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So recently I took the Mary Sue test that helps you see if your character is a True OC… or a strait wish fullfillment Mary Sue like what the fans have turn Jack frost into… . Aside from helping me review how much I have developt my OC from a Knigh In Shinning armor type into a more troubled suicidal anti-hero with a troubled relationship with Elsa, The test also reminded me that fan made characters have recently become a big part of my consciousness with some of my favorite shows.

Over my long time being in the web since the ending of the 90's to the 10's I have taken a look back over my time watching the fandoms and realize that there have been more than enought Oc's that have stand out from the rest. Often times being so great that even my own AU references them and in the case of certain mystical evil twins, actually become part of the lore.

The following list has no numbers because for me each of these OCs are so great and equal in how fascinating they are that to put one above the other would be a disservice to the creators of these characters (Of which I will show who created them so people can know the authors and give credit and see their work). So they are in no order whatsoever.

However if I were to start somewhere it would be with the first characters who made quite an impression in me and became forever attach to the show they where inspire from.

Our first OCs are..

 Kim Possible: Grimm Probable by Slyrr

Rhonda Fatigable & Grimm Probable

by Slyrr :iconslyrr:


2007 was for me quite a year. My last free summer, The Transformers movie, listening to Daft Punk for the first time and discovering my favorite comic Marvel's Runaways. It was also the year where Kim Possible one of my first favorite Disney Channel shows ended. But despite it the KP fandom was in full force and while searching for KP fantart I came across some unique looking characters, one click later and I discovered Slyrr's "All Things Probable" Universe… a AU that features the doppelgangers of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, the adventure mercenaries Grimm Probable and Rhonda Fatigable.

 Team Possible vs Team Probable by Slyrr

Where do I start? If would be easier to say that these are the "evil" versions of Team Possible but that is not at all true about them. Because they are far more complex than what they appear to be. If you want my opinion, I like Rhonda Fatigable who over the course of reading the series she became very endearing. Grimm Probable I wanted to choke right from the beginning and after reading the series I understood who he was and why he acted like he is,.. But I still want to choke him in just how cruel he was to Kim and just how much he get's away with. Seriously this kid could give Amanda Waller a run for her money in just how much he operates outside the law and get's away with the "Governor" Cover-up pass and free of consequences (as well as having a wicked lawyer).

The series is a great spin-off of the show as it explores Team Possible's biggest rival and developts this couple from trying to get revenge on KP for capturing them to becoming her allies when they are faced with a threat bigger than any of the show's villains. Adding a whole new lore but also greatly respecting the show's canon as the author was careful in making his fanfic not disrupt or contradict the show's events whether past or present. And also doing his own spin on some of the events of the show such as Rhonda spending time in a horrible summer camp or developting magic powers just like Ron only doing it with Native American culture which makes her story unique and engaging rather than be a repeat of Ron's Monkey Fist saga. And a unforgettable looking villain named Maze

Maze - Sskipoyiwa by Slyrr

And while Grimm is unlikable for me there are moments that show that Grimm is not just KP's bane but also shows his more human side when he loses Rhonda.

It was for me one of the longest time I took out of my time to read a fanfic (I printed the pages so I could be able to read them in my lunchbreaks at my first job) and have yet to repeat that same Blockbuster event. Unfortunately I never got to read the Graduation saga since when I read the whole Fanfic Slyrr was barely starting the final story. It is now finish and hopefully I will make time to read the final chapter.

You can read his entire series here… and if you want a look ahead at what's in store you can see the Tv Tropes page… where Grimm's Amanda Waller's tendencies got him a Values Dissonance.

For a while, Team Probable was the dealiest pair I have ever seen created by the fandom and the prime example of a great original evil version of the main leads.. that is until a show called Gravity Falls came into Disney Channel and led to the creation of a even more dealier pair.

Moving on to the next OC to rival Grimm Probable and Rhonda Fatigable

Reverse Pines by Buryooooo

Reverse Pines Twins a.k.a Gleeful Twins



These two don't need no introduction, cause chances are that if you know Gravity Falls then you know about the Reverse Falls fandom…

Reverse Pines Twins is exactly what they are, Is Dipper and Mabel being switch with the role and personalities of Gideon Gleeful while Gideon and Pacifica are now the hero leads. From that premise came out a whole new scenario and lots of fanfics and fan art portraying how this can play out.

Unlike Team Probable, I have no idea who created this or how it came to be. So is anybody's guess who first created this and who came up with the signature Gleeful twins stage clothing. However there a several stand out artist who's take on the Reverse Pines is quite memorable and for me are part of the characters traits.

There's RiaFire :iconriafire: who has comics… and even did a whole epic take on the "Gideon Rises" episode where Mabel Gleeful is shown as being the more psychotic one with her obsession with Gideon…

There's Buryooooo :iconburyooooo:… who offers more than one version of the Reverse Twins with illustrations worthy to be on a Anime Blu-ray's cover art.

and finally AriamJan :iconariamjan:… who explores the fun aspects of Reverse Dipper's relationship with Pacifica who's the only who won't fall for his charms.

and incase you where wondering yes these two are the mystical twins who have become part of my AU's lore. Seriously how could you not expect these two to not cause trouble in more than one Universe.

Along the same genre of alternate universes let's met the other pair who while not from the same univers they are very much related via a mind-blowing parallel timeline.

MoringMark shipwar au by Trackforce

Elizabeth and Jam

by MoringMark…

Fanfic - Ship War AU

Star Butterfly Vs. The Forces Of Evil

The "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown" episode of Star Butterfly was a big event since it sort of sunk the Starco ship once Marco kissed Jackie. MoringMark made this episode even more epic and significant when he made this the debut of his alternate fic "Ship War AU" where he introduces Elizabeth, Marco and Star's future kid, and Jam, Marco and Jackie's future kid. The premise, the two have arrived from the future to get their parents together and are now facing off against each other since Marco ending up with either Star or Jackie will guarantee the mission success of one of his future kids.

While not as massively big as Reverse Falls since this comic just starterd it is slowly gaining recognition as being the best Star Butterfly fanfic out there especially as it introduces even more wild scenarios, such as the joke that Marco ended up marrying Hekapoo and had a daughter

New player 1 by Trackforce

If you are interested check-out the Tv Tropes page for it…

 And since we are speaking about OCs who are children of the characters, let's go to the most controversial OCs ever made by the fandom

Las hermanas del pecado by Theloudhousefan



by :iconjumparoundjumpjump: and Many Others

At this point I'm no stranger to controversy that causes people to get trigerred, especially since I made my review of the Yandere Luan comic… which sent me to whole new level of the fandom. That aside I knew that I was dealing with something that was going to add something new to the Louse House fandom despite it's controversial subject. But the biggest one for me and one of which why I like the comic and the fanart that it created was new characters. Specifically the result of Linc's forbidden affair with his sisters, the offspring, better known as the Daughters Of Sin.

Appropriate name considering their origin which no doubt upset and anger a lot of PC snowflakes. True story, :iconjumparoundjumpjump: mentioned in his tumblr how a massive hater of his work claimed that the mere sight of the fanart which introduce Lupa, Libi and Lacy "ruined her day". If that's true then that whiner is a hypocrite is she gives Jelsa a pass and let's you know how some people are not minding their own damn business, nobody is forcing you to see them (unlike Jelsa which even Google searches forces you to see it).

But back on topic, the name is appropriate and one that fans of these characters have proudly adopted. Because despite the fact that they were indeed born in Sin, is still a badass name. Hell that's the name of a All Girl Rock band. Is a little unclear right now since this fandom has barely started and several artists have put their own continuation and scenarios.

But the most recognizable are the ones that we done and reference by JumpJump, which have become the Main leads in the Au. Those being Lupa, the goth daughter and result of Linc and Lucy, Lacy the offspring of the most popular Linc and Lynn ship, Liby who I consider the "lead" since her origin will no doubt be the yandere Luan comic and Hugh Jr. who going by the name looks to be related to Hugh and Lisa than Linc.

Aside from the fanart I haven't seen that much fanfics or comics done with them but the fanart is enought and memorable to keep these characters in my mind whenever I'm seeing the Loud House. And with JumpJump and Friends doing more fanart I doubt I'll ever see the end of these Kids Of Sin.

And since we are on the subject of affairs..

-DP: yay Danny hands COLOR- by runty

Janna Correa

by runty :iconrunty:


AI have already explained many times an affair with the undead is a bigger sin, especially if is Jack Frost who should Do His Freaking Job and let earth girls alone. However in Danny Phantom, Ghost aren't real. They are just beings from another dimension were ghost are actual creatures and Danny is not really dead but instead got mutated into some sort of ghost hybrid. I think.. not sure if the fans got upset with those changes.

Which makes his romance with OC Janna Correa very cute and endearing. Since even with the fanarts by runty, there is more chemistry here than there was in the show with Sam. Seriously I never got the feeling that Danny and Sam were inlove other than the two repeating over and over again "She/He is not my girlfriend/boyfriend!!" (writers, there are many ways for characters to fall inlove other than arguing and slapping each other like a couple that's going to get divorced). Janna and Danny however look and get along like a natural couple should and with just simple images that you don't need a fic.

Janna Correa is for me a good example why fangirls should just write new love interests for their favorite characters, because you write the romance the way you want it without writing a character like something they are not. A example of this like I have said before is Jelsa, where 80% percent of the Jelsa fanarts and fanfics are fangirls portraying themselves as Elsa so they can imagine themselves being Jack's girlfriend while badly portraying Elsa's character in the process.

Overall I really like Janna's design since it is very unique and creative more than one could expect from a Butch hartman style.

-DP: Janna and JaJa- by runty

And another lovely OC female

Happy Tenth, Optimus Prima! by shibamura-prime

Optimus Prima

by shibamura-prime :iconshibamura-prime:


Okay so there's not much to say about this one, since it is pretty straighforward. Is a girl wearing Optimus Prime armor and Shiba's work is girls cosplaying as the transformers. However Shiba did do a comic explaining the origins of Prima (who is actually Carly)… and even made a rival for her

Megatronica 2.0 by shibamura-prime

Fan service aside, Optimus Prima is much like her inspiration, a great leader who wants to protect all sentient life from the forces of Tyranny, Or fanservice throught Tyranny.

Megatronica by shibamura-prime

and I know I'm going to HATE myself for this .. but since I am remembering this OC a lot and have featured her in my AU,

 Jessica Frost by Trackforce

Jill Frost - Female Jack Frost 

Rise Of The Goddamned Guardians

I'm not the biggest fan of Jelsa, Or Jack Frost or ROTG, or Dreamworks for that matter since way too many times all those things have ruined my enjoyment of Frozen and Disney. But Jill Frost is the first female version of a character that I hate, in that I would had prefer the girl version to be canon than what we got.

While I don't like ROTG I honestly believe that had Jack Frost been a girl it would had been a MUCH BETTER movie.

Instead of getting yet another DreamWorks male lead who's a slacker, outcast and wants to fit in yet is an ass towards everyone he meets because of his troubled past we could had gotten a girl who's a slacker, outcast and wants to fit in yet is an ass towards everyone she meets because of her troubled past. Same lazy DreamWorks formula but with a new spin.

Plus when it comes to someone who watches over kids despite being much older, who do you think of? For me a babysitter, which is usually female as portray in our media culture… and who says that a girl can't be named "Jack"?

And before you start to whine "But that's sexist! and it will be nothing but a fan service character", well is it any better now how fans are portraying Jack? First off Jack is nothing but fan service in the movie (seriously those pants almost look spray painted) and the Jelsa fics are just role demeaning. The kids go out and have fun with Jack but come home so Elsa can feed them after she spend all day cooking.. cause she's the motherly type because she's a girl.

Whether you call her "Jill Frost" "Jackie Frost" or "Jessica Frost" A female Jack Frost can be just as free spirit and a prankster as canon Frostface is. She can be innocent and embody the spirit of childhood (Like Jill here who is the template for my version of her) 

Jill Frost by stelleo

Or be just as flirty an a tease like Jack behaves in the movie

Meet Jackie Frost! by nikaichan

Honestly I would had given ROTG a pass despite insulting my beliefs with Girl Frost. Plus when you get down to it, Jack Frost is a poor man's Elsa rip-off and the fans are cashing in on that since Jelsa is just them trying to make everyone think that ROTG is related to Frozen hence leeching off Disney's success. As they say, You either go big or go home and if DreamWorks had wanted the same success they should had gone all the way and made Jack a girl, perhaps they could had made money since Jill Frost would had been their very own Disney Princess. Imagine girls and boys running around in Jill Frost costumes and playing with Frost dolls. Instead of what we got, which is just bad Jack fan art, fanfics and cosplays done along Frozen by cosplayers looking for easy fast cheap views and followers.

And a music video made by Mormons, Who I hope that they don't knock on my door any day cause I will give them the WorkingWithLemons Music video "Find A Way" as my reason why I will not listen to them.

Back on topic, my past times would be so much easier if Jack wasn't a dick in all sense of the word.

 Jessica Frost by Trackforce

So there is my list of my favorite and most memorable OCs. Let's review

Grimm Probable & Rhonda Fatigable

Dipper and Mabel Gleeful

Elizabeth and Jam

Daughters of Sin - Lupa, Liby, Lacy, Hugh Jr. and Luna's daughter

Janna Correa

Optimus Prima

Jill Frost (Jessica Frost for the jailbait one with the shorts shorts)

And again I'm not going to choose any favorites because each OC has made my enjoyment of the shows even better and in the case of Jill Frost way better than actual canon.

For anyone who's a fan of these shows give them a try and see if they make the show even greater as it was in my case.

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Long time watchers who follow me know that I have complained a lot about how Jack Frost is in my opinion the biggest mary-sue there is, even bigger than some actual Mary-sues (fellow deviants would like to remind me that the appropriate term would be Gary-Stu, but I refuse to use that .. because that would imply that there is anything remotely masculine about Jack who's physique is more feminine than even Elsa's body) Since the entire internet seems to worship Jack Frost like Jesus and treats his movie, crossovers, his fanartist (looking at you Samikichins) and the damned Jelsa ship like if they where the biggest thing to had ever happened since the Beatles.

The Guardian is watching YOU by Trackforce

And are now starting to invade and change OTHER fandoms into their ship. And they wonder why good shows don't last..

Ladybug reacts to Jelsa Ladybug by Trackforce

So let's put my accusations to the test by testing Jack Frost to the Mary-Sue test… and see whether he really is the biggest sue of all time. I'm going to test Frostface by the fan art, Cosplays, Music videos, fan fics and stuff that I have heard from people that have seen Jelsa works. The way the fans have portrayed him most commonly and his main Jelsa appearance. The first things that immediately turn up on Google search even when I'm not looking for it (Seriously Google, I'm only searching for Frozen stuff.. why is there no filther to prevent Jelsa fanart from showing up in my search?) I'm going way past the movie and sum him up by the works of his fans. In other works the results of this test are what you people have made him into.

So let's go!


Jack Frost. Real name Jackson Overland Frost. And before you comment read the damn ROTG wiki page, that's his full name.

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? [2 points if yes]



What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? [3 points if in more then 1]
Counting the main big ones, in otherwords the crossovers the fans consider "Canon" to the ROTBTFD universe and to Jelsa. Which is Frozen, ROTG, Brave, HTTYD and Tangled.

ROTBTFD Holiday Special by Trackforce



Is your character unusually attractive? [3 points]

I don't think he is but then again this is the only reason he's popular. It clearly wasn't his flat-character.


Does your character have some type of unusual characteristic? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors [fiery red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count]) [4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom]
Yes obviously.


Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? [2 points]
Since the Jelsa fans like to heavily compare Jack to Elsa a lot and even changed his clothes to green when Elsa went green in Frozen Fever (seriously kids, give Elsa some time to be herself! And real-life tip girls, Guys HATE it when their girlfriends forced them to dress like twins) As well as the rumors that DreamWorks did spy on Disney's progress on the Snow Queen movie, let that be a yes.

Jack And Elsa Spring Version by jackandelsa1

(apologies to jackandelsa1, however you kinda owe me since you went on my gallery)


Does your character have animal characteristics? [Bat wings, animal ears, animalistic body ect...] [2 point]
I'm surprise there hasn't been some forced on animal take on Jack by now.


R A C E / P O W E R S
Does Jack Frost being white count as points? I mean would people had liked Jack if he was Black? Just saying..
Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? [3 points]

Taking into account Joyce's books that feature Jack as Nightlight that few fans reference, this is a yes even if these books are rarely acknowledge as canon by the shippers.

81yscs1D5yL by Trackforce


Is your character a demon? [3 points]
The "Dark Frost" fan works are basically this, some of then even referring to Jack as a Demon. (See I'm not the only one, however I am the only one to show what a demon really is, pure evil) Because being a lazy bum apparently wasn't "Bad Boy" enought for the tweens.


Is your character related to a demon? [2 points]
Again the "Dark Frost" works.


Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels ect...) [6 points]
If Frostface isn't a demon then he will often be portrayed as a angel, no really… I doubt Yahwe would let him into his army of angels. Probably would had been the first angel he threw into Earth after he purge it from the bad ones since lusting after an earth women was an angel's biggest sin and first step into becoming a demon. And no that's not just me showing my biblical knowledge, freaking Angel's Friends even had that as a tragic past for one of the Devil girls… and that's a kid's show BTW..

And just incase you think that I'm exaggerating on my rant with fans treating Jack Frost like God, then here's a comment that I found at the ROTG thread discussing ROTG 2 with Jamie

"And yeah I can't wait. I want them to be like those people who go around and make others believe in god because that would be perfect for them."

Comment is made by someone named Therealbeliever (because of course he would name himself THAT)…

And people think I'm going to far with my fanfics where Jack Frost compares himself to be greater than God.

BTW, if you go knock on my door to believe in Jack Frost then I will shoot you.


Does your character practice witch craft? [2 points]

He is magic and if not then there's the unimaginative ROTBTFD fics where they attend Hogwarts..


Can your character change form? [2 points]
If by form we mean his unexplained ability to somehow be a normal boy and interact with Elsa despite the fact that he shouldn't because that's not how he is suppose to work in ROTG, then yes.



Is your character in love with a canon?

If so; who?
Elsa. Before her it was Rapunzel then Merida. Then they all got dump by the fans because they were not "White enought" for Frostface, Allegedly.

Are they romantically involved? [4 points]
Are Jack and Elsa suppose to be inlove?

Gothel's Jelsa by Trackforce


Do they end up having kids? [4 points]
Yeah and pretty bland looking with that white hair, they also got some very uncreative names (Elsack, Elsie, Elsia, Jackelsa, Jackie, Jackling Jackson, Jack Jr.) or Jack Frost is just that egostistical.


Did they get married? [2 points]
That must have been a strange wedding, considering that nobody above the age of 13 should be able to see Jack.


Do they have flaws in their relationship? [Not worth any points]
Do they? The fans tend to show it as being pretty perfect it's almost like a parody of a sitcom relationship.
Are there other canons who lust over your character? [4 points. Extra 3 if more then one canon lusts after your character]
Poor poor Rapunzel, and Toothiana, and Merida occasionally.


Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? [2 points]
His he? Because if we follow the Jack is Elsa and Anna's ancestor then that means that Jack is having sex with his own granddaughter! Same thing if he's related to Rapunzel. That just makes Jack and Elsa cousins. But since I do believe Jack is a redneck I wouldn't mind.

Is your character in love with more then one canon? [2 points]
No, cause apparently Elsa is the only woman Jack has ever had feelings for despite that Jack has been a teenager for 300 years, and if you know real teenagers you know they change feelings for a girl as often as people change their socks. Seriously did puberty not hit Jack at all?

But since the Hogwarts fics and some Jelsa ships do try to add some drama, let's go with a yes. I mean Jack Frost is written as being so perfect that the entire school worships him. So let's give them a point, even if it's pointless since the ending is always that Jack get's Elsa because Fate or some BS.

Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? [7 points]
Since I mention Rapunzel and Merida and even Toothiana then yes. This is also part of the Jelsa fics since they tend to kill Rapunzel or portray her as not getting over Frostface and being jealous.


Does your character hate any of the canon characters and wishes to hurt/kill them? [6 points]
Prince Hans is often portray as the bad guy in most Jelsa fics. This is my way to made it up to the Hans fans.

Jack's nightmare by Trackforce


Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? [4 points]
No, because most fans just go with what they saw in ROTG. And because Jack has to have a perfect life. Besides that would made Jack relatable and interesting. 

Has your character had any tragedy in their past? [5 points]
Duh, the hilarious moment in ROTG where he try to save his sister.

Jack Frost vs. His Sister 2 by Trackforce



>>69 points<<

88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.

55=87 Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a lovable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believable and you will have an OC.

21=54 True OC. You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.

20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this test?

69 Points, Jack Frost is a Mary Sue (55=87)

Yes, Jack Frost has been made into a Mary Sue by the fans. I stand corrected.

"Maybe either give your character more or less flaws"

Knowing the fans they'll probaly go with less.

"Try to make them a bit more believable and you will have an OC."

HAHA, Jack Frost being "Believable"! Jack Frost is basically the perfect guy all the girls want but in reality doesn't exist. He's even more fictional than Christian Grey or all those Harlequin novel romances and even more shamelessly self indulging since not only is Jack so young is not even legal (Reader's country laws may vary) but he never ages and is a preteen forever. Essentially a slutty version of Peter Pan.

Seeing the popularity of Jelsa where Elsa is basically a author/reader self-insert for fangirls who haven't experienced sex and dream of becoming immortal and young forever because they are afraid of death and growing old is safe to say that Jack Frost will become the world's fictional character who has become the biggest mary sue in existence.

His only competition being .. BATMAN BATMAN DANCE GIF ICON 

Sorry Jack but no matter how big of a fanbase you have.. you'll NEVER be as big of a Hero Sue as BATMAN Dancing batman Jack frost 

P.S No seriously people, can we stop it with this whole thing of Batman being so great at everything? This is why DC is having a hard time making movies that aren't about Batman.

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Over the past week, :iconariamjan: did a Mary Sue test that showed her whether her OC Raven Jane Fay is a Mary Sue… She past with flying colors and was even classify as a "Anti Sue" ( I didn't know it was possible for an OC to be a Anti Sue).

So seeing how well the test works as well as the very fun and interesting questions I decided to take the test myself since as someone who occasionally puts bits and pieces of my AU into my fanworks I want to make sure that my OC's are real characters and not bland Mary Sues. And see what I need to work on.

