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Sequel to Frozen Runaway 1999…



WWL Tower

Selicia: Our transmissions are being hijack.

Director: A hacker? Who?

Selicia: It looks like Jack Frost!

Director: Great.. and just when we are covering the inauguration.


Jack frost :… and with that great love I would love to present my gift to the greatest man that I have ever meet and has help me so much to get me where I am today, even if I have yet to see his promise that he'll get me into Frozen 2 come true. You better please my fans DONALD, Remember .. Jack Frost Angry Icon  I'm watching you sleep Jack Frost Angry Icon ... Jack frost  And a Happy New Year! Enjoy my latest masterpiece you mortals and my legions of devoted followers. And remember .. BELIEVE IN JACK FROST Citizens of Infonavid City!……


Video description -

Putin and Trump are having a meeting congratulating each other in the White House. Putin then demands that Trump isn't trying hard to win over the American people and is making their entire team-up way too obvious. Putin demands that he get somebody who can easily get the younger generation in their favor. Someone that people follow blindlessly without questioning. In walks in Jack Frost. He, Trump and Putin start dancing to the music Donald Trump nod 

Jack Frost Cute Icon : GTi, Hot Shot,
He parks it there,just to piss me off.
Bullyboy, gonna show ya who's tough,
I'm gonna shoot the dog, I'm gonna shoot the dog *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) 

It's party time, everyday
I spent Saturday night on Novocaine
Called the pigs, Squeezed Pig 50x50 icon   but nobody came
I'm gonna shoot the dog, I'm gonna shoot the dog (come on ladies)

William Joyce is watching the dance from a computer at home and he throws away his entire future scripts for the Rise Of The Guardian books. He then facepalms and cries while his daughter's ghost rolls her eyes.

Nine nine nine gettin' jiggy
People did you see that fire in the City?
It's like we're fresh out of democratic,
Gotta get yourself a little something semi-automatic yeahh :rifle: 

Then Jack Frost walks to the White House lawn where President Trump throws a ball so his dog can fetch it. Jack chases and returns the ball instead, cuddled by Trump in reward.

Jack frost : That's why I'm always gettin' stoned yeah he is stoned 
That's why I'm out there havin' fun again
Good puppy, good puppy Dog Face 
Rolling on over

Jack Frost is then seen going to the movies to watch his movie, Rise Of The Guardians. But finds himself appalled that people are sleeping and a teenage couple is having sex in the front row. Jack Frost then sits next to a random DA member with the tag "Jelsa 4ever" on his shirt. He offers popcorn to Jack but he freezes the popcorn causing the DA member to give a uncomfortable look, implying that he had cut a hole in the popcorn bucket. Jack then get's up and is angry that there's a crowd lined-up to see Frozen 2. A bunch of fangirls surround him and he pulls out his cellphone to show his selfie of him, Putin and Trump dancing. Norm Of The North and Bodi from Rock Dog step out of the crown to dance with Jack Frost and they do the shuffle.

Jack frost : Mustapha
The Gaza Boys, Reading holy Quran 
All that holy stuff.
I got the feelin' when it al goes off,
They're gonna shoot the dog, they're gonna shoot the dog Putin 

In the next scene, four versions of Jack Frost dance next to each other (all are previous versions of Jack in past movies, The Rankin/Bass tv special, The 1997 horror movie, The 1998 Michael Keaton movie and the Martin Short from the The Santa Clause 3). ROTG Jack Frost steps in to be the lead dancer and push the others offstage. He moonwalks back on the White House lawn where Jack tries to catch another ball thrown by Trump, but it changes into a missile which then crashes into North's workshop. There Jack watches television with the elves and yetis. Bill O'Reilly announces that World War 3 has started but shrugs his shoulders not knowing what to do and announces his next book instead, "Killing Disney". Jack changes the channel to the Working With Lemons Jelsa music video and he dances to it. The actor playing Jack Frost suddenly get's hit by a golden plate thrown by Mormon founder Joseph Smith who is enrage by the video. The real Jack Frost steps him and gives Joseph a stack of cash, He takes it and starts dancing with Jack Frost join in by the Jack Frost actor and the Elsa cosplayer

Jack frost: So, Cherie my dear,
Could you leave the way clear for sex tonight?
Tell him
"Tony Tony Tony, I know that your horny, but there's
somethin bout that Bush ain't right"

Now with a hairstyle similar to Trump, Jack jumps into the Sony Movie Hotel Transylvania where he crawls into bed to seduce Mavis Dracula. Mavis pokes Jonathan to wake him up but he get's up and instead wants to play Pokemon Go and he leaves the bed as he walks out the window. He presumably falls.

Nine nine nine gettin' jiggy
People did you see that fire in the City?
It's like we're fresh out of democratic,
Gotta get yourself a little something semi-automatic yeahh

Jack frost : That's why I'm always gettin' stoned yeah This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs! 
That's why I'm out there havin' fun again
Good puppy, good puppy
Rolling on over for The Man...

Jack jumps back to Mexico and lands between a face-off between the Mexican Military and the cartels. He freezes their guns and then strips to his underwear but get's arrested. He is placed in prison where he escapes by freezing the bars, his cellmate El Chapo escapes and President Felipe Calderon shows up and chases after El Chapo with a butterfly net. Back at North's workshop, Toothiana quickly changes the channel of the television set she's watching, and the scene changes to the Super Bowl with Hiccup and the Penguins of Madagascar playing football.

The Ayatollah's gettin' bombed yeah, Jack frost 
See Seargeat Bilko havin fun again,
Good puppy, good puppy
Rollin on over for The Man...

DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg appears in Universal Studios park clothes and changes the football into a Minion from Despicable Me before leaving the stadium. Hiccup falls to the ground and cries, while Shrek comes out and starts crying with laughter. King Julien dances into the field holding a sign that reads "Shrek is Love! Shrek is Life!".

Jack Frost Happy Icon : I believe, I believe what the old man said
Tough I know that there's no lord above Jesus 
I belive in me, I believe in you Donald trump fuck yeah 
And you know I believe in love
I believe in truth though I lie a lot
I fell the pain from the push and shove
No matter what you put me through
I'll still believe in love donald trump sexy face 
And I say

While Jack Frost once again tries to seduce Mavis, Jeffrey Katzenberg uses the Dreamworks studio that transforms into a robot (a reference to their series Voltron) and he makes it go directly to Universal Studios's park..

Jack frost : Cherie Baby, Spliff up
I wanna kick back mama
And watch the world cup Footy  with ya baby
Yeah, that's right!
We're gettin freeky tonight
Stay with me tonight
Let's have some fun while Tony's stateside
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
See Tony dancing whith Dubya
Don't you wanna know why?

In the final scene, Jack dances in a stereotypical rapper's outfit, joined by Trump and Putin, before the two politicians leave the scene together. Then other versions of Jack jump in to join him, until they all resemble the Backstreet Boys. Joyce and Jeffrey then enter the scene dancing the tango together. The song ends as everybody laughs together as Jack starts acting like a dog chasing his tail.

Back in the White House, President Trump liked the song so much Trump's Eyebrows  that he asks Putin to repeat everything. Putin face palms as he is not pleased Putin Wink 


Back in reality, The team of the Flawed Five… Dipper, Star, Lincoln Loud, Twelve and Tulip have just finished watching the video. Their response is the same…

Dipper EWH Star Butterfly Emote 1 Loud House - Lincoln facepalm 

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