the time comes . Elsa blames it on Jack who in turn blames Anna for not stopping them , even after Anna was againts the relationship . The relationship ends and this causes a big drift among the Guardians , as Merida and Rapunzel side along with Jack while Hiccup and Azula stand with Elsa and Anna as the two decide to leave the states and return to Arandelle . Little do they know things are only going to get worse…
                                       A pretty gritty story idea inspired by a strong dislike of Jelsa and a really bad winter I experience with no AC . Don't know how I came up with Elsa and Jack Frost causing a blizzard because of making out and/or sex  but probably was the result of coming across that type of fan art while we still had some really freezing days . I use that idea for a private  short story were both were stop before they could do the deed and Jack was intentionally bad on that one and though of never using that scenario again . That is until I decided to work on my "Frozen Days Of The Future Tangled Past" crossover and was looking for scenarios where the world would turn againts the Guardians and eventually lock them and exterminate them . One scenario the Guardians fail to stop a attack on a elementary school under their watch after Jack Frost teases one of the villains who turns out to have a special devastating attack that results in the death of many students , Jack get's blamed and Syndrome makes himself the voice of the people . The Blizzard Jelsa is the second one and probably happens before the tragic school incident that completely turns the world in Syndrome and Pitch's favor .

Elsa (c) Frozen
Jack Frost (c) Dreamworks
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Jasmine-Lotus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mathillant Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*lol* :D (Big Grin) 
melanie-clarck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love this!! It's soo funny XD
1stSuperboyFan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Well for the whole days of future past thing you can always send Future Hiccup back to stop the attack that kills the kids or use Hiro and Baymax  will all know their going part of the guardians. Also if you still want Jack and Elsa together you can have Future Hiccup/Hiro use some science stuff that them together when make a blizzard. Ether they stop their relationship or send them to the poles undoing the damage of  global warming.
Trackforce Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2014
I like your thoughts on it , if people want to use this as a starting point for their fan fics I'm happy with it . But I'm not a Jelsa fan , I completely hate jelsa and this was the result of it since in my version Elsa and Jack Frost getting together is a BAD idea and the Universe itself it's againts it . They can get together and work out their problems but someone always suffers in the end either by a freak climate , a jealous fan or a jealous team mate , Anna splitting up  or their children are kidnap by Syndrome and Pitch . That's my version but if a Jelsa fan wants to use that idea for their stories I'm totally okay with that and will gladly give more challenges for them to work out . 
                    I have not gotten yet to the time travel part yet but I was thinking of using old Disney characters for the past part since the environment I have in mind is a mix of many different eras and cultures . The only candidate to travel to the past I see is Alice who is a woman now and was "active" before any of the other Guardians and therefore could take on a younger Syndrome's plans for world conquest .
1stSuperboyFan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
So this was a hate Elsa x Jack thing, I not much of a shipper of them either I'm more of a slasher but I do like to ship Elsa with Hiccup through.
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August 13, 2014
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