While I have a couple of them, I'm going to test my main OC Blue Oscura who has been the longest character I have written for years and have given him a definate story for him and his arc with the Frozen Crossover fic Frozen Runaway…


Blue Oscura (Hero name - Nightfire, Also known as the Blue Ghost)

Trackforce OC - Blue Oscura - NightFire by Trackforce

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? [2 points if yes]
Blue is named after the Song "Principe Azul" (Meaning Blue Prince) from the spanish dub of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. As a boy being raised to become a Guardian of the Princesses and Queens this was intended.



What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? [3 points if in more then 1]
Back when I created him he was made to be part of the 90's Sailor Moon anime #60 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50  and was a classmate civilian who was on the sidelines before he fought along Sailor Moon and over time he appeared in other canons. However recently I have given him a reboot and erase most of the decade long crossover fics to simplify his history. Right now Blue's main story doesn't stick with any main continuation for now other than the Disney films canon. The only thing he still has from his previous canon is his friendship with the Runaways

IZvMAMS by Trackforce

 He's kinda in the middle of these crossovers just like the other characters. Still with the crossover characters from non-Disney franchises being part of this universe let's add that as a yes.



Is your character unusually attractive? [3 points]

No, he's average looking and any attraction he gets is mostly thanks to his silent stoic attitude that attract those who are often used to getting attention.


Does your character have some type of unusual characteristic? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors [fiery red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count]) [4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom]
He has mostly black hair but will often have streaks of blue on him on occasion (usually when using his powers). However if taking place in my Frozen Runaway AU his most distinguishable feature are his three facial scars given to him by Elsa. They glow bright neon blue whenever he uses his powers.


Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? [2 points]
No. His main outfit his western inspired.


Does your character have animal characteristics? [Bat wings, animal ears, animalistic body ect...] [2 point]
I try to have him have some kind of Dinosaur like connection but this never developt beyond brainstorming.


R A C E / P O W E R S

Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? [3 points]
Yes, the previous Crossover Universe that was erase in 2012 in his timeline by Jack Frost Jack Frost Angry Icon  

Is your character a demon? [3 points]


Is your character related to a demon? [2 points]


Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels ect...) [6 points]
No. That's just sacrilegious and silly.

Does your character practice witch craft? [2 points]

No. It goes against his code.


Can your character change form? [2 points]
His main source of power and superhuman abilities, Anti-Matter energy, allows him to change into a shadow-like costume but not change his physical form or abilities beyond his appearance. I'll go with only 1 point.



Is your character in love with a canon?


If so; who?
Elsa. The Snow Queen who adopted him into her family. At least in this reboot.

Love Card - Elsa by Trackforce

Are they romantically involved? [4 points]
Eventually they do. It's complicated

Frozen Valentine's Day card boys DO want by Trackforce



Do they end up having kids? [4 points]
Not there yet.


Did they get married? [2 points]
No, my continuation depends what events will happen in Frozen 2. It has to be in Canon for my Oc and AU to work and respect the Disney Universe.


Do they have flaws in their relationship? [Not worth any points]
Yes. Because of Blue's past and previous life in the universe destroyed by Jack Frost where he had many enemies he is very protective of Elsa. Elsa can handle herself and is far more powerful than Blue so she wishes that he wouldn't worry so much about her. In fact she "Protects" Blue more often then he does her.

Frozen Runaway - Night Of The Chupacabra by Trackforce

Especially from THAT thing.

Are there other canons who lust over your character? [4 points. Extra 3 if more than one canon lusts after your character]

Love Card - Azula by Trackforce
since Blue was one of the first boys she met who were nice to her despite her past. She loves him and despite his relationship with Elsa and being friends with her she doesn't see Elsa has a healthy choice for Blue, since he is very protective of her as well as the Jack Frost issue.

As for others, there's Alice can't stand it (Emoticon)  Alice Kingsleigh who he had crush on but moved on after she rejected him which came back to bite him when Alice developt feelings for him when she became a young woman.


Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? [2 points]


Is your character in love with more then one canon? [2 points]
Despite his affection for Elsa he still feels for Alice and actually likes Azula but is afraid to betray his emotions for Elsa.


Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? [7 points]
Taking into account Alice as well as the previous Universe that was erased (which showed the existence of  Sam (4) (Totally Spies) Icon Sam from Totally Spies) let's got with yes even if that's still a mystery.


Does your character hate any of the canon characters and wishes to hurt/kill them? [6 points]
Yes, Jackson Overland Frost, a.k.a JACK FROST

Jill Frost story - Jelsa Frost origins by Trackforce

The Rebel Guardian Spirit who was responsible for destroying Blue's dimension in 2012 as well as now wanting to have sex with Elsa so he can be reborn as her baby and remain in a human body as well has being the entire reason Kingdom Keepers were created for. Not helping is the fact that Jack Frost is the ancestor of Blue's most dangerous rival, Devon Frost of 2099.


Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? [4 points]
No, he stops that sort of thing in Frozen Runaway when he crosses into the more gritty Earth realm and becomes a vigilante in the fictional border city of Infonavid Texas.


Has your character had any tragedy in their past? [5 points]
While he originally had a tragic past in the past Universe (you can see what that origin was here… ) this has yet to be developt and so far it has been the event where Elsa betrayed and slapped Blue and gave him his facial scars as Blue's only tragic event. I'll go with 3 points.



>> 43 Points <<

88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.

55=87 Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a lovable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believable and you will have an OC.

21=54 True OC. You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.

20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this test?

My Blue Oscura is a True OC! Guess keeping his previous life and developting his modern serious and troubled persona has helped him grow as a true character.

Credit where credit is due this came from :iconariamjan: who got it from :iconpastelvamp: and now you can try it to see if you OC is a character or a pure sue.

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Key-art-JPEG-768x1129 by Trackforce

Well this took me by surprise, and something that I wasn't aware of until I saw the book shelves in Target and saw that DreamWorks is revisiting their best animated film ever, Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron! Now this is surprising considering that DW hasn't visited their 2d films in a while and even more if that property isn't Shrek or Madagascar. But yes DW is going back to bring back Spirit for a 3D animated series on Netflix called "Spirit Riding Free"…

As you can probably guess by the youtube comments this is not being received well. Since the animation while not bad in my opinion isn't exactly breath-taking (It is nowhere as cinematic sort of looking like the HTTYD series) and compare to the movie this looks like some mediocre straight to dvd feature. Plus the story really does feel like a rip-off of either a Barbie Horse racing movie or Horseland… even more jarring since Spirit took place in the Wild West and in that trailer it looks like it's modern times. It's still the old west since it does follow the events of the movie but the clothing those girls wear doesn't look historically accurate to the period and more like something out of today, Or a Barbie movie. 

  This might be surprising to some of you but despite my hatred of DreamWorks thanks to ROTG and Jelsa, I actually don't want to hate this or want it to fail. I mean for me I still hope that the series plays up the time period of the old west and there's a female lead character which is rare in DreamWorks, I'm really surprise is not some cocky loner boy who wants to fit in like Jack Frost, Shrek, Oscar, Boov, those penguins, Guy, Bo, that raccoon or Hiccup. 
 And even if it's not so great, hey at least we got some toys based on Spirit…

I'm sure that's one of the complaints about the show since it seems that it was created just to sell toys but again people, most of these shows are meant to cater to kids who have parents to buy them toys, not fans who are demanding serious stuff. Complaint all you want but money speaks more than a hundred angry blogs. Why do you think there has been no Rise Of The Guardians 2? Cause actual living people never saw that movie and Jelsa fan arts and cosplays don't make money for DreamWorks. It's all about money whether it is a good show or bad show.

My advice, if you don't like this then you should probably get ready since now that DreamWorks is owned by the same studio behind the Minions they are going to take a more business approach to it and the first objective of a good business is to always make money. So we can only hope that whatever is brought back is at least good. As for me as long as ROTG and Jack Frost stays forgotten I think Universal is doing a great job already.
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So as far as I know there's not much to be excited for anything from Disney except if is Star Wars or Marvel related. As far as their animated features go this year we are getting Coco (Pass) and Cars 3 (PASS! HARD PASS!!) both which belong to Pixar which honestly the comapny isn't looking to attractive these days. And as far as Disney's own movies go we won't see Wreck-It-Ralph 2 until next year and Gigantic has been pushed to 2020 as I found out by myself recently. And Frozen the one movie I wanna see now will be coming out in 2019 earlier than I expected, but still is a long wait before I see anything to get me thrill for anything Disney.

That is until today, when I saw the trailer for Olaf's Frozen Adventure… and I am freaking excited!!

There's so much I want to say about what makes me happy about this, But to go for the most simple and easy answer,.. Just look at Elsa and Anna.

593fe772c6b3f91a008b470b-750-563 by Trackforce

New outfits, new face expressions and still look the same as they did in Frozen and Frozen Fever. Is like seeing your high school friends again! And while I don't wanna be a total fan I know that I will be buying that new Elsa and Anna dolls that will have those new iconic outfits. Even if right now I'm trying to save to have those Elsa and Anna Medicom figures I know I won't resist the opportunity to prove my status as a True Frozen fan by being among the first to get any tie-in to that holiday special.

But what makes it better every time is that once again this along with any new upcoming news about Frozen is that the Jelsa Cult is crying and being expose for the liars they are. Yeah remember how they where talking about how Jack was going to show up in Frozen Fever? and how he was going to be Elsa's abusive boyfriend in F2?

Dope on a rope by Trackforce

Yeah not one of them is coming forward and explaining why Frost face is missing in all of this. Of course no Jelsa fan will come forward and explain because they have to admit how much they entire fanbase relies on lies, death threats, bullying and propaganda to spread their popularity and zero consideration for the actual canon. The way I see it, jelsa is now on a doomsday clock that is slowly counting down to their final days as being the main Elsa ship. It will still be around after Frozen 2 no doubt, but Elsa getting an actual love interest in F2 will really deliver a fatal blow to Jelsa's body and kick Jack Frost further into obscuritty where he belongs. And the fact that Rise Of The Guardians 2 will never happen makes this all the more sweeter.

Back on topic, I'm really excited for Olaf's Adventure.


Like I have said before I don't like Christmas. Since that pagan Roman holiday turned into a false "Christian" Holiday is basically connected to that Frost faced thug Jack Frost Angry Icon  I'm not happy that I will have to sit thruogh an entire special where Anna and Elsa talk about Xmas without even mentioning Jesus Christ (you know the guy that is suppose to be all about?). I can tolerate it but I'm not too thrill about the idea.

However if Elsa says something like this,

Elsawww: Kids, Jack Frost is not real. I AM!

And shows off her powers then I will excuse the pagan holiday tie-in.

And speaking about pagan holidays, I don't like that this will shown with Coco in theaters. I though this was suppose to be a short on ABC as it was first reported. But oh well, is been a long time since I last sneak into another movie to see something that I wanted (Frozen) hopefully this time I will catch it on time unlike last time time that I try to see Frozen Fever.

Not sure how :iconx-jazzy-b-real-x: feels about this since she wasn't thrill with the new Tangled series and I doubt this might excite her or revive her interest for Frozen, but I hope the special is good enought to make this something that we Frozen fans will love and make us excited for F2.

Anything to make us remember why we loved Frozen in the first place. Not see it for what the fangirls had turned it into,.. a dystopia nightmare.

 The Guardian is watching YOU by Trackforce

And speaking about dystopias .. I wonder what the future holds for ROTG's character without it leeching off of Frozen's popularity..

Jack Frost After ROTG - Get back to work by Trackforce

Yeah I didn't think so. Hit the road JACK.

 Now let' get back to getting excited for the return of the Original Big Four

Return Of The Runaways! AGAIN."All the world shall be your enemy, Prince With A Thousand Enemies, and if they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you." - Frith, Watership Down
"Get ready to run!" - Runaways new series teaser
Goes the quote in Watership Down with sums up the movie, and in my opinion another series that perfectly sums up that quote quite well is without a doubt my all time favorite Marvel comic The Runaways. Where the Runaways best solution to when facing some dangerous enemies is to Run away, because that's your best chance of survival especially when your just a kid facing against deadlies enemie and anyone can die and does die at some point. I have already talked about this comic before as well as shown my love for by showing the mix cd I did for it the first year I became aware of it

IZvMAMS by Trackforce

and the further fun madness of the Loud House fics

Midnight secret by Trackforce

P.S Did you guys know that's my most viewed submission to DA?! I couldn't believe it either. Thanks for your support =)

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"All the world shall be your enemy, Prince With A Thousand Enemies, and if they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you." - Frith, Watership Down

"Get ready to run!" - Runaways new series teaser

Goes the quote in Watership Down with sums up the movie, and in my opinion another series that perfectly sums up that quote quite well is without a doubt my all time favorite Marvel comic The Runaways. Where the Runaways best solution to when facing some dangerous enemies is to Run away, because that's your best chance of survival especially when your just a kid facing against deadlies enemie and anyone can die and does die at some point. I have already talked about this comic before… as well as shown my love for by showing the mix cd I did for it the first year I became aware of it…

For me there's only one team of young people that you know who to call!

Frozen House by Trackforce

Yeah they are okay but is the Runaways that are my favorite team of all time since I grew out of my teens with them and relate to them a lot.

So imagine how excited I got when they announce that the Runaways would return… Yes I know I talked about how they returned in that last Journal post I did about them, which was back in 2015. But now they are coming back, AGAIN! But this time it is the original team! The gang is back together for a new Series that reunites the original team.

IZvMAMS by Trackforce

I know that sounds kinda tired and clique BUT this is the Marvel Universe. Incase you have been asleep for the last years here's the thing, Marvel rebooted their entire universe for the first time! Just like DC, Marvel remade their entire universe and gave it a new beginning. That means that several characters and stories started all over again or where change drastically. And in some cases characters were erased from existence.

In the case of the Runaways, they nearly went out of continuity because during the events of Battleworld (long story short - Before the big reset Doctor Doom temporarily owned the Universe and created a new Earth called Battleworld a mish mash of the orginal marvel and Ultimate Marvel) The entire team was remade (I think) as a new group of kids who runaway from a Doom controlled school. Molly Hayes was the only original member to return and join this new team. While not a bad series it was for me a rather forgettful series. The entire story took place in a dimension that was going to be erase eventually and the most memorable thing about this comic, the child villain Valeria Von Doom, wasn't explored that much. Heck despite her name implying that she's Doom's daughter we don't even know if it's true. Adding to that problem was the fact that this same character was shown as being a GOOD GIRL in the other crossover comics! So what side was she on? Was she even meant to be the SAME character? Did the writers at Marvel even knew about this? Cause from the Free Comic Book day issue that I got it was shown that Valeria Von Doom was part of a group of kids who where escaping the incoming apocalypse and knew about the entire Multiverse crossover.

In the end of the Battleworld Runaways story Valeria just leaves after losing her only friend. And that's where it all ends. Will never know anymore about her or who she truly was since the entire Marvel universe was rebooted and these events no longer matter anymore.

I-want-to-go-home by Trackforce

But enought about the Diet Runaways, and let's get back to discussing the true Runaways. It's so great to see them back. And I gotta talk about the new artstyle that will bring them back. While I was so happy to see the new images, after the hype I kinda see the art as something that can easily be a hit or miss with me. On one hand look how different Nico Minoru is!

GzFhQ4C by Trackforce

For me it looks like my favorite comic book leader is as old as me. We both have grown up, but upon reading something feels off.. she's suppose to be a TEEN. Okay now I know that Marvel is indeed owned by Disney. Because just like Disney they design their teenagers like adults. Take a look at Chase Stein here who looks more like Flynn Ryder than the California teen he was in the comic..

hIU6d2O by Trackforce

And Karolina Dean here, in the original series she had a skinny body that really reminded you of a teenager,

58ffd4b0ccf76438b48f69a41eb5e998 by Trackforce

 now look at her now she looks like a super model yet she's suppose to be a teen.

hqCeeVC by Trackforce

It looks like the Runaways if they where from the CW and not the Arrowerse. Then again Comic book always tend to portray teenagers (especially females) with bodies that in no way a teenager would have. The only one who does look like a teenager is Molly Hayes.

Rq9kAgh by Trackforce

And Gertrude does look great which is nice considering that we never knew if she stayed dead or was reborn as a new person (Seriously we never found out if that girl that Chase saw before he was run over was the true Gert or not).

RsdJobI by Trackforce

Overall despite the new art style being something that I have a bit of trouble with, I still can't wait to see this series and see the further continuations of my favorite hero team. I LOVE the tagline teaser,


Like something out of a Video game! And from the synopsis that I read it looks like that would sum up the new series perfectly since the entire team finds itself barely alive and going through a hard period as some of the members are dead and those that remain are lost. The world being against them has always been a thing in the series but now, more than ever it hits close to home considering our current political climate and online community being set to self destruct and other troubles in the world. Oh yeah and Jelsa fanatics taking over. Yeah we are living in the dystopia future already. This is indeed now a world made for the Runaways to be in and fight. It's going to be a year that will make the comic be even more relevant.

And before I go, I got to give my thoughts on the upcoming hulu tv series. So like most fans I was hoping for the day that Marvel would bring the team to the cinematic universe, or at least the small screen. My wish was to get a Runaway animated series along the same lines as Avatar the Last Airbender. Well is not an animated series but a Live Action series which is still surprising as that shows that Marvel is indeed seeing the Runaways as a team that can attract attention just like Guardians Of The Galaxy did before they became A-stars. That's how you became succesful kids, by giving the spotlight to other characters instead of relying too much on one single character (looking at you DC.)

And I was excited to see how the cast would look and here they are.

Teodora 98acd3d by Trackforce

Most of the cast looks okay to me. Is a still photo so there's not much to say, BUT I do one nitpick and that's the actress playing Molly Hayes. She doesn't look to me like Molly Hayes, I know Molly was suppose to be a teen also but she really was a 7 year old or 8 best since of all the Runaways she's the one who acted like an actual child as oppose to everyone else who was already a young adult in their behavior. Molly was the one who was the kid in the adventure since she still wanted to play building forts out of sofas. Maybe in the trailer I'll see if they will have the same Molly as in the comics but for now here's hoping that the entire cast does a great job at bringing these characters to life for the first time. And for them to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Can't wait to see the trailer that will show what the entire series will be like since we have yet to see in live action the best member of all,.. Old Lace the Raptor!!

Edcuzvh by Trackforce

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So I saw :iconglee-chan: do this on her journal… and while I don't want to do Tags for now, this one actually looks fun to do since it involves music and easier to follow rules.

- Put iTunes (or music player equivalent) on Shuffle and hit Play.
- Write down any song that plays, no matter what it is
- You may skip covers, audio novels, speeches, stand-ups, or any non-song related audio files that pop up.
- You may also skip any Artist who appears more than twice.
- Post Results

So here is what turn up during my first shuffle play.. and some explanation for those songs that might seem odd for someone like me to have.

1. My Boo - Usher ft. Alicia Keys

Okay that was the first thing that turn up in my ipod. This is one of the few songs from my Jr. High school days that I actually thought was good since I mostly hated music that was played around the campus. Not a fan of hip hop during this time until I left school and revisited the genre and created that Prom 007 album…

2. Good Luck - Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest

Since I found out about Basement Jaxx in the early 2000's thanks to that Tomb Raider movie, I have made a connection to the Kim Possible series since around that time I got hook on the show before it even premiered. Of course the song I relate most is "Where's Your Head" Jaxx's signature song…

3. Pixel Heart - ThinkFishTank

4. One More Time - Daft Punk

You guys already know why this one is important to me, it led to reboot my entire AU way before I made my debut here in DA and was the first song in my Runaways Tribute series…

5. Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over - Fallout Boy

Burnout 3 Takedown introduce me to Fall Out Boy and ever since then I relate Fall Out Boy to high speed car crashes.

6. You Know What You Are - Nine Inch Nails

7. Directive - Geshtro

8. Dreaming of You - Selena

I grew up with Selena in the 90's and her death was something really important since it was the first time a celebrity that I knew about died. This song really makes me wonder how things would be like if she haven't died so soon. Despite it's Tejano sound and time of release it still sounds timeless.

9. What Have They Done - Squeeze

From the soundtrack to the movie "When The Wind Blows". No I haven't watched the movie and I don't intend to. Do you really wanna see me write a Rise Of The Guardians Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons fanfic where they all died after being expose to nuclear fallout?

10. Tengo La Fe - Jessica Toledo

Sounds familiar? It should, it's the spanish version of the Digimon ending credits… One of the reasons Mimi was my major crush.

11 Dark Ruins - Ape Escape

12. Dulce Manzana - Fey

13. I'll Be Alright - Passion Pit

and because I had fun, here's 10 more,

1. Morning Star - Cooler Kids

Again, another artist I was introduce and tie to Kim Possible. Actually canon here since Cooler Kids did had a song featured in the Kim Possible movie…

2. Tenderness - General Public

3. Where No One Goes - Jonsi

I LOVE and HATE this song so much. On the one hand I love how it begins and the chorus, it's so cinematic! But then about midway through it they insert the score from HTTYD and it sucks. Is not that it is tie to HTTYD that ruins it, I like HTTYD, but what really ruins it for me is that once again I have to realize that this song is probably part of a bunch of AMV's in youtube where they forced Jelsa into it as part of that ROTBTFD crossover. I assume. Is one of the reasons I wrote a music video for this song where it was rape by having the entire town of Berk celebrate Jack Frost as a hero and even build him a Giant freaking statue… Dreamworks is ruined for me, So let's move on..

4. Escaflowne Theme…

5. Reflections - Bill Conti (From the Rocky Soundtrack)

You know recently I have been feeling like Rocky, feeling tired, at the bottom and facing some new punk kid who wants to take me out, Yet I'm still here.

6. Eyes On Me - Desired

7. How You Remind Me - Nickelback

Yeah I listen to Nickelback, not as much as I used to but still. Anyway I consider the time I started to listen to Nickelback as my "DC period" since when Nick got popular DC released the Batman TAS on DVD for the first time and so I was watching a lot of DC shows during this time.

8. Dark Angel - Electronic

9. Good Apple Pies - Jeesh

10. Aye Aye - Pogo…

 I like to consider that song to be Nico Minoru's song since it was part of my Runaways Return mix…)

That's it for now and considering the flop reaction to that last game I won't be tagging anyone, I guess I know now what it felt like to be Rise Of The Guardians when it premiered in theaters!The Madness Of The Jester The Madness Of The Jester The Madness Of The Jester Jack frost  Sorry for anyone who liked that movie (P.S. No I'm not Loud House - Evil Lola You guys now that for me that movie is an evil virus of Satan)

Well until next Shuffle game, and speaking of Shuffle..

Shuffle-shuffle-10586901-690-1000 by Trackforce

I gotta re-watch that anime. I already have about three months since I got it from the mail!

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Azula Warning screen by Trackforce

Previously on the Yandere Loud House reviews I reviewed the Yandere Luna Loud comic which gave the crazy Luan treatment to Luna who has never been portrayed this way before due to being the most beloved Loud sister Luna Has Left The Building…

This time I'll be doing something different that doesn't involve the game the whole family can play but still close to the lewd material. This time the story I'll be reviewing isn't dealing with another sister crushing on Lincoln but rather a different girl who while popular with Loud fans, isn't ship with Lincoln. Despite being onscreen for one second yet still leaving an impression. And probably with the fact that this girl is far older than Lincoln and looks a bit like Lori.

Carol 044 by Trackforce

I'm speaking of course of none other than Carol Pingrey…

TLH Carol Pingrey by Trackforce

Who is Carol will probably never know since she looks like she was just meant to be a one time joke but that hasn't stop people from making fan arts of her to shipping her with Lincoln. Creating the ship name LinCarol, at least with the R34 artists. There isn't that much for Lincoln and Carol . .at least until a few days ago when I came across the fanfic "A Fall Of Pingrey" by Cedric22 from adult-fanfiction that is so far the only Lincoln and Carol ship story out there as far as I'm aware of.

So like the two previous Loud House stories that I have covered this one is also one that ventures into more mature territory, there's no incest but it does feature something that is just as lewd to some people unless you fool them with the Jelsa ship. It's shotacon.

The whole thing of the younger boy falling inlove with the older girl next door has for me being played out so many damn times that we all know how it ends and is just a waste of story. Even with Gravity Falls while it resolve it in a nice way it was pointless since it had no effect on the overall story whatsoever (Mabel gives Dipper crap about it despite that she crushed on guys way older than her, One wasn't even HUMAN!). We all know the characters won't get together because the big age difference, states laws, society's double standard and the girl becomes just his friend and she moves on to her high school studies .. while dating her boyfriend who's attending College and about to graduate. Loud House - Lincoln facepalm 

And I'm bored of seeing that same old clique plot. It just a tease and a waste of story potential.. For me, just do something crazy with that tired plot and actually have the girl make him her boyfriend and defy rules and society. Actually do something that most shows and movies wouldn't do. Something that I don't expect. This type of relationship is the equivalent of Nascar, that's some fancy safe driving there buddy but we all just want to it crash and burn, that's the only reason people are here.

But that's where this fanfic comes in, in that is the first one that actually does everything that I have wanting these stories to make. Not afraid to do the famous deed and take it to it's logical conclusion. So don't be surprised if things get too graphic.

So speaking about graphic, the story appropiately takes place in Halloween night.

Carol 042 by Trackforce

The perfect set-up considering just how dark, adult and explicit things are going to get. And the type of story that I would had written in my Jr. high school years whenever that holiday came around. This is for me the Halloween Special that I have been waiting for. All it needs is the intro from the Haunting Hour… Which what Carol and Linc do probably takes about an hour The Jester Is Not Amused 

Let's begin,

A fall of pingrey title screen by Trackforce

It starts with Lincoln out treat-or-treating and Carol is at her home. In the first paragraph about Carol we now what kind of character she is. She's a depress alcoholic as she spents her free time drinking and mixing drinks out of boredom.

I always imagine Carol to be the preppy snarky rival to Lori since judging by the fact that she was willing to spent her time replacing Lori in the family photograph I assume that she has some fun making Lori the loser. So it was odd to see the author portray Carol this way. A girl who is lonely and sunk into depression as her life isn't as exciting as it looks. A bit hard to see it in Carol's character but then again we don't really know what she's like in the actual show so her personality is up to anybody's guess.

She's having another wasted evening of watching trashy flicks and drinking rum mixed with coke when Lincoln comes knocking and she invites him in for a drink (Coke drink). Since Lincoln is out without his sisters he's feeling tired after spending so much time going out in the neighborhood by himself. He accepts her offer and both decide to sit down and watch the terrible movie. Then Linc get's drunk and Carol realizes that she has accidently given him her mixed drink The Loud House: Lincoln Loud DERP 

Lincoln falls asleep and Carol, in her half-drunk state along with the effect of the late hours of the night decides to sleep next to him on the couch after she realizes how cute he is and how much he reminds her of her teddy bear when she touches him.

Carol2 002 by Trackforce

After cuddling with him she decides to give in to her wild urges and lets a confuse drunk Lincoln dry hump her. Taking advantage of Linc in his terrified half drunk state she coaxes him into undressing and joining her in her bed.

Carol 048 by Trackforce

The next morning Carol treats Linc to breakfast as well as having washed his soaking wet clothes (no guesses as to why they needed to be wash) and let's him go so he can make sure his family doesn't make a Amber Alert. Carol however is more than happy since she has Linc's number.

Carol 040 by Trackforce

And so ends the first chapter appropiately titled ONE WET HALLOWEEN which delivers exactly what it promises. A accidental drunken one night stand between Lincoln and the girl next door Carol who explores her inner dark fetish fantasies

Carol 036 by Trackforce

The next chapter is MALL DATES ARE THE BEST DATES and it get's interesting. Carol has now started to date Lincoln in private The Jester Approves  and both go out shopping, in this chapter to a local Target (For me it is the best product placement I have seen in a fanfic)

LinCarol Target Ad by Trackforce

Is this chapter that tells you that this story isn't just fetish fuel or an excuse to see Rule 34 scenarios, is actually a good character exploration fic. We see the effect that Linc's and Carol's affair has had on both and it has actually improved their lives. Linc has just come out of a bad break-up with Ronnie Anne and Carol has stopped drinking and feeling depress now that she finds joy in her life with Lincoln. She actually finds her pseudo-date with Linc to be more fun than her three previous dates put together, which implies that Linc is a much more fascinated boy to her than the boys of her age. Or Carol misses being a kid and is tired of having to act her age.

The chapter adds excitement as the story acknowledges the danger she's in with her relationship with Linc by showing that Carol dresses in worn out sweaters to conceal her identity and behaving like his sister to help him shop for gifts for his sisters as well as toys for him. The entire thing feels more like two siblings shopping together. And if the situation looks a bit uneasy for some of you, don't worry, the story acknowledges this as two old ladies think that Carol is Linc's teenage mother. Carol becomes aware of this and get's upset but her anger is quickly gone when Linc asks her for advice on some gifts for Lucy. Lincoln is the spark in Carol's life and the story is heartwarming as it shows that these two have form a strong friendship after their forbidden encounter.

Chapter 3 called LOVE DRUNK goes back to the lewd material as we get the big love making scene with explicit descriptions.
Carol2 005 by Trackforce

But before that we see the reasons why Carol is madly inlove with Lincoln.

The phrase "beating yourself up" is brought up and it perfectly describes Carol's character as we see how much of a mess she becomes with her drinking habit. While already having secret dates with Linc she get's nervous when Linc comes to her house. In order to deal with her anxieties she decides to drink and one single bottle is enought to push her into a breakdown as she believes that Linc will leave her, that she'll always be drinking once school is over and that she will end up in a dead end job with no one.

Soon Lincoln arrives and finds her crying and with her feet bleeding on the floor as she has stepped on the broken glass of the vodka she has dropped. The scene hurts to read as Lincoln pulls every large shard of glass from her feet despite Carol telling him to leave her be. This part tells us how much Lincoln's love for her meants to Carol as we discover that had it been her father who found her crying and bleeding he would had left her there as punishment for her "weakness". Her mom would had helped her but only after cleaning the mess first in order to keep the house clean. Suddenly is easy to see why Carol loves Lincoln in every way, cause her parents don't love her. In fact I assume that the only reason her parents haven't gotten a divorce is because of her.

Through out the story we don't see much of Carol's parents and what we do see is them being uncaring and robotic, alien almost. The house is ALWAYS empty hence why Carol has gotten the habit of drinking out of her's dad bottle collection and sneaking Linc into late hours of the day for sex. There's no sign of domestic violence but we don't see any sign of her parents being present in her life other than picking up her from places. In total Carol not only doesn't have ANY real friends but also no real parents present in her life to show her some love and support or even care what trouble she get's into as the story implies that Carol's Pedophilia would not even get her dad's attention. She's alone in the world.

And with that is easy to see why Carol is broken and clings to Lincoln as her only hope despite how wrong the relationship is.

After Linc attempts to her wounds she is quick to embrace Lincoln and get him to tell her that he loves her. Lincoln gives him to her advances but not out of his puberty urges but out of pity and sympathy for Carol as he sees just how sad and broken the girl is.

After this bonding moment we move on to both having sex. It starts out right her Lincoln fixes her wounds on her feet as Carol leaves blood stainds on Lincoln's body as she makes out with him. She takes the session upstairs as she carries a high on sex Linc to her bedroom and undresses him and get's herself some nice lingerie from her parents bedroom to please Lincoln for their big night (again, her parents disintegrating marriage is imply as Carol knows that her mom will not notice the missing lingerie as no one in the house who should be having sex is doing it anymore)

Carol2 007 by Trackforce

Carol 050 by Trackforce

So Lincoln spents another night in Carol's bed and comforts her as she cries about her dad not caring that she exists. The whole chapter ending with Carol taking care of Linc's belongings in order to make sure that he's able to sneak off in the morning


Chapter 4 "LOVE.. OR SOMETHING CLOSE ENOUGHT" is the big climax of the story as Carol's and Linc's secret is discovered by his sisters who haven't been present in the story so far.

Also we know the author has study the Loud House episodes as Lori is the Antagonist in this chapter and behaves exactly as she was in the episode "No Guts, No Glori". A major blizzard is coming into town and Lori makes it her job to bring all the siblings home before the evening. Right out of the start of the chapter Lori has been suspecting for some time about Linc's whereabouts and knows that something is different. Turns out that the Halloween Night event cause some scare with the Loud House after all and ever since then Linc has been staying out late than usual.

After Lori threatens everyone to be on Vanzilla after school and drops the younger kids in their school, Lori hears the news from Leni that Linc has a new girlfriend to which they all reply with excitement. The Loud House - Leni Loud Icon  Leni tells them that her name is "Carey Pringles" and Lori expresses some relief that their brother has finally move on from Ronnie Anne. Relief that later turns into shock when Leni sees Carol and calls her "CaSey Pingles" Leni Loud is Surprised  which makes the sisters realize that Linc's secret girlfriend is Carol Pingrey their high school classmate (and in Lori's case her rival). Lori immediately wonders just how many states laws both Linc and Carol are breaking by being a couple. The smarter of you readers will realize how ironic this is if you remember how the sisters when crazy for Linc's tutor Hugh in the episode "Study Muffin" which even had Lisa saying that she'll marry Hugh despite being 4 years old! Pervy Lisa, The Deuce 

S1E26A The sisters (and Lynn Sr ) chase Hugh by Trackforce

The sisters decide to keep a close watch on Carol and Linc during school but the two evade the sisters. Linc even gets out of Lori's mandate by switching clothes with Clyde resulting in the story's funniest scene.

The Present Wrappings Fiend   As Lori rages for Lincoln like King Kong rages for Ann Darrow, we cut to Lincoln and Carol who are in a coffe shop enjoying some hot chocolate and sharing a lover's seat, with Linc even sitting on Carol's lap. The scene is so vivid in it's description of the two that you can't help but visualize it as something cute and adorable .. if your ignore the darker aspects of it (pretty much Chapter 1 and 3)

Carol 041 by Trackforce

But the love birds scene is interrupted as Lori, Leni and Luna arrive to stop the whole thing Loud House - Lincoln Van Rage  . While I think the curse language is out of character for the Louds, Lori screaming "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU'RE DOING?" tLH: Angry Lori  is perfect to intensify the drama and the reality wake-up call and the two being caught as a secret couple (one can only wonder what Lori's swear word would be if she knew of all the things that Carol did to Linc in her bedroom Some Things Daughters Were Not Meant To Know  ). Lori berates Carol as she grabs Linc away from her but Lincoln decides to stand up for Carol and defends his love for her. To which Lori threatens to call the cops on Carol if she ever get's close to Linc ever again.

Carol is pretty terrified but not that she got caught (as I mention her parents wouldn't even give a crap about her sex with a minor crimes) but for Linc, since she's worried that he'll get in trouble because of her.

Carol 045 by Trackforce

EDITOR's NOTE: No that doesn't happen here. Carol is a mess but is not an asshole, she isn't Jack Frost.

However Lincoln throws a bomb into the heated situation, as he threatens Lori that if she calls the cops he'll tell them that the whole thing was his fault and that he FORCED Carol into it. This of course get's him a slap from BOTH Carol and Lori. Carol takes control of the situation and tells Lincoln that they relationship must end and that Linc might not really love her that much all while Lori watches with disgust at Carol's power over Linc and Leni and Luna feel sick when Carol calls Lincoln "Lincy" their pet name for Linc. Carol bits a tearful farewell to Linc as he is taken by his sisters. Carol doesn't want to do it but she knows that if they get in trouble she will ruin Lincoln's future (she doesn't care about her own safety). 

With Lori threatening to bring the cops on Carol and Lincoln I can't help but wonder what Carol would do if she knew what the Louds did to Lincoln in the episode "No Such Luck", I'm pretty sure that forcing your kid to live outside the house would be some kind of child abuse. Plus at least Carol had Lincoln sleep in her bed as oppose to the porch.

Anyway back to the story, Upset by his siblings Linc vows to never speak to any of them again but breaks down crying into Luna's lap, who seems to be the only one to understand his grief.

Time passes and eventually things return to normal in the Loud House by Christmas day. However Linc receives a secret letter from Carol who tells him that she hopes the best for him and that if he stills feels the same for her when he's older, to search for her along with some instructions. It is exactly what he needs since the entire affair has really broken him inside, even more than Ronnie Anne since taking into account when the affair started (Halloween Night) to ending somewhere in early December the entire relationship lasted for almost a month. Poor Lincoln. Overwhelmed By Human Emotions 

A Fall Of Pingrey - Lincoln misses Carol by Trackforce

EPILOGUE is the final part of the story and we flash forward to years later when Carol is now working a desk job at her father's company and she's unhappy. She's bored with her life and job and as taken up drinking again.

It seems that Carol's fears about her future have come true when unexpectadly Lincoln arrives to see her. All grown up but still being Carol's object of desire. He tells her that he is about to graduate high school and wants to become a detective so he can make Carol proud. He stammers and is about to leave afraid that Carol might reject him but she makes him stay as she listens to his story. Then, knowing that Carol is still inlove with him, Lincoln pops out the big question.

He asks Carol to marry him.

And so the story ends on a surprising happy note. One that reminds me of the similar upbeat ending that Superman Unbound had with Clark's marriage proposal to Lois. And just like the adult Superman Unbound movie, I like this.

I swear that this fanfic is the story that I have been waiting for, cause it feels like something that my Jr. High School self wrote. It hits every note and theme that I explored during the dark days of school. I could easily say that I LOVE this story but I gotta explain why this one is one of my top five favorite fics.

Let me mention all the traits that this story does perfect.


A part of me doesn't want to elaborate on this since I have to mention F$@! Jack Frost and I'm sick of talking about jelsa but I gotta whip it out and piss on it so people can know what a good story looks like. Or in this case what an actual teenager that we should root for be. As I have said before, I never felt sorry or bad for Jack Frost since he was a whining brat in ROTG and the one time that he could had EARN our sympathies, finding out that he died and left a sister beind, the movie threw it all away because it was too scared to be an adult (this is Dreamworks after all) and so Jack is happy despite now actually having a REAL reason to be emo. Along with Jack's selfish behavior and the fact that he's immortal and living a life without any work or responsibilities and being a asshole prankster who torments innocent mortals he's completely unrelatable as a human being.

Asshole by Trackforce

Now Carol Pingrey here is an ACTUAL HUMAN being. She has forbidden desires, depression, alcoholism, problems with her family, and the fear that she will end up alone in a dead end job which she does at the end before Linc rescues her. At least one of her flaws is something that some people have or relate in some way. And even if you don't root for her you can't help but find Carol to be a much more entertaining person to see than white as bread and boring as grass Jack Frost. Carol is the one that actually faces some danger in the form of her addiction to the demon in the bottle or having her forbidden relationship be uncovered and get reported to the police.

Is like Cops and Robbers, sure you'll suppose to root for the good guys but you can't help but find the robbers to be more engaging as you never know if they are going to get away with the heist. That's Carol Pingrey. People might have a problem with her pedophilia for Lincoln .. well here's the next big thing that I love this story for.


As I said before, Jelsa is pretty much the only Pedo ship that the fans have accepted.

Jack Vs. Rapunzel - He Likes Them Younger by Trackforce

Except they don't wanna admit that it is a pedo ship and instead lie that Jack is much older thanks to the stupid ROTG App and will often portray Jack as being the same age as Elsa in order to hide the fact that Jack isn't a man to be with Elsa. And to be complete hypocrites, they attack everyone else of being a pedophile. This story is what Jelsa wishes it could be. Portray the romance but admit the big age difference and how out of society's morals it is. Have some balls.

Lincoln wants to be Jack Frost by Trackforce

EDITOR'S NOTE: That edit might be a joke but Jack is actually a lot closer to Lincoln's age than to Elsa's.

Would I liked Jelsa if the shippers admitted that it was pedophile relationship? Still no. But I would at least respect the shippers for not being afraid to say what it truly is instead of hiding it and forcing it as a MATURE relationship in order to get a pass from the watchdog fans and Disney. This story admits and knows about the taboo relationship between late teen Carol and elementary kid Lincoln, and shows hints of the consequences if they where ever caught, YET it still is carries on with it's love story and brings it together by the end, giving both some LEGAL age and experience. Screw the rules and sensitive snowflakes and do what you want, is goddamned FICTION after all. If we can make a movie that centers on a despicable serial killer why not this?…

Is more than what people might credit for, it isn't just a Rule 34 story.


The Lincoln and Carol ship was pretty much a ship born of out rule 34. ANYBODY can write a lewd fanfic featuring two characters doing the nasty (just look at Fanfiction.Net) but rarely does anybody actually put more effort than it needed and make a rule 34 set-up into a full story complete with characters developting and growing up and making us care for it. Just like JumpJump's comic the story isn't just an excuse to see Linc get it on with Carol, you truly do see why these two love each other. Carol is a fallen Princess and Lincoln is her Knight in shining armor. Which brings me to my last point.


Just like Samurai Jack, Lincoln is shown as being a truly good person. The story shows us how much he's willing to do for Carol and care for her whether is removing the shard pieces of broken glass from her injured feet or gently kissing her forehead when she's crying about her dad not caring that she exist. Despite her sisters not approving of Linc's love for Carol I'm sure they'll be more than proud if they knew just how much Linc takes care of a emotional broken Carol. Despite the odd relationship I find myself rooting for Linc because he's what a male lead that you want to see end up with someone be. Linc is not portray as being cool, rude or just posing alot like Jack Frost, he's just a nice caring humble guy that cares about people. That's all you need for me to want to see him end up with Carol and worry about his sisters catching him.

While I just read this this past week, I'm willing to declare this as my top favorite Fanfic. I already have a list of favorite Loud House fan comics which includes JumpJump's "I Love My Brother" series, but I dont have that many text fanfics. While I'm currently seeing a outgoing fanfic that as yet to be finish and so far I'm loving… (fighter's Syngenesophobia is a MUST READ folk!) This one is already complete and easily is my personal favorite thanks to all the traits that I mention plus the nostalgia factor. 

It really feels like an old indie movie that deals with the dark side of America's Suburbia culture that was explored in such films as Stanley Kubrick's Lolita…) , American Beauty and The Safety Of Objects.

Safety Of Objects by Trackforce

In fact my mind was playing the music from the trailer while I was reading this…

While that genre of films might be done due to changing times and some things no longer being forbidden or scandalous (such as homosexuality no longer being such a big deal) this story here proves that there is still some subjects that can be consider taboo. Heck even if you took away the Loud House set-up it would still be a great story. It is after all a story of forbidden love and the struggles of trying to hide it in the real world.


What else can I say but state the obvious that I love this story. Any further proof is the fact that I made a playlist for this, which is the FIRST TIME I have done a tribute album to a fanfic

LincolnXCarol Tribute album by Trackforce

Seriously this story is going to be playing in my head next time I use my headphones.


in the tradition of the old Double Toasted site..

Spill Rating by Trackforce

BETTER THAN SEX! If this was an actual book I would so buy it. As well as the soundtrack I would had done for it. If this was a movie that shocked audiences I would go see it again and again (as Korey Coleman would say, "I LOVE movies that disturb people"). I read it for the ship but I stayed for the thrilling drama. This is a coming of age forbidden teen romance story that doesn't feature whiny bitchy over privilege teenagers with no real problems (looking at you Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons and Jelsa fanfics) but actual developt characters that are interesting to read about and get invested in. For those who are interested in a Lincoln and Carol ship or just want to see a dark taboo story with a real forbidden relationship then this is a rare gem that you should check out. For extra fun read it on Halloween night, it's going to be a Halloween special you won't forget anytime soon.

Thanks for reading this and be friendly. Goodnight, good morning, good afternoon or whenever your reading this. Watch the Loud House and ship LinCarol.

Carol 047 by Trackforce

Or LinBeck

Midnight Secret - Fantasy (Date with Becky) by Trackforce

Or whatever makes you happy.

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Azula Warning screen by Trackforce
Reika warning Screen - I'm Awake Now by Trackforce
Jelsa Warning screen - This is a Nightmare by Trackforce

So you guys/girls like my new intros? If I could do Gifs I would even include music to set the mood… You might me wondering why go the extra work to include a warning label here for a simple review, Well here's the thing,. I seriously did not expected for my review of the Loud House fan comic "I Love My Brother" to become this big

Review: Loud House Yandere Luan Fan-Comic (Update)UPDATE 11/20/2016

Welcome back and today is a most special occasion in our watch of the Loud House Comic. While Dreamworks is further disappointing me by killing the Croods 2, fan artist JumpJump is making life more enjoyable by continuing with his comic, which officially now consist of two complete parts!
The story will continue as the story is far from over but for those who were asking for a complete part 2 well there you have it.
So my thoughts now that part 2 is complete, well previously (just scroll down below) Luan had to visit the child psychiatrist who does know just how obsessive Luan's affections for her brother are. We saw a flashback where Luan broke down after catching Lynn and Lincoln doing the deed and then we saw Luan's reaction towards it. And it's something that we have yet to see the full extend of Lynn's betrayal since while Luan did seemed to take it well the morning after, was she almost about to attack Lynn in
 I mean 39,510 views and STILL GROWING everyday?!

No seriously, when I made the review it was just meant to be informative for my followers who had been following me for years. After all my previous journals barely had any views and never when higher than 36 views. So I just expected a few comments from occasional curious Deviants and for that to be the end of it, I didn't wanted to attract unwanted attention hence why I never uploaded it to my gallery. But to my surprise just like my Anti-Jelsa fan art it exploded and ended up becoming my breakthrough here in DA (small league still). At least when taking into account just how many people suddenly became aware of JumpJump's comic which was actually surprising since I though people already knew about it, but no, several commenters told me how this was the first time they learned about it and started to ask me for links to the two chapters.

But even greater was how JumpJump himself came to DAjumparoundjumpjump.deviantart.…  and read my review and liked it, which was the biggest moment for me here in DA since this was the first time a Professional artist outside of DA saw my stuff and came to meet me. It was at that moment that I realized that people did saw my stuff and word was spreading out everywhere about it of which I was completely unprepared for. After all Tv Tropes said that I wasn't making any diffence… so I never imagined that I will attract this much attention of all a sudden.

And surprise to one, Just like JumpJump's tumblr I also ended up getting nagging people who wanted me to take down the review despite nothing sexually explicit being on it as well as the fact that I warn people about the mature content and to leave and not read it if they were upset by that stuff. Ironic as some of them are Jelsa fanatics who told other people to stop hating Jelsa and like it (like Jelsa thug Viktor-Andersen)… despite Jelsa being in my opinion completely innapropiate for EVERYBODY. I mean if we want to take some moral high ground in this fight for the depiction of FICTIONAL characters, okay let's rumble,

You got schooled! by Trackforce

Jelsa is way worse than Incest and underage sex considering that the Holy Book condemns interacting with dead spirits and having sex with them as a way more serious sin and their offsprings being abominations to God that a flood was needed to exterminate them. No I'm not creating my own fanfic theories about Jelsa again, That's in the Bible kids… and yes that same book as a scene of Lot getting seduce by his daughters (Incest), So for any noob who's coming here being a over dramatic queen with "I have seen the true darkness and it's the Loudcest group!" go read that.

Now I can understand the fans who are actually concern that this is a Kid's show after all. I respect that and was willing to work out a deal, My offer .. I'll take down the review for it (but that's no gonna erase JumpJump's comic from existence) IF those same Anti-Loudcest fans also protested against Jelsa and erase it from the internet because Elsa is from a kid's movie and Jack is from a movie where a snowman rapes a girl in the shower then murders her,

Mavis and Jack - Don't mess with Mavis by Trackforce

 At least before the movie was remade into Rise Of The Guardians. Of course the offer wasn't taken because it showed the biased of the fans and my review stays until that offer can be given to me by the internet on a silver platter with Extra Fries.

But enought about the good and bad about the Loud House Comic featuring a Yandere Luan crazy for her brother Lincoln. Let's talk about the good and bad about the Loud House Comic featuring a Yandere Luna crazy for her brother Lincoln.

And before you ask, No, is not a spin-off nor is it a sequel to JumpJump's comic, is a comic made by a different person and came across it on a more Lewd site. Is that one site that I swear read my Dark ElsaXJamie story

Mature Content

 and decided to do a X-Rated adaptation comic about it but replacing Jamie with a kid version of Kristoff.

 Frozen Un pequeno error comic by Trackforce

However it shares any similarities with "I Love My Brother" but with a more different tone, and the crazy sister this time is Luna.

 Midnight Secret - Here comes a new challenger by Trackforce

Luna Loud, or as I like to call her, Princess Luna Loud. Cause EVERYBODY loves Luna Loud. Let's be honest Loud fans, of all of Lincoln's sisters Luna Loud is the PRINCESS of them since day one Luna has been the one with the most artwork, the one everyone wants to date and the one that nobody hates. She's at the top of people's Top Ten Girls they like and also winner of the title "Loud House sister less likely to murder me". And if the "One Flu Over The Loud House" episode is any indication, Luna will be the one zombie no one would wanna shoot in the head.

The Zombie you don't want to shoot by Trackforce

On total Luna rocks literally and metaphorically.

Saint Luna Loud by Trackforce

The role of the yandere or crazy one of the family falls on Luan, Lynn or Lola

Luan 13 by Trackforce

Never Luna. However while she's everyone's favorite, I'm not so big on Luna.

Luna with a you what look luna loud the loud house by Trackforce

Now hold it, I LOVE Luna .. but to me we still haven't learn that much about Luna. Sure she got an episode devoted to her with "House Music" and "For Bros About To Rock" but I don't think we got that much about her other than not being perfect with writing lyrics and losing her patience with her family for a contest. But that was something that we expected from her. We haven't learn any more flaws or traits other than relating to music. Compare Luna to the other sisters like Luan, Lucy, Lisa and even Leni who have gotten more episodes dedicated to them we know a bit more about her sisters than her. So far she's still the Cool Chick of the group and that's about it.

My guess is that since she's still the "Cool Chick" of the group there hasn't been any fan art of Luna being as crazy as Lola or Luan. Plus people wanna relate to her or be like her since her origin story to how she became the musician reveals that she was just a more normal girl until she meet her rockstar idol and became Luna Loud at the spot (Why Lincoln doesn't remember this sudden change in her clothing and personality is anybody's guess..).

S1E13A Mick Swagger and Luna pre-transformation by Trackforce

So it was a big surprise when I discover the story "Together For Ever" while cruising a certain site for a update on a certain story. Since the idea of Luna being the crazy one is not common and unthinkable for many people, so this concept was something that I needed to see. And boy does it deliver in being a dark take on the Lincoln and Luna relationship

Luna by sketchtoons by Trackforce

so much that it could be consider a Deconstruction of their ship much like my Jelsa story being a deconstruction of Frostface ever being a romantic interest for Elsa

Goosebumps Gold - Elsa's Nightmare by Trackforce

So keep in mind that this story is a little bit more MATURE than what people are used so final warning to turn back. Where are going into Alan Moore levels of scenarios here and I don't wanna be held responsible if you ignore by warnings.

Never forget your first waifu by Trackforce

Then again, some of you just can't resist seeing something that you know will shock you and disturb you. In that case Room For One More…

The-simpsons-animated-gif-6 by Trackforce

Now what really separated this from the other lewd material was the cover. A very simple cover yet so intriguing.

01 Pag 1 by Trackforce

It looks like a fan art that could easily be posted here in DA, and without context it looks like a happy picture of Linc and Luna. Except for the broken glass that covers the image.. a perfect representation of the story and the situation. Nostalgic almost as it looks like one of those 90's thriller movies where the posters often used a broken family portrait to imply the terror of the feature. And the second cover drives the mood even further, as looks like Luna shares the same artistic style as Luan when it comes to their private notes. and is there that we see the title of the story, "Together For Ever".

61580302 P0 Master1200 by Trackforce

And another cover for it also let's you know the mood this story will have..

Together For Ever Cover by Trackforce

Right from the first page things go REALLY mature just like jumpjump's comic. As the first page shows Luna already engaging in sexual activity (Oral) with Lincoln. Lincoln on the other hand is extremely worried about the family coming back and urges Luna to stop. In those first panels you can tell that Lincoln doesn't want to be there or do the carnal sin with his sister. Luna however encourages him that everything will be fine and tells him to smile.

Luna Comic 1 by Trackforce

 Aaaaand you can tell that Luna is now reaching crazy levels. What comes next confirms this. Luna wants Linc to do the deed and Linc doesn't want to since she "promise".

Luna Comic 2 by Trackforce

Which tells that before this act Luna had told him that they will never do it, just the foreplay I assume. And before you start to wonder this entire story takes a sharp turn for the truly dark road. Luna get's physically violent with Linc.

Luna Comic 3 by TrackforceLuna Comic 4 by Trackforce

I'm not doctor or therapist but .. I believe Lincoln just got RAPED. Lincoln complies with her sister under the threat that she'll spill their secret and also Luna tells him that he's not a "Victim" but a "Little Pervert" and that he was the one who "started it" which are clues to what kind of events happened before they got to this point. So yes, You just see Luna rape Lincoln. And I'm sure there are excuses that Lincoln accepted to do her sister but he was blackmail into it and it was clear that he didn't want to do it. Plus Lincoln was crying as Luna threatened him with physical violence, a very similar scenario that I did with my jelsa story where Jack physically attacked Elsa and beat her in order to get her to submit to him

Mature Content

 Only here is not as violent as my Jelsa story, but still doesn't changes the seriousness of the situation since Linc is still a child.

Luna Comic Rape by Trackforce

So after the act Luna assures Linc that everything is fine and that they still have more time for themselves. Some time passes and Luna suggest that they both take a shower together but Lincoln is upset at Luna for what she just did to him. She tries to patch things up for him but Linc is clearly angry at her. He tells her that he has had enought of her lies and hurting him more tha once and that he no longer wants to see her again or even get close to her. And then Luna looses her cool.

Luna Comic 5 by Trackforce

She gives him a speech that includes flashbacks to what I can guess are events that led into this. From the looks of it, looks like Luna caught Lincoln having his private moment and then later teased him or decided to satisfy his curisioty by exposing herself to him. And looks like Lincoln might had even flatter her sister since she looks shy knowing that Linc thinks she's cute. However Luna puts the entire result as Lincoln's fault and that she did several things for him in return so both are meant for each other no matter if Linc doesn't want to be part of this (Now why does THAT sound SO familiar? Jack and Elsa Jelsa  ... )

However Luna stops her rant when she sees Lincoln crying and bleeding.

Luna Comic 6 by Trackforce

Were are not shown what happens next, as the next page shows Luna taking a shower by herself where she thinks about the entire situation and how much she regrets hurting Lincoln.

Luna Comic 7 by Trackforce

Luna Comic 8 by Trackforce

However it is revealed that both Luna and Lincoln where actually pretty good together before things changed between the two.
Luna Comic 9 by Trackforce

One thing you can notice in this comic, the artstyle really does a great job at capturing emotions and making you have the appropiate reaction. It has the cartoon feel yet very dramatic face expressions. Luna's crazy eyes let you know what she's feeling. And that is best shown here in the shower scene and the following panels as Luna has a emotional breakdown. While things were already dark and disturbing, things really go even more darker (at least for me) as Luna ends up looking at herself in the mirror in what looks like a scene inspire by many dramatic tense moments in anime.

3550305 1405094405628 14res 344 241 by Trackforce

Luna drops her towel and she stares at herself and wonders if she's not pretty.
Luna Comic 10 by Trackforce

And notice how none of this is played for fanservice, as all the panels have Luna staring right at herself and in a creepy meta sense, directly at YOU the reader. As if asking you directly if you really like her or if you are soon going to forget about her in favor of the next hot cartoon girl. And this is what really get's me, even more than Luna violating her brother Lincoln (when you seen this many similar stories you just get numb to these scenarios) Luna having issues about herself, especially her appearance to the point of making herself cry. Is a really dark twist on Luna's overall character. The cool sister and everyone's favorite Loud has issues of self worth and doesn't see herself as being pretty of being loved. Is an issue that is sadly common among teens. However for me, it is really more saddening with Luna's status as a rock chick .. cause Rock starts despite being worshipped by the masses still don't see themselves as worth anything and at times destroyed themselves with either depression, reckless behavior or .. suicide. So there's that one thing the author connected to Luna's trait as a musician which you will never see on Nickelodeon no matter how much Rock references they throw at us.

No Luna doesn't kill herself (so far) but the signs of being suicidal are all there and the sin of loving her own brother and being rejected by him are enought to break her.

 Luna Comic 11 by Trackforce

Luna starts to tear up and she wonders if she was used by lincoln as she brings up the other girl who Lincoln is attracted too. We don't get to know who it is but judging by the shadow as well as Luna stating that Lincoln was "there that night", as well as that flashback of Luna catching Linc pleasuring himself, this seems to indicate that LORI is the other girl who Lincoln is attracted too and the reason why she has stopped loving Luna.

This realization breaks Luna more than she already is. Luna swears that she did everything for Lincoln and that she won't lose him to "that" girl who threatens to steal him away from her.

Luna Comic 12 by Trackforce

After coming out of the shower Luna decides to resorts to do a very drastic thing to keep Lincoln with her.. one thing that could be her crossing the moral event horizon..

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 20 Pag 20 by Trackforce

In the show Lincoln probably has a better bond with Luna than with the rest of his sisters seeing how she doesn't threaten him to do something she wants or annoys him like Luan. So it was no surprise that Lincoln was going to be ship with her. I didn't expected it to get a dark fic since that spot was taken by LuanColn (The name for the Luan and Lincoln ship, yes the incest ships have names too, much more creative than Jelsa) especially now with JumpJump's comic. And as I said, Luna is the most beloved Loud.

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If there ever was going to be dark fic with LunaColn I assume that it would be something like the movie Sid & Nancy.

Sid and nancy poster by Trackforce

Luna as the out of control rockstar and Lincoln as the naive innocent fanboy who get's her ever loving attention and thing spiral out of control for both. Never did I expected Luna to be portrayed even more insane and dangerous than Luan. Said what you want about Luan in the "I Love My Brother" comic, at least her love for Lincoln doesn't include raping him and abusing him despite Lincoln crying and begging for her to stop.

And while "Together For Ever" has a dark Luna who abused her brother she isn't a complete monster as she does show regret at taking advantage of her brother and shows that she is broken and confuse about the situation just like Lincoln is. Is a shame that none of them know how to talk to each other outside of shouting and abuse. How will this end? From the looks of it, not good for both, depending if Luna doesn't decide to go the Romeo and Juliet way.

But for those of you who are really invested in it you can support Sketchtoons work and comic by joining Patreon or also check his gallery at Pix where the comic is uploaded to… But I must warn you that you are going into some true Rule 34 material so if you don't like any of this then don't go there. You might find something you can't handle, or in my case was quite pleased.

Frozen Un pequeno error comic by Trackforce

Trust me, Elsa really get's her Kristoff Shotacon action in that comic (and the Jelsa fans are jealous Jack frost  ).



So as you know by now, Is no secret that I love Dark Fics. Especially when it involves heavy drama and our favorite characters suffering thanks to love .. or nightmare scenarios (hey I'm the guy who made the ROTBTFD Nightmare series after all). So I enjoy reading this especially when a plot that could had easily been an excuse for a rule 34 incest comic turns into something else that you didn't expected let alone make you feel sorry for a dark twisted version of Luna and a even more sad helpless version of Lincoln. Really this pushes the feels as much as JumpJump's "I Love My Brother" series does. What JumpJump did for Luan this does for Luna, making a tragic character that no one expected to be more than the sum of their parts into some else entirely.

Is it the most darkest thing ever? No even close. I'm more disturb by that Astrid rape story still 

Forget Jack Frost, Poor Astrid..I'm sure that by now I'm known in DA and beyond (thanks Tv Tropes  ) as the guy who hates Jelsa. Understandable that people would believe that as my stories have unfortunate events happening to their precious overrated Guardian (Toothiana was better)   Or destroys the sappy Elsa and Jack romance Jelsa Snowflake Emoticon   by having scenarios where Jack attempts to rape Elsa and get's killed in a gruesome way  or just take a look at my gallery to see that with their own eyes

So overall fans probably see me as the main enemy to the whole Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons crossover. After all is not like anybody else is doing horrible stuff to DreamWork's characters, Right? Well if you believe that then you are probably a innocent snowflake who hasn't
 . Like I said before… having been online since 1998 there are more shocking things out there and anybody who claims this (or Jumpjump's comic) to be the worst thing ever is some kid who just learned how to use the internet yesterday and is using it without their parents permission (So GTF out of here Punch Dumped Love ). For me it is dark but nowhere as disturbing as that comic where Jack Frost kills all the superheroes and rapes all the superheroines or disgusting as Dipper goes to Taco Bell. While I have seen dark fanfics and comics before it is extremely rare to come across one with a GOOD intriguing story, let alone TWO that are based on the same show. Despite it's sexual content, it's still a good story that could easily be as effective without it's sexual scenes.

Cause overall is a story about a sister's love for her brother that is gone out of control, and explores the horror of being trapped and hurt by the person that you are suppose to be safest with .. your own family.

The Loudcest ships are now part of the fandom whether you like it or not, and just like I have to deal with Jelsa existing so do you have to accept that Loudcest is a thing and will continue to grow as the show keeps on going and attracts new fans. Is only a matter of time before Yandere Loud sisters is a category of it's own. We already have Luan as the crazy Joker-like sister who is after Lincoln,

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Lynn is already heading towards that direction with her constant bullying of Lincoln in the actual show ..

Lynn 5670 by Trackforce

Lucy easily fits the role of the quiet girl who is hiding something dark ..

Lucy 0878 by Trackforce

Leni the one nobody suspects

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Or even Lori

Lori 13 by Trackforce

If we are going to get these kinds of stories and we will, might as well see some good ones. And so far so good. From fanfics that discuss the real consequences of that Stupid sister Fight Protocol (where the sisters end up sending Linc to the hospital)… to these two comics and even cool looking OCs

I'll say that is going to be a golden age of dark fics, one that should never end Bender Smoke 

I highly praise it this comic. As it is another example that Loudcest (or similar ships) isn't just some excuse to show lewd art but also a great creative way to explore who our characters are in different forms. Sometimes taking them to places that their source material could never do. As a character who's been portrayed in many different forms said

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Who are we under the dark?

Together For Ever Cover by Trackforce

But hey that just a fanfic, A Loud House fanfic! and cut!

Scream with Luna as the killer by Trackforce

Midnight Secret - Move over Luan, by Trackforce

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I'm sure that by now I'm known in DA and beyond (thanks Tv Tropes So Jelsa Get's Tv Tropes To Attack MeSo I guess this was something that was bound to happen, despite my naive belief that my work has had no impact whatsoever on people, apparently it now has an entry on Tv Tropes
NO, It doesn't mention my name but reading between the lines as well as the obvious snobbish attitude you can so clearly tell that this was written by a Jelsa fan and that they so badly want you to know who I am because they try to mention DeviantArt but due to the rules of TV Tropes cannot mention the site or my name directly, but is heavily imply right down to the type of art I do.
Here's the entry that has now immortalize me for the ages on the internet.

"Shipping Jack Frost with Elsa is so immensely popular across many platforms it is one of the uncommon cases that a non-canon Crossover Ship gets a level of this treatment in a weird form of Hype Backlash. Demonizing
 ) as the guy who hates Jelsa. Understandable that people would believe that as my stories have unfortunate events happening to their precious overrated Guardian (Toothiana was better) 

Mature Content

 Or destroys the sappy Elsa and Jack romance Jelsa Snowflake Emoticon   by having scenarios where Jack attempts to rape Elsa and get's killed in a gruesome way

Mature Content

 or just take a look at my gallery to see that with their own eyes

Prince Hans - Fatality by Trackforce

So overall fans probably see me as the main enemy to the whole Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons crossover. After all is not like anybody else is doing horrible stuff to DreamWork's characters, Right? Well if you believe that then you are probably a innocent snowflake who hasn't really explored the deepest darkest parts of the internet.

Let me present you to .. something that I can't directly reference (because it's a R34 site) but the picture is enough to let you know what it is

001 by Trackforce
Now you're thinking that that's the cutest fan art of Astrid you have seen and it's probably some cute fan comic about ROTBTFD in modern times where Jack is dating Elsa and being interviewed by French reporters. Nothing about it can be bad.

012 by Trackforce

Nope. This thing is not at all a fan of ROTBTFD (as far as I know) and treats the character with even less respect than I do. Your thinking if that's some Loud House comic like that by JumpJump where our heroes go through some messed-up drama or some emotional teenage baggage like so many ROTBTFD fanfics at fan . That Astrid just lost a game and she's being unfairly bullied.


Astrid there just got rape and injected with drugs before her big game...

Is like some dark ADULT PSA about the dangers of online sex. Astrid is a teenage girl who uploads videos of herself doing some lewd stuff online (masturbation). When some fat ugly bastard discovers her identity and blackmails her.

002 by Trackforce

After some dark Rule 34 stuff Hiccup's girlfriend Hiccup and astrid  (if he does exist in this) is later injected with some drug after being forced into an orgy so nobody suspects anything in school.

Poor Astrid by Trackforce

Resulting in poor Astrid being tormented by her peers who think of her as being some slut party girl, no idea that she was just raped and violated in more ways than one and is probably now slowly dying thanks to some hyper active drug in her blood system.

Damn, and to think that I was being cruel on Jack Frost. I killed him in gruesome ways but never make the suffering long lasting and have him become some heroin addict while he get's rape by many individuals (YET..).

One of the comments in the site mentions how they at least "Didn't feel like vomiting this time" which yes, there are other comics where Astrid is tortured. This one is the more TAME version of the installments. Apparently somebody REALLY, REALLY HATES poor Astrid. I mean they REALLY HATE HER more than I hate Jack Frost. Because that comic was requested, which means that somebody actually paid money to see Astrid get tortured!

 WOW.. you know I often joke about paying a artists here on DeviantArt (specifically a fan of Jelsa) and then request them to make a fan art of Jack getting tortured but I will never go as far as that since I have much better things to do with my money and I'm not willing to bring some innocent artist into my personal war. Plus I'm not THAT obsess to see Jack get tortured.

But somebody else beats my hatred for Jack Frost as somebody out there is spending good money to see Astrid get rape, mutilated, humiliated, tortured and god knows some other messed-up stuff that I can't describe here due to my followers reading this. I knew that some fangirls hated Astrid from day one because they prefer HiccupXMerida or HiccupXRapunzel ships than they do Hiccup being with Astrid despite being canon.. but damn somebody out there really has it for Astrid that you'll think Astrid did something to them. Maybe some Astrid fans where bitches just like the fans of ROTG?

What is even worse is that those illustrations there have a pretty cute Astrid, too bad she's being rape and tortured like she was an evil villain. I mean Astrid is not even that popular with even the fans of HTTYD to garner enough hate. Is not like Astrid fan art is everywhere you look for HTTYD art.

Overall, while I hate Jelsa, you WILL NEVER see me pay money to have a comic like this with Jack Frost getting rape by thugs, forced into prostitution, infuse with drugs and then get bullied in school while Jack breaks down crying with Elsa breaking up with him at the end of the day. If you do see one, Honest to you people (Cross my heart and hope to die) It Wasn't Me…

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to write a much better ending to this story .. because damn okaay.... .. look at her

012 by Trackforce

She deserves a hug .. Hiccup where are you?!

Hiccup Talking Icon : I'm helping my friend Jack Frost, cause you know.. Bros Before Hoes!
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So I guess this was something that was bound to happen, despite my naive belief that my work has had no impact whatsoever on people, apparently it now has an entry on Tv Tropes…

NO, It doesn't mention my name but reading between the lines as well as the obvious snobbish attitude you can so clearly tell that this was written by a Jelsa fan and that they so badly want you to know who I am because they try to mention DeviantArt but due to the rules of TV Tropes cannot mention the site or my name directly, but is heavily imply right down to the type of art I do.

Here's the entry that has now immortalize me for the ages on the internet.

"Shipping Jack Frost with Elsa is so immensely popular across many platforms it is one of the uncommon cases that a non-canon Crossover Ship gets a level of this treatment in a weird form of Hype Backlash. Demonizing him is standard practice, of course, but quite a few hate fics, art, screenshot manipulations, etc. are made solely to kill or otherwise humiliate him. Strangely, despite very intense feelings on both sides, no massive Flame War seem to have came out of it, mostly because the hate of the pairing mostly resides in a certain site that shall not be named."

So there you have it, my very own entry complete with the "HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED AND HIS REALM THAT DARE NOT SPEAK OF" clique speech, Because it's Tv Tropes after all.

So I have no idea how to feel about it cause I didn't expected this. I sort of did but I expected for some piss off Jelsa fanatic to write an entry on the Dark Tv Tropes Nightmare fuel page referencing the Jack Frost nightmare story where Jack get's his head cut off while Elsa engages in an orgy to make his death humiliating…

But overall it was only a matter of time before I got notice by Tv Tropes I guess. But let's not ignore the fact that while this entry looks like it's there to give an example that I do not like their God, is blatantly an attack on me by a Jelsa fan who's a member of Tv Tropes.

"despite very intense feelings on both sides, no massive Flame War seem to have came out of it, mostly because the hate of the pairing mostly resides in a certain site that shall not be named."

You can almost see the twirling mustache and almost expect the next sentence to be

"YOU FOOL! MAN WILL NEVER FLY TO THE MOON!! Man was meant to stay on the Earth!"

My response?

OKAY, BUT-, Tv Tropes mentions on the ship-to-ship combat entry for films… this

"Since its release, Frozen has sparked a rabid shipping fanbase, largely due to Elsa's status as Launcher of a Thousand Ships, the film's limited establishment of canon relationships, the popularity of crossover shipping and the integration of the film into the already chaotic Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom, and the fact that the film's main cast is fairly small, and thusly, non-crossover ships tend to take on a controversial nature (ask any fan of Elsanna, Helsa or Hanna). As a result, the Frozen fandom is engaged in a brutal series of shipping wars, with the primary combatants being Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna), Jelsa (Jack Frost/Elsa), and Elsanna (Elsa/Anna). Jelsa, Helsa, and Kristanna tend to be more popular with preteens and teenagers while Elsanna is popular with the Periphery Demographic of adults. There's been a bit of ship combat from people who are disgusted at Elsanna, dislike Jack Frost (or just Elsa with males)), can't sympathize with Hans (or can't understand how Elsa could love someone who tried to kill her and her sister), or don't think Kristanna had enough proper development in the film to like."

Okay so

"despite very intense feelings on both sides, no massive Flame War seem to have came out of it"


But more importantly... If my efforst had been meaningles and left no impact on anybody.. WHY WRITE AN ENTRY THAT MAKES PEOPLE AWARE OF MY EXISTENCE ? Aren't you playing yourself?

I mean if I was in your position, completely in power and with many internet users under my iron fist with nobody opposing except for one DA member, The last thing I wanna do is acknowledge the existence of my enemy. The thing I would do is to ignore him and pretend that he doesn't exist and hope that with time it is completely forgotten. Which was the same thing I try to do with Jelsa when I first became aware of it. Hoping that people didn't became aware of it's existence so it wouldn't catch on. Now the tables have turn and Jelsa is the majority, only instead of ignoring me Jelsa wants everybody to know who I am. I guess I could give them a break since Jelsa is still a baby as oppose to the experience young adult that I am.

But really, Jelsa seems to live in this reality where it believes that EVERYBODY will love Jelsa for all time. Seriously Jelsa do you ever consider the fact that future generations might not like you? That that entry might become the first thing that will make some future Anti-Jelsa boy/girl happy and create the Resistance to fight you. Start a whole new Revolution.

Incubus - Megalomaniac cover by Trackforce

The Jelsa fans and cosplayers who grow up and have kids might give their kids something to revolt against them when they become rebellious teenagers and decide to stick it to the man by hating the ship that their oppressive parents loved as kids.


Do I believe that? No, but I do believe that Jelsa is dangerously coming close to being oversaturated. And guess what? Of all the sites on the internet who should be aware of it and prevent that is Tv Tropes, as it has a page dedicated to past things that where EVERYWHERE and loved by EVERYBODY but have now gone the way of the Dinosaurs. It's called Deader Than Disco and while the main page has changed the clone of Tv Tropes has kept all the original entries which mentions several series that where once sacred cows but have gone out of fashion…

There are yet no examples of Ships that where massively popular and are soon forgotten but I could mention several. JimXAriel I recalled being a thing for a while and AliceXHatter was once everywhere on DeviantArt and even Tumblr, both still exist but are not as outgoing or meme as they where when they first began. But Jelsa is beyond what both where as not only has Jelsa got more fant arts but also cosplays and media attention from Youtube artists such as Working With Lemons. It is indeed Monstrously popular.

George Michael - Shoot The Dog - Good Jackie Good  by Trackforce

So who's to say that in the next decade people are going to get sick of it? That Jelsa is going to be the Disco of the 10's or become the internet's equivalent of pogs?…

Is Tv Tropes going to ackowledge that they supported it and immediately abandon it when it goes out of style or Jack Frost is ruined when he becomes the next Shrek meme. I doubt it but I will make sure to call them out if that entry is erased by Tv Tropes in order to avoid being called biased towards anyone that didn't like Jelsa or Jack Frost.

But this isn't the only example of blatant worship of Jelsa and Jack Frost, as I mentioned in a fictional Joke interview the YMMV page of ROTG shamelessly admits how they pander to Jack Frost when it mentions how nobody has question Jack's character or seen him as a bad example while everyone else is seen as questionable and telling you just how much is Jack adored by the fans…

Alternative Character Interpretation: Everyone (except Jack).

Just Here for Godzilla: Quite a lot of people went to see the movie just because of Jack Frost.

Estrogen Brigade: Jack Frost.

Other Dimension Interview - Trump Loves Jelsa by Trackforce

Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Jack Frost. He's paired with the other Guardians, Pitch, and Jamie. There's also a new crossover ship with him in it made every minute, the most popular being with Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup. And there's already quite the amount of OCs being shipped with him as well. And the original, people!

Very predictably, the Jack/Elsa crossover ship has quickly grown to rival the popularity of the other three, and some fans pair him with Elsa's sister Anna instead. There's also a small but vocal minority who speculate that Elsa and Anna are somehow Jack and Rapunzel's daughters.

Overall this whole Jelsa Cult doesn't bother me as much as it should since in the end, It is never going to become Canon. Disney owns Frozen and ROTG is owned by Dreamworks who are owned by Illumination studios who are owned by Universal who are Disney greatests enemy. And let's not forget how William Joyce who is the owner of Jack frost feels about this whole ship and fanbase

Other world news - Jelsa outbreak by Trackforce

A Jelsa movie is NEVER going to happen because Reality wouldn't allow it. Plus with the chaotic world we live in there's a higher chance that we will live through an apocalypse than ever see Jack Frost with Elsa onscreen. 100 years from now well probably lived in a world ravage by a supervolcano, Tsunamis, drought, Continental flooding, a new ice age or overpopulation crisis that a Jelsa movie is not going to be on the list of stuff to do to survive to the next day. And that's why I almost pity the Jelsa fans who truly care and love this ship.

But stuff like this keeps my hatred of Jack frost fresh, as it proves just how much is Jelsa becoming for the lack of a better description, a Cult. Jelsa is the closest you'll gonna get to an illuminati as now you have prove of the sites that it's fans can manipulate to antagonize anybody who doesn't like them.

Do I hate TV Tropes? No, because I'm still reading Tv Trope's episode recap of The Simpsons. This entry here is the work of some underage Jelsa fan who's inexperience in the real world and was blatantly trying to get into my skin by shouting that my efforst to demonize their frost face Justin bieber God are pointless in the most read site on the web.

Justin Bieber is Jack Frost by Trackforce

Only they contradict Tv Tropes because of the other entries that mention that there is a ship war going on.

Plus I almost feel like I should join Tv Tropes to thank them, since recently I have been getting subscribers and I don't think that is all because of my art or my review of the Controversial Loud House comic by JumpJump… (of which Tv Tropes had a page for but it was erase because of some sensitive snowflakes shouting Pedophilia pandering. Yet nobody calls out Jelsa for being necrophilia, White-Washing, pedophilia, Religious bias and racist.)

Loud House Vs. ROTBTFD - War from Xmas by Trackforce

And make Tv Tropes be fair and neutral again by writing an entry on the Alternative Character Interpretation trope for Jack Frost. Like this entry here

"Is Jack Frost an egotistical spoiled kid who only helped the guardians out of his own self interest or is he really a troubled teen who has no way of treating others due to his isolation?"

You know just something to make Tv Tropes look less like Jack Frost's puppet. And if you want to start a fight with me then don't be afraid to call my name out, I can take it. No need to hide behind a trope arguing that only a vocal minority hates Jelsa,… because with media manipulations like this, you are only playing yourself in making people realize just how much you are pandering to the jelsa fanbase. And that Vocal Minority is going to become a MAJORITY. And ironically I'm not going to be there,,.. because I will have move on while a new generation of Frozen fans who don't like Jack Frost will be there to express just how unfair you are being to them.

The Guardian is watching YOU by Trackforce

And no ones wants to go the way of MySpace.

If you do I hope you have a Tv Trope for that...
Say-no-to-too-big-to-fail by Trackforce

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6 Years ago something amazing happened in my movie going experience. Disney made a miraculous return to it's true storytelling and roots with Tangled which introduced a new Disney princess after a decade of absence. Rapunzel was finally part of the Disney canon after years of being a beloved part of my childhood. The movie had  a big impact as it was one of the influences in my AUs and finally made a Disney Zombie out of me. Right after it ended and the credits rolled I wanted a sequel to it. I knew at the time that Disney didn't made sequels but even then I wanted a sequel because I loved Tangled a lot. We got a short sequel with Tangled Ever After in 2012. While great it was still only a okay short that didn't gave us much of Rapunzel or Eugene. It seemed that any chance of seeing a continuation to Tangled was going to be reduce to fanfics and fan arts.

  That is until this year 2017 ... 6 years after Tangled ended we finally see the continuation of Rapunzel's and Eugene's story. What happened after the Ever After of the movie and it's FANTASTIC! But before I praise the series let's start with the overall reaction to it.

   The series and even the announcement that Tangled would continue got a mixed reaction from fans and from "fans". Some felt that the series was better off where it ended and expressed concern at the maybe forced continuation of it especially with Rapunzel growing her hair back despite the emotional haircut from the movie. The change from CGI to 2d animation was also a concern. Some wanted the CGI animation (ironic considering the fans who kept insisting that movie studios should do 2D animation again despite the fact that those movies don't make money anymore) and others ranted that it didn't look good.

  Overall the biggest question came from the fact that this came kinda a bit late to cash in on Tangled's movie hype now that Frozen is the biggest trend for Disney. The question being, is this necessary? Not a question coming from people who dislike Tangled but from true fans of Tangled who wonder if this would add anything new to Tangled.

 Well my answer to that is.. YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

   People probably expected me to start this review by once again bad mouthing the internet's God Jelsa and the Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons crossover… . The Jelsa Gestapo officer Nicky poo would assume that my hatred for Jack Frost is due mostly to being "jealous" of Jack Frost and the connection fans are making with Elsa… But anyone who believes that couldn't be more wrong. I don't hate Jack Frost because of Elsa, I hate Jack Frost because he also ruined Rapunzel. The ROTBTFD and fans of Jack Frost have overall made a joke out of poor Raps and everything that's Disney.

Jelsa's Olaf by Trackforce

 The so call ROTBTFD crossover fandom that is suppose to be the Avengers of both Disney and DreamWorks have pretty much reduce Raps to being the damsel in distress who's only contribution to the team is being the Healer and in the shipping community she's Jack's ex who can't move on from him because Jack Frost is the Bella Swan/Anastasia Steele of the fandom. To be fair Elsa is also reduce to this treatment thanks to Jelsa but Rapunzel get's it's worse for simply being a Princess. Because God knows that the fans can't treat a Princess character with any respect because "that's not a role model for today's girls" Yet Jack Frost is presented as the Ideal romantic Hero based on the fact that he's white and that's it.
The Guardian is watching YOU by Trackforce

 So is for that reasoning that we do need anything that has Rapunzel in it so people can understand who Rapunzel really is,.. a Strong Female Character. And I'll tell you why.
Rapunzel by SAkURA-JOkER

   I'm not going to tell you all the details since the entire "movie" is just really a hour long pilot episode of the Tangled tv series that will premiere soon on Disney Channel but I will explain why this is a great special that shows why the series shows a lot of promise. But for me it was obvious as I like the look of the 2D animation, which reminds me of Samurai Jack with the way that there are no black lines in anything. And to further convince me that I can predict the future, I always thought that if Tangled or Frozen was animated in 2D it should look like Samurai Jack or as close as you can get to that style.

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-76 by Trackforce

   Like the movie the series opens with Eugene's narration as he explains the premise of Tangled. A "drop" fell from the sun and created a flower which later was used by Gothel to expand her life into immortality and was used later to save the Queen's life. Raps was born and Gothel kidnapped her and the events of the movie are shown in paintings made by Rapunzel in her room in the castle.

    We are soon introduce to our setting which is Rapunzel and Eugene now living life in the Kingdom of Corona. It's been 6 months after the events of the movie but is still some time before the events of Tangled Ever After. With that time limit you think that there wouldn't be much to do with our characters but that's where you'll be wrong.

There is so much going on with our characters after the events of Tangled.

  Rapunzel is happy that she's reunited with her family and that Eugene is still with her .. BUT She's having second thoughs about her life. She doesn't hate her current life but she starts to be bother by the fact that as a Princess she's now limited to being stuck in the castle and the Kingdom and the outside world is off limits. There's even a wall that was build along the Kingdom's city limits which Rapunzel and Eugene outrun the guards to visit.

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-93 by Trackforce

This might bother people as the end of Tangled imply that Raps was overall happy where she ended. But keep in mind that Raps was locked in a Tower for her entire life. All that time Rapunzel wanted to visit the outside world. She wanted to explore the world not be kept in one place as that was her entire life. So is not surprising that despite being re-united with her true family at last she would be bother by the fact that she's now stuck in one place. She traded in one secluded place for another.

  Is for this reason that is not at all surprising what happens next in the pilot as Rapunzel does something that many fans might consider very controversial, unless you have seen Tangled. At the end of Tangled Eugene half jokingly says how it took a while before he and Raps got married. Here you finally do see how that played out exactly. Rapunzel turn down Eugene's proposal out of panic and doubt about her future and ran out of the room!

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-121 by Trackforce

    And for me that was a big OMG moment as well as a big "TAKE THAT" towards the fandom, specifically to the shipping fans. You see we are reminded that Rapunzel is 18 years old, and despite being young she turn down a marriage proposal from Eugene who she does love. Now that's a big contrast to how Raps and Elsa and Anna are portrayed by the fans. Raps at the age of 18 wasn't sure about marriage and wanted to think about it first, meanwhile Elsa who is 22 is shown by the fans as marrying the first guy she meets which is Jack Frost. And is been 6 MONTHS since Rapunzel has known Eugene, while Elsa is shown already deciding to have sex with underage 13 year old Jack by the 12 day after meeting him (so much for that mature attitude of not getting married the first day).. Let THAT sink in,.. Rapunzel in mere seconds actually though about the decision way more than the fan girls have ever though about it when writing or drawing them.

  The pilot deconstructs the shipping fantasy by showing that Rapunzel isn't exactly excited about being locked in one place and growing old in it. Is not a selfish action but rather an move based on Rapunzel's goal in life, that she wants to see the world. Rapunzel is way too young to get married because she's still needs to learn more about the world around her, which is something that Frozen should also do with the forced pairing of Kristoff and Anna since Kristoff is the second guy that Anna as known so far and seems to contradict Elsa's statement (much like Jelsa). And before Jelsa fanatics like xykon start to ramble that Disney is anti-marriage the movie is crystal clear about this. Marriage is not viewed as a bad thing but Eugene's out of nowhere and hasty proposal is shown as being a big mistake on his part for not taking Rapunzel's feelings into consideration or at least talking to her first about settling down.

  You think this is Disney's way of addressing all these fans who write fanfics where Jack proposes to Elsa and everyone celebrates on the spot instead of asking why a pre-teen wants to marry a older woman who could easily be his mother? While I don't think that's the case I can't help but think that this scene is their reaction towards the fans unrealistic marriage scenarios that are basically their versions of what they think marriage is as oppose to what it actually is.

  Anyway moving on, Rapunzel decides that she wants to sneak out into the woods despite her father's desire to keep her under watch 24/7. Speaking of which, her father King Frederic who had been voiceless in the movie and the short now has a voice provided by Clancy Brown. I can't think of a better casting as Brown really has a strong presence. While already known by animation fans for voicing Mr.Crabs, let's not forget that he voiced the best version of Lex Luthor and he was the terrifying Kurgan from the original Highlander movie…

Clancy Brown's roles by Trackforce

So is awesome that one of the more terrifying villains is Rapunzel's father which explains why Rapunzel is such a badass later on. Also as a new addition, Rapunzel has a new friend who's also her handmaiden named Cassandra who's the daughter of the Captain of the Guards.

Cass by Trackforce
Tangled Captain  by Trackforce

You know THAT guard who was just doing his job and yet the fans suddenly decided for no reason that he was truly evil and is portrayed in fanfics as being as bad as almost raping Rapunzel just cause? (BTW those people are also the ones that ship Jelsa just cause Jack "looks" like a good guy)

 YEAH I bet you all feel pretty awkward now if you want to introduce Cassandra in your fics. And most of you will as Cassandra is a lovely awesome character. By first appearances Cass appears like the typical tired and exhausted servant but upon seeing the episode Cass stands out as being the best and strongest of all the cast next to the King. The best way to sum up Cassandra for me is that she's basically what Azula is right now in my AU's,
Cassandra, an older saner azula by Trackforce
being a loyal servant of the Royal family who's a badass on her own. Forget some magical Guardian, Cassandra could kick Jack's butt without any dumb magic. And in another connection to Frozen, the voice of Cassandra is done by Eden Espinosa who is known for her role as Elphaba from Wicked another role that was also played by Idina Menzel the voice of Queen Elsa Elphaba 

    She's now the true third person in the "Tangled Three" as she helps out Rapunzel and Eugene despite not getting along with Eugene since she still views him as a thief and his actions to be reckless (such as his marriage proposal). She also fills the role as being the second person Rapunzel can interact outside of Eugene and this helps the story a lot especially when she wants to go outside the kingdom without Eugene tagging along in order to feel a bit more relax as well as having a friend to talk to that won't involve her getting involved with romantically.

   So with Cassandra as her guide who's willing to kept the sneaking out a complete secret from both the King and her dad (her dad's the Captain of the Guards after all) Rapunzel journeys for the first time to the forest outside Corona. A song follows and things seem to already have a designed path as where this thing is going, BUT THEN IT HAPPENS.

   Cassandra decides to show Rapunzel the exact spot where they found the golden flower! Yes the series is exploring the source of Rapunzel's powers. And just like when I first saw Tangled in theaters, I firmly believe that the "Drop from the sun" is actually a meteor since the source of Elsa's powers are also space related (Not that Man in the Moon bullshit from ROTG). Because as soon as Rapunzel comes near it and touches the spot the entire area is covered by strange dark crystals that are stronger than steel and "chase" Rapunzel. As Raps is running away we get the biggest moment in the series so far .. Rapunzel's hair grows back!

Tangled golden hair by Trackforce

   Despite not looking like the movie the moment is magical and visually amazing as the animation makes her glowing hair look as powerful as it looked in the movie. To top the whole sequence Rapunzel jumps with the full moon in the background like the Batwing in Batman 1989.

Tangled Moon Signal by Trackforce

  So her magical hair is back and this is where things turn exciting and interesting as Rapunzel wants to keep the entire situation a secret, even from Eugene as her hair is different from what it was before. Her hair is now stronger and cannot be cut anymore as all the sharp weapons that Cassandra has shatter or fail to even cut one single hair from Rapunzel's head.

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-22 by Trackforce
Why this is happening we will see in the series but thankfully not keeping it a secret as Eugene soon finds out about it and so does the entire kingdom of Corona.

                 A big ceremony is going on in the kingdom and this attracts a group of thieves who specifically target the King of Corona. Turns out that after Rapunzel was kidnapped by Gothel the King immediately decided to strike down all manner of crime as retaliation. The group is brought into Arendelle by a dude who looks like Robbie Valentino from Gravity Falls if he became a criminal.

Robbie is that you by Trackforce

However they are all led by a Mysterious woman calling herself Lady Caine, who we spend the entire time wondering who she is and you might even think that it's Cassandra who's the culprit. Until she finally decides to reveal herself in the third part.

Lady Caine by Trackforce

  This is the first major new villain in the Frozen/Tangled universe that we see and she's as important as the characters in the movie. Lady Caine owes her existence to Rapunzel as her father was imprisoned by the King for the very minor offense of stealing. Her revenge is because Caine lost her family thanks to Rapunzel's father, showing just how much collateral damage Gothel did when stealing Rapunzel from her home. Taking the entire court as hostages she decides to repay the favor by locking the King while Rapunzel is forced to stay away. 

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-45 by Trackforce

  But our golden haired girl decides to be the heroine and fights back! And what follows is in my opinion the biggest Disney middle finger to Jelsa and the Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons fandom, Rapunzel Kicks @$$!!

348867e2-b5f0-58ef-64418a8f76a01bb1 by Trackforce

  Rapunzel doesn't stand by the sidelines and allows Cassandra to do the work, No she jumps in, rescues her father and fights all of Lady Caine's thugs! She's no healer she's doing her thing and letting the children know that she's no damsel in distress waiting for Hiccup, Merida or Jack to save her.

Tumblr Lwncs51wb11qj2z6oo1 500 by Trackforce
She can save herself thank you very much!

Tangled return of classic Raps by Trackforce

This is Rapunzel's biggest awesome moment that will forever change how people write or draw her in the fandom. Even the ROTBTFD fandom will have to rethink how they had view Rapunzel all this time. And if anything this raises problems for that whole ROTBTFD crossover universe as well as questions. Such as where the hell is Jack Frost during this if he's suppose to be watching everything like Yahweh? Was Jack Frost too busy spying and Jacking off to Elsa to bother to help Rapunzel in this Jack frost ? Chances are that no because ROTG and HTTYD don't exist in this and will never appear in any episodes or Frozen 2. Cause this is Disney! dael with et (Icon) 

     So Lady Caine is stopped in a rather hilarious way and the King finds out that not only did Rapunzel sneaked out but that she has her golden magical hair back which is a reminder of why she was taken away from him and his wife. So is no surprise that right after an attack by someone with a grudge against the royal family, King Frederic decides to ban Rapunzel from going outside the Kingdom. Despite the mandate of her father, Rapunzel finds consolation with her mother, Queen Arianna, who encourages Rapunzel to follow her own adventure and what she wants in life. With the support of Eugene and Cassandra, Rapunzel sets out to create her own adventures before she becomes Queen of Corona.

Tangled-Before-Ever-After-101 by Trackforce

 And is going to be quite the adventures .. as someone is shown discovering the spot where the Golden Flower grew before the screen fades to black.

Endscene by Trackforce

If that wasn't already getting me excited for the series then the teaser for one of the episodes completely blows my mind as we see the return of Mother Gothel!! Don't know if that's really her, is an impostor or an illusion or Rapunzel's nightmare but I'm just happy to see Gothel back in this and not completely forgotten. Whether Gothel is really alive or not we will see in March 24.

    So after all this is no surprise that this is what I wanted and I love it. I'm just sick and tired of the fandom's cheap offerings of their Tangled and finally glad to get a taste of the real thing. Finally see the return of the true Rapunzel and the world she lives in.

   Will the series be as great? Well I don't think Elsa and Anna might appear in one of the episodes despite being in the same universe so I'm not keeping my expectations high, just high enought for me to be excited for Tangled after 6 years of waiting for another adventure with both Rapunzel and Eugene.

     Until Gigantic, Frozen 2 and Wreck-It-Ralph 2 this will be the next big true Disney adventure to escape from this dreaded reality and the "fandom".

Tangled-the-series by Trackforce

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Amare 334474690 780x439 by Trackforce

A extremely short animated short by Katarina Antonic, can't say much without spoiling it other that I wish I could see an entire movie with that gorgeous animation. Is like watching a graphic novel move. Plus when it comes down to a animated romance this short is everything that I have wanted to see in a animated movie that tries to be a date movie. No distractions, popular songs inserted, annoying sidekicks or a overforce narrate or an entire cast trying to force us to want to see the two leads together for no reason, here is a simple likable female lead protagonist trying her luck at love and facing opposition. Is an entire movie reduce to under a minute and manages to be way more effective than any Date movie out there.

For more about the creator of this see the interview with Katarina Antonic…

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So on youtube the Death Battle episode for Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight was release which is the second episode to feature a Disney character and [Spoilers] a second win for Disney in a Death Battle. Appropriate topic for this journal post as I discuss the ship that I despise most but in another topic that fans had also brought them together for.. Disney's Queen Elsa and Dreamwork's dollar discount Jack Frost.

Other world news - Jelsa outbreak by Trackforce

So whenever the internet is not unintentionally making people promote Eugenics by the popular ship Jelsa, they are still discussing both Jack and Elsa by talking about who would win in the fight between the two. The Death Battle meme will occasionally show up and the comment section will be fill by people saying that the fight would end up with both kissing because the internet wants everyone to accept these two as lovebirds or else (Is Trump's America after all). So I'm really hoping that Elsa and Jack Frost don't show up in Death Battle because no doubt that entire ship and it's fanatical fanbase would get reference in a way. 

However Characters Vs. Characters from another franchise as always been a favorite subject of mine and I always love speculating how a fight would turn out. But not with Elsa Vs. Jack Frost cause ELSA WOULD WIN HANDS DOWN.

It's not my personal belief that decides this battle. No, is the mere fact that I seen ROTG, read the book by William Joyce, study and analyze Jack Frost. Unlike the fans I seen Jack's major flaws and the results show that this fight between the internet's favorite pair would be a quick letdown and Jack would go down faster than any recent humiliating defeat in the ring.

Honestly I believe that's why Death Battle will never do a Elsa Vs. Jack Frost fight because they also would see the same outcome that I see happening. If you seen both movies, rewatch then and study them then you'll realize that there is only one clear victor and it's the one who's movie is getting a sequel.


But don't take my word for it, for the Jack Frost fangirls and fanboys who will no doubt not read this entire article and immediately rush just to comment how Jack is so super and powerful because they are going through puberty and are horny, let's look at the facts by which I mean the movies and books. If you are a true fan of Jack Frost and ROTG then this would be the best time to go back and actually pay attention to the movie and stop staring at Jack because you are about to find out that the entire reason you fell inlove with Jack is because of how vulnerable he truly is.

Let's start by looking at their skills and weaknesses as shown in the movies.



We start by discussing the main reason why people ship Jack and Elsa, their powers. They are both based on ice and snow and therefore why we are here in the first place. From a standpoint of somebody who is just a casual viewer and most of the DA comment sections the immediate respond is that Jack Frost is the winner because he's the spirit of ice. A DemiGod if you will. While Elsa is just a human. But for me is a whole different view especially after watching ROTG. For me is easier to see who is the fanboy and fangirl and who ships Jelsa, because they tend to portray Elsa as a weak damsel in distress while Jack get's portrayed as being bigger than Jesus.

Not to promote a previous journal entry but I already discuss the many problems and flaws of Jack's power in my review of ROTG…

It's a long debate but to summarize the whole thing, Jack isn't as powerful as fans and the movie made him out to be. The Blizzard of 1968 was all God and Jack took all the credit. In the movie he never was able to defeat Pitch despite using his powers to the full extend and pulling several new powers out of his ass. Such as Frost lightning which raises the question of what does electricity has to do with frost? And being able to bring frost images to life, which is nowhere as impressive as it sounds or even useful and completely pointless when Jack copied that ability from the more powerful Sandman. Even more, nowhere is Jack able to create a living snow man, snowgies or a snow monster like Elsa did.

Apart from the living snow beings Elsa is also able to do what Jack should be able to do, turning an entire landscape into a winter wonderland within minutes. Jack for all his reputation wasn't even able to summon a blizzard to save Sandman in the battle against Pitch. And keep in mind that unlike Elsa, Jack had a home field advantage by being right during the winter season (the movie takes place in Eastern in a far North state) so he didn't even had to use his power like Elsa did when she turn Summer into Winter. Yet despite having the field to his advantage Jack wasn't even able to conjure up a blizzard to defeat Pitch and fails again to do it at the end of the movie. Pitch isn't even defeated by the Guardians but by his own NightMares!

But this shouldn't be surprising at all since Jack spent most of time doing pranks on innocent people and wasting his talent unlike Elsa who immediately found many uses for her powers and explored the limits of what she could do to the point that she was able to build a immense ice castle and create SENTIENT LIFE. Embarassing for Jack Frost to have lived for 300 years and he has nothing to rival Elsa's skills which she learned in ONE DAY. Of course Elsa's powers work differently from Jack's and they are based on Elsa's emotions therefore proving that Jack couldn't teach her anything since his powers don't work the same way. But still you'll think that having being alive for 300 years as well as become a Holiday legend Jack should be able to create SENTIENT LIFE or giant cities of ice by now.


So Elsa is 21 or most likely 22 years old (taking into account Anna's birthday in Frozen Fever and the upcoming sequel) while Jack Frost and his fans have cheated the Shotacon rule by lying that Jack is 18 or 17 or downright force Jelsa by saying that he's also the same age as Elsa despite not looking anything like a young man in his 20's looks. With Jack his fans just Cherry-pick whatever age they want in order to avoid people accusing Jelsa of being pedophilia, often saying that 13 to 18 is a "grey area" for Elsa to be engage with Sexually which is a rather hypocrite excuse. Ignoring the obvious cheat I categorize Jack's age by what his creator William Joyce had said originality. Joyce stated Jack to be 13 but then he decided to pander to the fangirls by saying that Jack could grow and so now he's stated to be 14. I'm staying by what was Joyce's original vision before he decided to pander for cash and so for me Jack is 13 and he looks that way.

So going by that, is obvious that Elsa is the smarter one by age. Of course fans will try to argue that Jack is smarter because he has "Years of experience", but as we had seen with his powers and the fact that he likes to spend most of his time playing pranks with mortals and that he doesn't like work because he considers himself above (Rich kid) it is pretty clear that despite 300 years of immortality he's still a dumb kid.

Asshole by Trackforce

Meanwhile Elsa who was locked in a castle for years was able to do some work and reading during her time in isolation.

AvBnUw by Trackforce

Elsa was alone for a LONG TIME and she read a lot of books in order to pass the time and also study in order to become a Queen. Is very likely that among the books that she read she might have come across some knowledge that teaches her about military strategy. Who's to say that she didn't read Sun Tzu's The Art Of War?

220px-Bamboo book - closed - UCR by Trackforce

All that knowledge and even just basic combat stuff you can easily learn (Always go with the punch you receive instead of standing still against it in order to lessen the blow) could be a pretty big advantage over Jack's combat experience which is close to zero as we have seen from the movie.

Despite Jack being around for years it is still Elsa who has the wisdom here and so in the battle of Age versus Youth it is Elsa who claims both. Age by being older, having knowledge and also youth by the fact that she's still younger than Jack. Jack in those 300 years should had gone back to school.



So aside from looking alike (except for Jack being the very definition of the uncanny valley) their clothes are not the best for combat. Elsa wears a night dress while Jack has the same outfit as that teenager who shoplifts and hangs out at the school playground. So none is wearing any protective clothing that gives them any edge. In fact both would be killed if they hit each other with their strongest attack.

Now fans will cry that Jack doesn't need any armory because he's immortal and by definition he should win this fight due to his immortality. You are cherry picking again fans. Sorry but I'm ignoring this fact. If we decided to just now actually be faithful to the movie and take into account his immortality, then we should also take into account his other traits. So Elsa shouldn't be able to see him or interact with him because she's way too old to believe in him. In fact the two shouldn't even exist in the same reality at all including ours.

But even if we decided to obey this rule yet not the other traits of Jack's character (this is how you do a Jelsa story folks) it still wouldn't matter as Jack is facing off against magic that's very different from his. Magic that can potentially hurt him and kill him. Jack got his magic from some fat little magic prince who resides in the moon while Elsa got it from a alignment of the planets.

"According to Jennifer Lee, A child is born with ice magic 1000 years after Saturn is in a certain alignment with something."

Jack got his from a magic man while Elsa got hers by the Universe itself or God if he exists in this reality.

What does this have to do with armory aside that Elsa was given her power by a force more powerful than Mim? Well it means that Elsa not only has far stronger magic but she is able to control her powers before she even thinks about using them. For example remember when she was attacked in her ice castle?

Frozen-disneyscreencaps Com-8293 by Trackforce

Keep in mind that Elsa is actually surprised that she was able to stop the arrow as well as being able to create a ice wall before she even though about it. She is subconsciously using her powers before she even thinks about. So in a way, Elsa has a shield around her that protects from any attacks. Is not exactly 100% there as she was taken out by the fallen chandelier which seems to suggest that it only appears when she expects danger and can't avoid it but not when she thinks she might avoid it as she was running from the falling structure. Or when she is not aware of the danger like in the moment when Prince Hans was about to execute her.

So despite her powers not completely protecting her, she is still far ahead in how she uses then as well as using then more often for her protection than Jack ever did.



Elsa doesn't need a weapon cause she's a weapon.

Jack Frost on the other hand uses a random stick that he found in the forest. It so happens to come from a tree above a Mohican burial ground and the branch just so happens to make the best warrior bows and also that the spirits of the dead Mohicans reside in each branch. So Jack Frost is carrying the dead ghost of a Native American with him for his own benefit. Once again a white man is stealing Native American culture. It even has a name, Twinetender because of course Jack would name it considering that he was probably one of the settlers who tricked the Native Americans into taking small pox blankets. The ROTG wiki states that the magic staff is his friend, his comrade and protector that is supposedly alive and that it "talks" to Jack and goes on some nonsense gibberish that it taugh him the "language of the leaves" and that this stick gives Jack the ability to manipulate leaves like a shield. God this is pretentious and preachy.

So after all that overcomplicated backstory for his staff, God not even Batman has that much backstory for his goddamned Batarangs!, you think that this staff would be very important to Jack since it's made from the finest sacred tree and happens to have the ghost of a dead Mohican who teaches him the power to manipulate the leaves in the wind.


The movie has Pitch grab this so called "Holy Staff" and breaks it. Later on Jack fixes it and we learn that this staff is not the source of his powers but merely a wand that allows him to just guide his powers. Again 300 years and he still hasn't evolve past using a magic wand like some Hogwarts wizard. Meanwhile Elsa is Doctor Strange in how she uses nothing but her hands to manipulate her powers.

So overall, Jack has no edge in weapons. If anything his staff with the overcomplicated backstory serves no purpose other that it shows that Jack is handicapped without it. If Elsa destroys this staff then she leaves Jack at a disadvantage since Jack is not used to using his powers without a conduit.

Supposedly Jack fights with the styles of Parkour and Kendo and when flying he uses free running. However I don't take any of this skills seriously since Jack never used any of these in the fights or books and they are useless against Elsa who would attack Jack with her Long Range powers making it impossible for Jack to use any of these on her since he would never be able to get close to her. Her army of snow men would make sure he waste these skills on them than her.

Plus on that parkour stuff which is obviously a attempt at making Jack look cool and extreme to the easily impressionable crowd (if they lived in the 90's) I just got to reference Seth Meyers… who said this regarding some guy who got injure doing parkour and was rushed to the hospital by his friends, "is the first non-case of a person doing parkour, and also having friends". Ouch! Which is true considering that before the Guardians, Jack had no friends in 300 years no less.



Another thing that fans think they know about both of them, they often say how both were very lonely and miserable for years and thus why they need each other ignoring the fact that Elsa would rather be closer to her beloved sister Anna and Jack REFUSE to join the Guardians for YEARS out of spite. The whole thing of both being lonely and craving human contact is drastically different and nothing alike.

As I already said in my review of ROTG and that article where I pointed the fails of a Jelsa Fanatic… Jack was never truly alone or as miserable as Elsa was separated from her sister. Jack was playing pranks on people and playing with kids and the only thing that bother him was that he hated the Guardians and that he hated suffering from amnesiac.

Now to be fair both were outcasts and loners .. but for completely different reasons.

Elsa DIDN'T WANTED to be alone but was actually HAPPY to be alone when she saw it as no other option for her while Jack Frost was ALONE BY CHOICE OUT OF SPITE for the Guardians and he HATED it. Taking into account their age and motivations, Elsa is an adult who is lonely because of her condition and because she wanted to protect her sister therefore believing that shutting her out was the best decision. Jack Frost on the other hand is the typical American angsty teenager who has no problems and is alone because he's going through puberty. No joke but taking into account how he treated the Guardians (especially Bunnymund and Tooth) complaining that he wasn't as popular as the other Guardians as well as how he didn't show any feelings for his dead family, it's pretty clear that Jack has the same problems as your average teenage who's probably reading this article right now and is mad at me for not "Understanding" Jack.

Now what does this has to do with a battle between the two? Well a lot actually.

As people who watched Avatar can tell you sometimes a person's own ego is the key to either their success or downfall.

1000818 438189356287897 1143233551 N by Trackforce

Azula, the character that should actually be ship with Elsa, is the prime example how the tiniest flaw and self doubt can easily be the chink in the armor. Azula though of herself as being perfection and above everybody else which she considers peasants, Exactly how Jack views himself in ROTG. However Azula fights benders on a daily basis, while Jack has never fought people like him.

Here's the thing with Jack Frost, he's actually very concerned about who he is and his place in the universe.

Favorite moment from Rise Of The Guardians by Trackforce

Is why he was tormented by Pitch despise being obvious that Pitch is just lying. Elsa was concerned about her sister and the safety of Arendelle, outside of that she didn't care at all if she was forgotten by people. Jack Frost on the other hand WAS SCARED that no one would remember him or believed in him, something that was always there even before he was offered the invitation by the Guardians. Which comes out as surprising that Jack would want to trash talk against people. From seeing his attitude towards the other guardians and how he loves pranks is likely that Jack would want to taunt his enemies when fighting them and no doubt cause them to lose focus.

But his taunts wouldn't work on Elsa. She might be annoyed by him but overall she would ignored his verbal attacks. Elsa on the other hand would take the lead and return the attack against Jack and hit him right where it hurts. His belief in himself.

People tend to always imagine that Jack would be amazed that there is somebody else exactly like him. But that's coming from people who ship Jelsa and those that think that both could be friends. Here's something people had never though about until now,

What if Jack Frost doesn't like it if there's another one just like him?

consequence of Elsa stealing Xmas from Jack by Trackforce

Already having fears about himself, what if he completely lost all confidence in himself once he saw that not only does Elsa exists but also that she a mere human is more powerful than him? That he isn't the greatest ice bender as he thought he was? That fact would deeply disturb him and also stop him from going in with full confidence into the fight. His trash talk won't help him at all if Elsa decides to give him the same treatment by talking down to him and teasing him on how he's just a boy who is afraid of being alone and that he isn't a special snowflake. A complete repeat of the ROTG meeting with Pitch only here is Elsa who is way more powerful and in control than Pitch ever was. Jack would be trying to fight two fights, a physical one and a emotional one as Elsa pushes Jack down into the ground by reminding him how he is never as popular as Santa or Bunnymund and that he is very alone. Jack would not be able to concentrade as he is being hurt by Elsa's taunts.

But you might said that making Jack angry would be Elsa's big mistake, Right? Well ..



"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

 Said a puppet once and when it comes to fights this is true as Hate does lead to suffering... the suffering of OTHERS or the player. Depending on who you ask, Rage can either be your way of winning a fight or losing. But it all depends on who's the one being piss as well as who's the opponent. Rage helping a character win most fights can end up making him lose if he goes up against the WRONG opponent for him (Hulk Vs. Doomsday). What drive him/her to beat certain opponents might not be the enought when going up against a opponent that can outmatch him in other skills.

And when talking about the similarities between these two they actually have something in common, Rage BUT again they are very different.

Let's start with Jack Frost who is the obvious one who as anger issues which is not surprising considering he's a teenager and like all teenagers driven by hormones they often act out on impulse than their brain (as someone who's seen the number of people upset about my opinion towards Jack Frost I can attest to that).

Jack Frost is quick to anger very easily. From seeing Sandman get a time-out from Pitch to having a outburst when Pitch confronts him after he ruins Easter, is very easy to provoke Jack into an attack. You truly don't wanna upset Jack as he will unleash his full capacity at you from an ice wall of spikes to frost lightning. Powerful attacks that can kill anybody... I THINK. Since Pitch survived those attacks like it was nothing.

As I pointed out in my ROTG review, Jack is never able to damage Pitch in any of his rage outburst. If anything Pitch gains the upper hand in those confrontations. He upsets Jack and causes him to lose control and despite getting hit he get's up again while Jack retreats or is dumbfounded when he realizes that his attack has had no effect. His rage doesn't even last long as the next scene shows him suddenly scared or calmed down. Never making any difference despite acting out his power at the fullest. Even being angry he gains no advantage.

If you ask me he should be more powerful since I imagine that if he saw Elsa having sex with someone that wasn't him he will be enrage and go full super saiyan. But I am not counting fanfics or fan arts, not even mine

Goosebumps Gold - Elsa's Nightmare by Trackforce

I'm staying true to the Movie and Books. And he is no Hulk or Wolverine to use Rage as a power-up.

So what about Elsa?

You all know the big scene where Elsa almost killed two soldiers before Hans stops her telling her that doing that would only prove that the people who fear her are right. Is the only time so far in Frozen that we see her angry and bend on hurting someone and we haven't seen her act that way since. Despite being brief however you get a good view at how Elsa is when she's angry. She's calm and calculating.

Frozen-disneyscreencaps Com-8372 by Trackforce

Last year, DA artist x-Jazzy-B-Real-X published on her journal a small review and peak at a Frozen Rule 34 comic that had a Dark Elsa sexually torturing her captives… It was something that both agree was out of Elsa's character since I don't picture a girl who grew up lonely and reclusive to be someone who would get someone rape for her enjoyment. BUT it is something that I think took hints from Elsa's rage moment in the movie. You see despite Elsa losing her cool (No pun intended) she was still in control of the situation. Every attack she sent serve a purpose and hit it's intended target. She took care of both guards and was ready to execute a guard without holding back. She was furious but unlike Jack Frost she responded with tactical attacks that made sure she had the fight in her favor. She didn't launch a full attack with full powers at her opponents only to have them brush them aside, she made those soldiers completely terrify of her as she got them at her mercy which she wasn't going to give them any.

And that's bring us to the big factor in this fight, Elsa can be capable of killing her enemies. Placed in a kill or be killed situation, Elsa might not want to do it but if she sees it necessary she will kill you if you are a threat to her. Meanwhile Jack Frost was never in a similar critical situation and the closest he got was in that final confrontation in the town of Burgess. Jack was never in any danger and despite fighting a battle of Good Vs. Evil he still didn't gave that much effort to actually hurt Pitch. Despite having a violent temper Jack lacks the strenght to kill someone even if his survival depended on it.

The closets he get's to being menacing is when he threatens Pitch not to mock him because he doens't know what he's (Jack) capable of, assuming that by that Jack is refering to the Blizzard of 68 which he supposedly cause (and most definately cause the death of some people) yet never is able to conjure that said blizzard storm to kill Pitch and save god knows how many kids from nightmares.

There is a big difference in saying that you can kill someone and actually being capable of DOING IT. You can hate someone as much as you want but actually killing them is a completely different level of mentality. It takes either maturity, rage, insanity or the need to survive at all cost. Jack Frost might be the spirit of winter but in the end he's still a young boy barely in his teens who hasn't done anything outside of doing kid's stuff and fooling around. Hell, he NEVER experience any responsibility or maturity as he died when he was still a boy. Despite his past as a settler there isn't any sign or proof that he had a hard life or had to work to survive. if anything his flashback shows that he was a spoiled child. Elsa on the other hand is an adult woman who was mentally tested all those years of isolation and pushed to the brink when she feared her powers as well as being in a prison of her own creation. She shut herself away from people to protect them and when they where finally out to kill her despite her warnings she made up her mind to kill them without having second thoughts about it. There was NOTHING holding her back until Hans arrived and reminded her that the kingdom would realize what she had done as well as being witnesses there to see her in the act.

Elsa is the first Disney Princess to have attempted murder and is no surprise considering that she was originality meant to be the villain.

Early concept art of Frozen's Elsa by Trackforce

What it comes down to is that Jack is still a preteen who lacks the courage to kill to survive while Elsa is an Adult who will kill if she knows that her life depends on it. Add also their skills and everything that we talked about the odds are all against Jack Frost.

Is not that Jack didn't had the power to defeat Elsa, the big flaw is that Jack never EXPLORED and MASTER his powers those 300 years and was never forced to rely on them for survival. He only used them for his amusement and if he learned a new trick it was merely a copy of somebody else.

As a Immortal Guardian he had no enemies that could forced him to fight or engage in battle that would give him experience for any upcoming battle that would require him to save and defend somebody else which were the battles in ROTG. He still has much to learn and even by the end of ROTG he doesn't know how to use his powers while Elsa by the end of Frozen and Frozen Fever already knows alot about her powers and what they can be capable of. This is not a fight between two powerful Ice Masters but a match between a Ice Sorceress who knows how to use her powers and a ghost boy who barely knows how to imitate others and is because of this that this will not be an Epic fight as fans would love to imagined but a one-sided battle where the only thing Jack can do is how long can he avoid Elsa before she gives him a killing blow that ends the entire thing.

results for Jack vs. Elsa by Trackforce

In this fight a Guardian cannot stand a chance against a Queen.

spoiler for Jack Vs.  Elsa Death Battle by Trackforce

Images by Trackforce

So Valentine's Day, the one Holiday that everyone seems to forget that it exist once they get out of School and unless you have a girlfriend or a wife chances are that you forget it is even a thing. Hell you kids probably don't even have that much though about it other than it's the day you trade movie tie-in cards and get free candy. You only see it as the last filler holiday before the real celebrated holidays come back (Xmas & Halloween).

  Well I count myself as the only one who, no joke here, actually anticipated Valentine's Day. Okay here's the thing and let's get back into our children mentality like it used to be (or IS for some of you), In Halloween we eagerly awaited that night were many of us would go out to get candy and some of us we hoping for a night of scares. In Christmas we awaited to catch a sight of Santa and then open the presents the next morning. For me, I awaited Valentine's Day because every time I thought "This will be the time that I finally get a crush, or a girl get's a crush on me". So in my own head I created a mythical being for Valentine's Day, The mystery girl. A girl that I awaited to get a valentine's day from and forever change my life.

My dreamgirl by Trackforce

   Of course the dream girl never came because they don't make them like they used to and life isn't a work of fiction. But still despite that wake-up call I was still inspired by Valentine's day because overall the day celebrates what no other holiday celebrates, Love. Romantic Love to be exact because that's the entire point of the merchandise and by this point it's becoming an open knowledge that the heart design is based on a girl's sexy rear end rather than a actual organ.

     So for me during my time in school, Valentine's Day was a month for me to reflect on Romance and girls. It was a time that I did fanfics and stories that revolve around love. Some of my early raunchier stories were done during this month and even later I went even further with those scenarios when I featured my favorite characters and did more darker entries that discuss exactly what qualifies as true love and what is just lust. Going to some dark places that most people won't do or touch due to the sensitive issue. All thanks to Valentine's Day.

Frozen Un pequeno error comic by Trackforce

Yes, close to that. BTW No joke but that comic was made AFTER I wrote my ElsaXJamie story…   Coincidence? Who knows but honestly I'll say that we can thank Jelsa for that. Once people saw that Elsa being ship with Jack Frost, a underage ghost, became the internet's darling people said "What the hell, Shotacon is widely accepted now!" and the floodgates were opened. Don't say I didn't warn you all.

   So anyway back to what I was talking about, you think Valentine's Day would be a big deal with the overall online community. That it would be as much as appreciated as Christmas or Halloween since it would be the time of year that allows them to be all about their favorite hobbies, Shipping, Lewd stories and fanart and their waifus. Or at least see lists of favorite Valentine's Day movies and specials. But there are none because there are few Valentine's day specials and when it comes to movies there is even fewer and the only ones with the title about the Holiday are horror movies who just shove the day into the movie. A guy in mining gear killing people.. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH VALENTINE'S DAY?

220px-My bloody valentineposter by Trackforce

Seriously is there any holiday left that wasn't turn into a Horror movie? Cinco De Mayo maybe?

  Is easy to understand why there aren't that many lists on Valentine's Day movies since that falls on the category of the dreaded Date Movie where nothing but clique plots of bad romance examples roam free and continue to just get worse every year (Nicholas Sparks and 50 Shades I'm looking at both of you!).

    So it is for that reason that I'm here today cause I wanna give people something completely different and a alternative to celebrate the Day of love without making it about  horrible movies that feature the worst examples of romance. You won't see Twilight in this list. I should mention that for those looking for actual Valentine's day specials should see the Familiar Faces special "12 Forget-Me-Not Valentines"…  A video that I recommend for people to see since I won't be featuring those same specials in this since just like my previous list of Christmas movies…  I'm going to offer movies that might not look like something about the holiday but are appropiate for the month since they contain some trait that can go well with the holiday.
So let's start!


Elsaxfreddy By Trackforce-d9nopex by Trackforce

 In the book selection we have a Frozen tie-in. This past December Disney released a book called "Anna Loves Elsa"…  where we explore the sisters relationship to each when they were growing up. Stores are putting the book at the Valentine's Day recommedation display but a more appropiate book would be the Anna & Elsa: The Secret Admirer book where the issue of Elsa and her having a romantic interest is actually brought up and discussed. I already did a full detail review of it in a previous journal entry… 

  Not much to say about it other that it's my favorite of all the Frozen tie-in books as the book is basically Disney itself telling us exactly what they think of Elsa having romance (She's happy without one) and a hint of what could happen in Frozen 2. I'm crossing my fingers that  Freddy shows up in Frozen 2 cause he's that adorable with Elsa. In a time when the fans are losing their minds over people not being a part of the Jelsa Dictator Empire or taking a side, The Secret Admirer is telling us to relax and let's have some fun. Elsa might or might not meet her true love down the future but for now the only person she loves the most is her sister Anna. Let's enjoy the moment folks.

Any Documentary on The Valentine's Day Massacre

300px-Stvmass-dvd by Trackforce

  For those looking for a non-romantic example and crave that horror clique as well as want to see some interesting history about the holiday then any History special that talks about the Chicago Valentine's Day Massacre… should be a must see for the occasion. Why watch some movie that wants to shove horror into the day of love when in reality that actually happened? And ties to the famous American gangster of all time Al Capone!

Peanut's Special

A Peanuts Valentine's Day by Trackforce

   So you know that Mystery Valentine's Day Girl I created in my mind? Well there's a origin for that and is all thanks to Charlie Brown who pretty much created the template for Valentine's Day for me. The specials are "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" and "Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown" which both deal with having a first crush and a search and anticipation for meeting her in person. I saw both at a very early age and actually thought it was the same special until I searched for it and realized that my mind must had though it was the same movie.

     "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" deals with Charlie Brown finally getting a chance to meet the Little Red -Haired Girl for the first time and the moment that he finally kisses her the entire thing takes a dream-like quality as Charlie Brown's life is forever change after doing something he never though he'll do (Plus it's the 70's and everything animated had Trippy effects). "Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown" has Charlie searching for a girl that he saw in the stands during a game and together with Linus they search for her. They eventually find her but Linus ends up falling for her and get's the girl to crush on him since Charlie is to shy to meet her at the door. It ends on a sour note as Charlie realizes that she wasn't the true love he wanted and that someday he'll find true love.

       For a better enjoyment of these two I suggest to see them the way I did. Watch "Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown" First and then "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" as the last one in order to get a more upbeat ending.

Just About Any Disney Princess Movie

Disney princesses by Trackforce

   The movies that revolve around the holiday of love should in my opinion have a drop dead gorgeous woman as the main attraction, so no other films do that better than the Disney Princess Movies.

  Originally I was going to feature only Frozen and Sleeping Beauty as Valentine's Day specials since Sleeping Beauty was the first ever Princess movie I saw and Frozen was the movie I anticipated for years to finally see made. But is hard not to forget the other princesses in the Disney canon as each one gave me a reason why I think Disney is the best at making the most memorable women in animation (Screw you DreamWorks.)

   Is hard to pick one as being the one deserving to have Valentine's dedicated to themselves since each one was special in their own way. Aurora was the Princess I wanted to have as my babysitter, Alice was the girl I wanted to date in school and her movie got me through some of the worst times in school, Ariel's first time as a mute human made me wish I was her crush, Jasmine gave me my first funny feelings and so did Esmeralda, Megara was the girl I wanted to have as a guide and friend in high school to teach me the reality of life and so on. Really it would be unfair to pick one or two above the rest of the Disney women so here is up to each person to watch whatever Disney Princess or princesses was their first crush or waifu.

And speaking of Princess Movies..

Princess Bride

Princess bride by Trackforce

  If there's one movie that I think is the best live action version of a Disney fairy tale (even more than their own live action adaptations) is the classic Princess Bride. It's a small simple film that I would be spoiling too much if I went into the details of it, I want people to be surprise by how great it is. If you need a preview of it and understand why is so iconic I recommend watching the Honest Trailer for it…

The 90's Sailor Moon Movies

Sailor moon movies 90's by Trackforce

   Sailor Moon tackle the issue of love in so many episodes and was the only animated series to do so in my childhood, which is why it made Anime back then so attractive and big in the 90's. When you remember being a kid in the 90's Sailor Moon was unlike anything else and something that people had never seen before (In North America at least). Yes the anime was about magical girls but it also deal with their personalities and issues about life and love. You didn't saw that with other animes at the time which were about giant robots fighting or crazy action and planet destroying powers. So is for that reason that I recommend any of the 90's Sailor Moon anime movies as a good choice for Valentine's Day incase you want to see something superhero related. The beautiful senshi aside, the art style for the anime was impressive and in my opinion as stood the test of time. The style of the backgrounds really give the anime a very dreamlike fantasy feeling that I have yet to see any new show or movie do something similar to it.

5d78bf39857fc5c33b471d676f8903d3 by Trackforce

  But there is one movie that I think captures a dreamlike quality and applies to reality perfectly. That movie is ..

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs  the World teaser by Trackforce

  Based on a comic that I have yet to read, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is in my opinion one of the few best video game movies out there (Only good movie based on a video game so far, Mortal Kombat). The story is about a hipster slacker who finds himself fighting for the love of the new girl he just met, and when I say "Fight" I do mean it physically as he must engage in a series of video game inspired battles against her former exes. Aside from being a movie inspired by video games, this movie is also a live action version of a Anime. From characters behaving over the top, defying reality  to words being manifested into actual hearts (such as a girl saying the world "Love" and it actually comes out of her mouth as a pink cloud) this is for me what I imagine for a anime comedy fantasy romance movie to be it if where live action. I like the resolution and final fight as Scott discovers the true power of love but also sees that there's a bigger more powerful force out there than the overuse clique Power of Love (even if in this world it takes the physical form of a 8-bit laser sword).

   And I know that for my top choice people probably expect Romeo and Juliet to be here, and I would if I actually got around to seeing that Romeo X Juliet anime I saw in JesuOtaku's review… but I'm not a fan of Romeo & Juliet.

  Okay to be more precise, I'm not a fan of what most movies and the shipping fans have done with the story (With that fanfic of Jack and Elsa as Romeo and Juliet being the most cringey example). Romeo and Juliet has just been done so much to death that I think it's overrated and that people are really missing the entire point of Romeo and Juliet. Everybody knows what the story is about and glorify it, but nobody questions the logic behind.

  As Tv Tropes says it best in their YMMV page
"A ridiculous number of people with bad reading comprehension skills (or that haven't actually read the play) think that this is the way to have a relationship, ignoring the fact that the couple dies at the end."

  I fall into the more critical crowd  that has these following opinions about it

" Romeo just wanted to get into bed with her, or Juliet was looking for a way out of marrying someone she doesn't like and out of her controlling family and Romeo happened to be that way."

"It could also be argued that what Romeo and Juliet thought was true love was in fact just romantic infatuation intensified by Forbidden Fruit."

"On the other hand, there's people who assume it's not actually a love story and that Romeo and Juliet are just stupid teenagers who should have listened to their parents, even though those parents are too busy being locked in a completely pointless feud to really do any sort of parenting (which is a big cause of why Romeo and Juliet's relationship is doomed) and even though their lines about being in love are some of the best poetry Shakespeare's written. Romeo and Juliet mishandled their love for each other, but they were in love"

  So while I would love to include some version of Romeo and Juliet is hard to find something as similar that has the same tragic moments.

 Thanks to anime there is a story that is not only similar to Romeo and Juliet but I think is more powerful than any recent remake of Romeo and Juliet.

Windaria: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Girl by Trackforce……

     THIS is the perfect Valentine's Day movie  for me.…

1986's Windaria or Once Upon A Time as is called here in North America, is the fantasy fairy tale about two kingdoms who go to war with each other and the two stories of lovers caught between it, one being the Princess and Prince of those kingdoms and a farming couple who reside in the valley that becomes the battlefield.

Untitled by Trackforce

    I saw this movie somewhere in the mid 2000's and it was checked-out from the library by my mom. I didn't know what to expect and the synopsis for it was strange and confusing as the back of the box said it was a story taking place before the Great Deluge (it really has nothing to do with anything to our world). However I loved anime so much back in those times and I wanted to see what the story was. This movie really was unlike anything I have ever seen before except for it being a Romeo and Juliet type of story but it was so much better and a refreshing retelling.

tumblr mrzr32NFuw1re5609o1 500 by Trackforce

      The movie has some of the most memorable characters in the Romeo and Juliet genre ever and the style and design of it really make this look like what a Love story should (Anime in my opinion is best suited for Romance). The music is great and in my opinion the best romantic score ever. Theme Of Druid is the best love theme I have ever heard…  the track sounds what a fairy tale romance should, childhood innocence, the love of your life who you can't imagine life without, magic, simple life and having a reason to exist yet it also feels tragic and sad. Theme of the Druid is for me what led me to where I'm now, being a fan of Disney and still loving the Princess Fairy tale genre. The music is one of the big inspirations that led me to create Frozen Runaway. The deconstruction parts of it aside the story is really my tribute to the Theme Of Druid track as it explores what real love is and the tragic loss of it.

    Which speaking of, I will have to have spoilers here in order for me to justify why I think this is the best romantic animated featured. So you might wanna stop now and try to find a page that has this movie available online or buy it…



  As I mentioned this story is a good retelling of Romeo and Juliet and boy does it makes it even more tragic by having not just one but two tragedies with both couples. It also is more effective and makes more sense overall.

Windaria-1040x440 by Trackforce

 With Romeo and Juliet you get the sense that the entire feud with both families is just petty. There really could had been ways to work out their differences than having extreme attitudes about their children falling for each other. Here in Windaria you actually do get a sense that there is a reason for the fight and the stakes are higher and serious since it involves two Kingdoms fighting for valuable resources. They even mentioned that the two young royals where at one point engage to settle the dispute before it all fell apart.

Windaria05 by Trackforce

 When tragedy strikes both, Prince Roland speaks out against his father and kills in self defense when he wants to murder him for treason while Princess Veronica's mom dies and makes her promise her on her death that she'll defend the kingdom at all cost, you can't help but fell the pain as the two lovers are forced to wage a war that they don't want against each other. It is heart breaking when the two re-united again in the field and meet in the same bridge they used to hang out. The Princess against her own emotions decides to kill her true love.. and then she kills herself. It was one of the hardest moments I ever had to see in animation due to how much I liked both characters and I really wanted both to have a happily ever after, even live action movies with similar scenes fail to move me.

   The farming couple, Allen and Marie, don't have that same turmoil as they are already married but it get's a similar tragic end of which you could blame Allen, the hero of the story for it. Allen wants more out of life and sees the war with the two kingdoms as a opportunity for a greater life or to be part of something more than juts being a farmer. Rather than move out of the valley he decides to get involve with the conflict. After a tearful farewell with Marie (Where the theme of druid is used) Allen goes out on a quest to deliver some information for the Prince's kingdom of Paro which is pretty much the bad kingdom in this fairy tale as it depends on industrial work that has polluted the land as oppose to the more environmentally friendly kingdom of Itha.

Screenshot 2016-02-07-13-39-24 by Trackforce

  He accomplishes his goal but get's the task to sabotage the kingdom of Itha in order to get his reward. He causes a flood that wipes out the entire kingdom and completely forgets about his home and decides to be rewarded as a hero in the city of Paro where he's given gold and a younger woman.

Screen 57985825232fa by Trackforce

However the mysterious (and obviously evil) benefactor who got his help and rewarded him decides that it's time to get rid of him so Allen must flee and return home.

Windaria-1 by Trackforce

He finds Marie waiting for him just liked she promised, only to turn out that she's now a spirit and must join the Ghost ship in the sky (Yes, there's this weird floating bullet looking ship that carries the souls of the dead which resemble red birds) Despite Allen's pleas she goes and he must now deal with life without her. He get's some words of advice from a near by maiden named Juliet who's husband not only passed away but also became the ferryman for the ghost ship and tells him that he must find the courage to move on.

Windaria08 by Trackforce

  Allen ends up before the giant tree of life of the valley and mourns everything he loss. This is where the film ends but the true ending is actually at the beginning of the film..

Windaria Shot01 by Trackforce

 The intro scene not only shows what happens to people when they died and where their souls go but also your seeing Allen's funeral years later, and he's narrating the entire story before us. From what he tells us and what we can take after the result of the battle, Paro won the battle with Itha's destruction but despite this the Queen of Paro didn't saw this as a victory as she lost both her King and her son the prince leaving her the only royal of her Kingdom, the survivors of Itha and the residents of the valley where able to rebuild the kingdom and Allen helped in his construction becoming a hero to the Kingdom. Despite his achievements he never saw himself worthy to be a hero and welcomes his death as he will finally be able reunite with his beloved Marie in the after life.

  The film ends in a sad note and we don't get any sense of good prevailing as the guy who was responsible for Allen's tragedy, the mysterious cloaked figure, get's no comeuppance. What's more saddening is not only Marie's death but the fact that Allen completely forgot about her the minute he was given money and fame. The entire time he was enjoying his fortune in the Kingdom Marie was a ghost in their house who couldn't rest in peace until he came back for her. However this teaches a very important lesson that we often don't see in Romantic stories, Despite our love for someone is something we can easily forget about it as soon as we are given bigger opportunities or things that satisfy our desires.

A526a253d37622918e84c1cae0d82fe7 D55edd8f2b769f964 by Trackforce

   Allen's entire story is that he was a guy who already was happy living with his wife Marie in the valley but because he wanted to be part of something more or gain fortune beyond his wildest dreams he loss it all. He got ambitious and he let those ambitious blind him to the woman that he love. Even before he departed on his quest Marie told him that she didn't want him to go as she was afraid of what could happen. The film gave us a love story with the Prince and the Princess that was doom to end in tragedy and one that could had been prevented if Allen had decided to just stay out of the battle than to get involve but he didn't because he wanted to be part of something bigger. The story can be seen as a cautionary tale even more than Romeo And Juliet, Feuds cause suffering for many and wanting to have more in life could make us blind to appreciate what we have before us.

4807456 L3 by Trackforce

  Is for those lessons that I consider Windaria to be in my opinion, The best romantic movie I have seen of late (and I saw this in 2005) and a better recommendation than Romeo And Juliet. The tragedy is more tragic and true love isn't always something that will always keep us to who were are or do the right thing, we are human after all not some romanticize character types written by some naive teenager who has no idea what true love is.

Windaria003 by Trackforce

  The Anime is pretty obscure which is a shame but seems to be gaining a bit more attention recently and there was even a Nintendo DS game based on it which even included redesigns for the characters

Windaria Portraits by Trackforce…

So if you are lucky to read Japanese and own it you can count that as a Valentine's Day appropiate video game.

Overall this is the reason I don't do those Top Best Animated Films of 201meh like so many people and DA kids because Windaria has raised the bar for it. A more appropiate list would be "Top best animated films of the DECADE" and Windaria for me would be right on the top 5 along with Miyazaki, Tangled and Frozen coming near it. Is this movie why I'm harsh on so many popular animated movies that fans praise as being magical despite having zero effort into. Windaria is the emotional drama mythic fairy tale that Rise Of The Guardians WISHES it was downright to it's box office success… . Even if Anime isn't you think Windaria is a Must See Film before you die. It is truly a romance movie unlike no other.

Windaria28 by Trackforce

 So those are my recommendations for Valentine's Day however since the day is also known for chocolates I decided to toss in some treats, works made by the fan fiction community. I haven't read that many works to give an entire list but here are some of the best stuff I have been lucky to find and read.


Eugene and Elsa - Prisoner by Trackforce

by Otherwise_Unbroken at Archive Of Our Own
Made by DA member x-Jazzy-B-Real-x…

Heist is a Alternate Universe version of her own fan fiction saga "Indentured: Union Of The Crowns" where Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled get's engage to Elsa after Rapunzel cannot provide any heir for the Throne.
Indentured: Uotc [Fan Art] by x-Jazzy-B-Real-x

In Heist the story explores a lonely depress Queen Elsa who has to deal with Flynn Ryder stealing her valuables and also teasing her.……

  Despite my love for Frozen I don't read Frozen fan fictions since most of them are written by naive preteen girls who often write themselves as Elsa and therefore she acts completely out of character. Plus I don't trust the community that gave us "50 Shades Of Frost" and "My Slytherin Boyfriend" since once again they are writing Elsa as a helpless naive teenage girl who needs Jack Frost to save her and writing Frostface as some suave individual rather than the immature spoiled brat he actually is in ROTG. However Jazzy BR I completely trust in writing Frozen as she has not only the skills to tell an engaging and erotic story but she is a mature adult who actually KNOWS how real people behave and what real Love is since unlike your average DA and Tumblr user she actually has life experience.

Elsa and Eugene - Naboo Romance by Trackforce

    Heist is one of the most darker of her stories as she writes a more cynic and sexually depress Elsa who find herself tempted by Eugene despite being a enemy to her image as the pure Queen. While the story is not a hardcore sexually explicit story I would warn that the story is intended for more mature audiences as the writing is full of greatly detailed descriptions and truly erotic imagery of Elsa's sexuality. There's a very graphic scene of Elsa having a unintentional orgasm and staining her night dress after coming face to face with Eugene while he's escaping as well as her dream where someone undresses her in her sleep.

  If you love Frozen and the overall idea that Tangled takes place in the same universe as Frozen I highly recommend this story. For me I love it on the fact that it is the ONLY Frozen fan fiction I will read along with any of Jazzy's other great work. Plus the ship of Elsa and Eugene is so far the only one that seems in character for both of them despite canon.

Spring walk diorama by Trackforce

And last but not least .. The hit and most controversial fanfic of the decade and one that I owed a lot to ..


Loud House fanfic Covers by Trackforce

by JumpJump jumparoundjumpjump.deviantart.…
(A.K.A The Yandere Luan Comic)

 The comic that explores a Luan who has a crush on her brother Lincoln, one of which I already talked about… as well as created my own theories about the overall story…

Loud House Comic Part 2 22 by Trackforce

Loud House Comic Part 2 33 by Trackforce

  It would be criminal of me not to put this as a Valentine's Special because it fits perfectly for the occasion. A girl goes full Yandere and kills anyone that stands between her and the object of her desire. The incest is something that many people will be uncomfortable with but honestly there's way more worse stuff online and if this is not your cup of tea then you should quit while your ahead. The story works on so many layers for me, Drama, Romance, Comedy and Thriller which I'll like to point out how this would be a more appropiate horror movie for Valentine's Day than one that features a killer in a miner's suit. However a movie about a killer in a miner's suit is still a better Valentine's Day movie than the one about a perverted millionare playboy who can't have sex with a woman without physically abusing her and excusing it as BDSM roleplay, 50 Shades Darker My Ass.

  Despite the premise and the ships that go in this story, I'll like to say that this story is a great deconstruction of the whole sibling ship as unlike other fanfic stories of the past this one get's realistic and it doesn't portray the situation as good or fantastic as everything looks like it could turn into tragedy any minute in the story. Luan herself despite being a yandere is actually relatable in her struggles and at times I can't help but feel that she really does deserve to have Lincoln and that maybe everything wouldn't be so messed-up if only Luan was allow to express her feelings for Linc rather than force herself to hide it from everybody. Overall a fanfic story that is appropiate for a Holiday that centers on Love, an emotion that many of us really don't know that much about and many youth badly think they know what True Love is.

 So enjoy your Valentine's Day and indulge in whatever fetish, fan art, ship, fantasy, fanfic, game or story represents the day of love for you.

Frozen Valentine's Day card boys DO want by Trackforce

No matter the PC boundaries or how lewd it is to some. As long as it's not hurting anybody.

Simpsons Valentines-day02-ikl959-com by Trackforce

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1364119729809 by Trackforce

Being a fan of Frozen has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as a fan of Disney. Despite Frozen being a movie that I waited years to finally see come true it was a double edge sword as now I had to deal with the annoying fans that Frozen has unintentionally created. Already fans have started to mandate and say what is canon with Frozen and what isn't and all created by some of the most annoying fans I have ever met. And nothing is bigger proof of that than the crossover ship known as Jelsa, which pairs poor Elsa with Jack Frost Jack Frost Cute Icon  the Dreamworks asshole from that Right-Wing extremist holiday propaganda movie
Rise Of The Guardians… A ship so immensely popular that is downright impossible to even search for Frozen 2 without coming across a picture that implies that Elsa will be whore out to the White supremacist idol.

So as you can guess, Is a BIG relief everytime Disney releases a OFFICIAL Frozen short. Because it let's us known that despite the fandom Disney isn't letting it influence and decide what Frozen should become. Jack frost is never going to show up in anything Frozen related and the fans have to realize that sooner or later. The more you force your ship the more is going to backfire on you and kill your enjoyment of Frozen 2 went you see Jack isn't going to be in it (It's called overhype people).

Is also a big pain relief cause being expose to some of the popular Youtube Frozen fan made videos it really starts to wear down on you and you find myself almost hating Frozen even if you are a hardcore fan. Like the insanely popular Elsa and Anna doll videos by youtube member "Come Play With Me"… where a bunch of sugar crazed pretween girls "Act" out toy adventures with the frantic pace of a Chimpanzee. It's the stuff that's entertaining the younger Frozen fans like my nieces and nephews who are unfortunately seeing this and developing a short attention span that will only be entertained by entertainment equivalent to waving car keys in front of them. Or so goddamned loud that even when I put my earphones at full volume it wasn't enought to drown the frantic voices being used to voice "Anna" and "Elsa" and some annoying thing called "Elsia".

But lucky for me that same day that I had to endure that was the same day that the Lego special "Frozen: Northern Lights" premiered at Disney channel, and boy was it a Welcome sign of Salvation.

Incase you haven't seen the books or Lego playsets, Northern Lights is about Elsa and Anna and their sidekicks Sigh  (Sorry but no matter how much the Trolls want Kristoff to be Anna's husband he's still a sidekick to me, plus I know the Trolls are the true evil in Frozen… ) going out to see the aurora lights in the kingdom.

A 30 minute short, Frozen: Northern Lights is exactly what we TRUE fans of Frozen need right now. Is the world of Frozen meets the witty and funny storytelling of the Lego specials we have seen before most notably the Star Wars specials. Lego takes us on a aventure with the charaters being true to themselves while also poking fun at the franchise. Is a true spoof that yet reminds us why we love the property so much.

Not going to tell everything that happens in the short since 30 minutes is way too little for a special featuring my favorite Disney women, but I will highly recommend it even to the older fans as there is a lot here to have fun watching. While the short isn't canon there is some stuff here that implies that Disney is well aware off about Frozen's cultural impact and the fans.

For example, Everytime Elsa looks like she is going to sing "Let It Go" the entire short stops to make it look like we are going to have a big musical number with animals gathering around to hear her, only for Elsa to stop and say "I don't feel like singing right now, I'm just not feeling it" making a rabbit cry in the process. Or How Elsa tries to create ice scultures and ends up creating one of Mickey mouse to which she replies, "That one came out a little weird". There's even a reference to Idina Menzel's previous role in the Broadway Musical Wicked of all things Elphaba  ! With all that humor you almost wished there was a Frozen Lego game about it.

So being 30 minutes is more than we asked for and you might even want more as the true voices of Anna and Elsa are in this. Is so soothing to hear Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell again as the true voices of Elsa and Anna. Note to those that do fan voices of them, Elsa is a Adult woman with a very peaceful serenade voice .. not some frantic lunatic with the energy of an attacking Chimp Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - DK Icon  . Is just such a relief to be having a true Frozen adventure (even if it isn't canon to the films) that you wished it could get going. But even the end itself is worth it.

Overall, while a bit disappointing that we had to take a Lego adventure instead of a animated short that takes place in the film itself like Frozen Fever, like I said it's still worth seeing and as I fan I take what I can get. It might be my favorite Christmas special despite having zero to do with Xmas (considering the Jack Frost connection it's for the better).

There's still a new Holiday special that will be released in 2017 on ABC called "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" which would be set in the movie universe and I hope it has the same charm as this one, hopefully keeping Christmas out of it. Cause if Lego Frozen: Northern Lights taught the fans anything is that Frozen by itself is great and people will watch it. We don't need no Frosty third wheel Jack frost  let DreamWorks have that.

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Loud House Yandere comic theories page by Trackforce

So this is something I have been meaning to do for a while and I know I update my Review of the Loud House Yandere Luan comic by JumpJump since the comic is still a year or so before he finishes, I noticed that most of the gifs and images I used in my review get erase with each update. So in order to have most of the original review still intact before it get's update eventually, I decided to take Predictions here where I can expand and elaborate without clashing with my reviews.

Anyway, Once again another sign that the Loud house comic is topping my list of Best Fan Made Comic Of All Time is that this is the first time a fan made comic that has me in suspense and has led me to create multiple theories on how this whole thing could end. Unlike other comics and even fan fictions, Jumpjump has made it clear right from the very beginning that anybody can die in this story seeing how Ronnie Anne goes out in the first pages so the stakes and possibilities go high.

So as JumpJump continues with his story, I wanna take the time to write down my theories about the comic as time progresses. Having years of seeing many stories and writing my own as well, I think I could get a pretty good guess as to how this story could end. I might be putting myself on a disadvantage now that JumpJump is on DA jumparoundjumpjump.deviantart.… and has seen my opinions but overall I'm more than happy to be proven wrong if the story ends in a way that I don't see coming.

So without any delay let's get right ahead to my predictions,

First I want to start with my favorite game,

What other Sister will turn out to also have a crush on Lincoln?

So as of now there's three major players for Linc's affections. There's Lucy who seems to be the one to be emotionally attach to him, Lynn the one who spontaneously declared her feelings for him and immediately got straigh to the point and of course our big major player and leading protagonist Luan Loud. Who as we saw is hopelessly in love with Linc to the point that she'll murder any potential love interest for Linc, at least those outside the family for now.

So I can only wonder how things could turn more chaotic if ONE MORE sister turn out to be having a crush on Linc. So far in the story there's two remaining sisters who can interact with Linc in the story, Leni and Lori. From what we have seen it seems unlikely that any of them could turn out to be crushing on Linc since Lori is devoted to Bobby and Leni is completely harmless... or is she?

Leni's Bizarre Adventure. by JumpAroundJumpJump


Is not like in the show Leni is shown to be a complete airhead. We were shown that she has some brilliant skills like wood craftsmanship and most surprising of all, being a lockpicker! So she has some hidden depths. Could it be that she also might have some feelings for Linc that no one suspects due to her appearing to be naive and harmless? It doesn't look like it might happen but boy wouldn't it be a twist if Leni suddenly reveal herself to had called the cops and to blackmail Luan or Lynn to stay away from Linc?



Midnight secret by Trackforce

While it doesn't appear that it might happen, what if Lori ends up in that web of sibling romance too? Yeah I know she's devoted to Bobbi, but this is the JumpJump comic where anything can happen. Now I know in the comic her romance with Bobby is still there and she appears to be the one who wants to stop Luan from crushing on her brother (and the others if she knew) but here's my theory on how it could happen..

First all, Ronnie Anne was murdered who is Bobby's little sister. Lori was later contacted by Bobby who asked her if she had seen his sister. Part 2 ended with the police at the Loud House door. Who called the cops exactly?

My prediction, Bobby is going to break up with Lori either because he would want to be alone with dealing with the stress his family his going through and doesn't want to be a burden on Lori OR Lori and Bobby could get in a fight if Lori suddenly realized that her sisters and brother were suspected in not only the dissapearance but also murder of Ronnie Anne. The result in either situation would be a emotionally broken Lori as she just lost the love of life. And losing you other soul mate often results in people making hasty decisions, and we know all to well that Lori is prone to making some rather drastic choices such as chosing Clyde as her boyfriend despite him still being in Elementary. It might look like a joke but choosing a rather younger and underage partner is a tell tale sign that Lori is probably wanting a partner that she can control and have under her terms.

Garabatoz Comic Panel by Trackforce

So with that in mind, guess who's the only boy in this story and already being taken advantage by pretty much everyone?

Lynn's look by Trackforce

I don't think it might go straight there but let's just say that a heartbroken Lori get's consoled by Lincoln, .. she opens up about her feelings and both have a moment like Linc and Luan did and next thing you know Lori wants him for herself seeing her brother as the only one who understands her and never leaving her because he lives under the same roof. It might not be sexual as Lucy and Lynn have it but cut to Luan finding out that Lori and Linc are getting emotionally close and Luan might lose it as she see's Lori as not only a hypocrite but as the big enemy that's between her and her Linc. All hell breaks loose as Luan challenges Lori for control of not only the Loud House but Lincoln. It would be the ultimate climax to go into!

I don't think it might go there and that Lori has any feelings that strong for Linc but I would be taken by surprise if she did.

 Now that I got the two sisters guessing game let's go into my other predictions about the story.



Game Over Lynn by Trackforce

I joke in my review that the entire thing could end with Luan running off with Lincoln's head into a boat like that ending in School Days. While Luan is indeed a Yandere,.. I don't believe Luan is capable of hurting Lincoln. We know just how much she loves him and I don't think that she would be capable of causing him any harm since that would go against her feelings for him. Linc is not some other boy, She didn't met him one day at school, she pretty much watch him grow and like the rest of her sisters raised him. Her crush has been there ever since Linc was born and he is the only boy she has ever loved for years. So murder is out of the question ..

Her SISTERS on the other hand.

We saw that moment where it looked like Luan could harm Lynn and the preview for the next chapter looks like this

tumblr inline oh26xsjLHQ1ru5k2j 500 by Trackforce

Yup, I do think Luan wants to murder Lynn and any one of her sisters if they express any feelings for Linc. While Luan grew up with Lynn and the rest Linc is the only boy in the family and in her mindset that's her entire world. She will not hesitate to eliminate or "Put into place" any one of the family that get's in her way. Luan is pretty much establishing a Royal family clan law or a herd rule of sorts, whoever get's the male is in charge of the herd/family and any one that wants him is challenging her. As Luan told the psychiatrist,

"She took something of mine"

The mindset that she OWNS Lincoln or that Linc BELONGS to her or that it was DESTINY for her to be with Linc is there and is a hint that she has some darkness inside of her waiting to come out if she doesn't have her way. I should know, Jack frost  my version of Jack Frost has the same mindset and his entire reason for being evil is all thanks to that mindset of OWNING someone like it was written in stone or some fairy tale Jack and Elsa Jelsa  ignoring reality for their own self-interest. Whether Luan might go full yandere remains to be seen but I am betting that if anybody is going to steal Linc from Luan there will be a dead body or many by the end of the story.

Speaking of ending someone...



With Ronnie Anne being dead and the police at the Loud's door by the end of chapter 2, all chances of this having a happy ending are really slim. Unless the death of Ronnie Anne is blamed on someone else or the canal water (but how would you explain being tied-up to a chair?) is all going to lead to Luan unless she frames someone else. The future is really looking bleak no matter who ends with Linc.

Which makes us wonder how is this going to end? We are used to happy endings but this is a whole new kind of story were things were looking dark right from the very first page. The incest relationship really makes this a guessing game on how will it all end since we know that this isn't going to end with Lincoln happily living married to his sisters in some cottage house by the hills.

So here are my best guesses for now ..



CagedLuan by Trackforce

Depending if Luan does get caught she has the doctor on her side who could argue in court that Luan was mentally unstable and get place in a asylum than facing prison. This scenario could leave Lynn and Lucy as the winners and judging from the episode "Space Invader" they look like they wouldn't mind sharing Linc.

Loud House Yandere Comic - Lynn's victory by Trackforce

That is if they survive the ordeal or even stay alive with Linc since I'm betting that Luan will not go away that easily without a fight.



Things escalate to the point that something crazy happens and Luan ends up killing everyone including herself. Seeing her normal life take a turn for the worst Luan might decide that she'll rather spare her family from the harsh life of being incarcerated by blowing everyone up. I know it sounds over the top and insane but so was the episode "April Fools Rules". If Luan is somehow able to trapt the entire family in jell-o then setting up a bomb to take everyone out like in PREDATOR Predator Emote  is not that far fetch compare to her crazy antics.

S1E18A Gettin' jiggly with it! by Trackforce


As I was typing this. THIS came out in my iTunes in the background… Which instantly put the idea the of "What if the Loud Sisters fought each other in a deadly battle to see who ends with Lincoln" in my mind. Actually I wouldn't be surprise if it came down to an all-out battle between the sisters and the whole thing ended on a cliff-hanger with the winner still to be revealed.

speaking about sister vs. sister


Is pretty common that Luan being portrayed as the Joker is now Fanon (Canon + Fan = Get it!) and since JumpJump made a picture of Luan with a Joker face, could it be that's a hint of where this story is going? I said in my review of the Loud Comic 1-2 that I compare this story similar to the Killing Joke in terms of a children's property (at least to general audiences) being turn into something mature and making a rather cartoonish villain be monstrous and sympathethic, This could be the explanation for those who had wanted a Supervillain Luan and the overall result can end up having the sisters as superheroines trying to stop Luan or a reason why Linc becomes a hero in the future. Luan could be Linc's Joker to his Ace Savvy.

Hero and villain by Trackforce

or the villain could be someone else..


tumblr inline oh2m9f7vZj1ru5k2j 500 by Trackforce

I actually didn't though Christina could be in this. In the show she was stated to be Linc's crush in school but that idea seems to had disappear as soon as Ronnie Anne showed up. A wasted opportuinity since introducing her more in the show could had lead to more fun episodes outside the house instead of seeing Linc and Clyde recycle plots from past cartoons. But JumpJump's hint at what she would be in the comic sounds exciting!

Christina can finally become an actual character and what she is can be a surprise. How long as she been crushing on Linc? How is she going to interact with him? Will she come face to face against Luan and if so, who will emerge victorious? We saw there that Christina like Luan is not afraid to hurt people to get Linc in her power, so Luan will have to face a enemy that is a lot similar to her but will different traits from her (mostly not being related to Linc). The overall scenario could frighten Linc close to Luan and bring the sisters together if Christina decides to go full yandere killing spree on anyone that Linc cares about.


Luan still goes to an asylum and the family tries to help event if the damage is beyond repair. Lori's relationship with Bobby is ruined due to the revelation of Luan killing Ronnie. Lynn and Lucy might also end their crush on Linc after seeing what Luan became due to her crush on him.

and while I don't think this might happen due to being a clique I still have to count it as a possibility.



Loud House Yandere Comic- All a dream by Trackforce

It's the only way we can get a happy ending even if is a cop-out. However if is a dream then that leaves a big question.. Who's dream is it?

Is it Luan's? Lincoln's? Lynn's or Lucy's? All of them? I really don't wanna go into it since that's a whole other discussion and theory. One that would include talking about the personalities of each sister and how this story is a reflection of what they are really feeling.


And those are my theories for now, which are going to change with each month and art that JumpJump creates. It's gonna a while before we see part 3 let alone a complete part of it so might as well take a break and Re-read the Loud House, come up with your own theories on how it could all end or Watch the Loud House episodes all over again. Better than freezing outside this winter.

So with me doing some rather risque ships and posting a journal post about the Loud House comic and following JumpJump on tumblr, I find it hilarious and even pathethic when people online say "This is the worst thing I have ever seen!".

Okay here's something about me people, I'm in my late 20' and I have been using the internet since 1998. And let me tell you, I have seen stuff that would had driven all these kids who complaint about stuff insane! I'm saying that cause judging from people's comments on JumpJump's tumblr and the ROTG fans they would had never been able to handle the most disturbing stuff I have seen in the past. You kids ain't seen the stuff that made me the man I am today. I think I lost my innocence somewhere in 2000 when while searching for sites about Sailor Moon I accidently ended up discovering that Anime wasn't the serious genre I though it was when I discovered hentai for the first time, and Anime was not longer the same for me. In comparison to some of the recent stuff I have seen the stuff I saw was actually pretty tame compare to the stuff fans do now.

So what is the most disturbing stuff I have seen online? Well if I told you, you will be depresss and lose faith in humanity. Since the stuff I have been aware of includes everything from secret army videos (where soldiers "play" by shooting innocent civilians) to animal torture videos (I was told about them). So I'm not going to go into that since that is easily the most disturbing thing online by default of reality being way worse.

Instead I'm going for the most disturbing stuff I have seen from the fandom and even them I'm not giving out a full report since there's lots of contenders for that title.

The reason I'm doing this is because of my ROTBTFD Nightmare series, specifically the Jack Frost story… as well as Elsa's nightmare… two stories that involve your favorite ROTBTFD heroes in horror scenarios. And while my overall knowledge is that nobody is reading them (and that's great) I might had to deal with the fact that I might have given some fan girls some nightmares. I hope not but if it did then "oops", and that makes me very happy to destroy some Jelsa fan's innocence. Anyway, while I do take responsibility for the posted stories and the scenario, I might have to clarify some stuff especially due to the disturbing content. No I'm not some writer who is thinking about how to kill and humiliate Jack in various sadistic ways (Anymore..). I kinda borrowed the basic idea from a Rule 34 comic. A rather dark and disturbing Rape comic to be exact.

Yeah the most disturbing content I have seen inspired me to create ROTBTFD Nightmares. I'm not gonna give full details or even the name of the comic or artists cause it's just that disturbing to me and I want to spare you the horror that I witness.

There's been lots of Rape comics and fan art in the Rule 34 community, this is expected and not all that shocking but for me that yet it is still some of the more disturbing stuff online and there's many pieces to count or see as which one is the worst of the worst. However this fic is rather disturbing for including many of the darker R34 stuff but to the max.

One of the things that I find way worse than Rape is not just rape, but also forcing a character's loved one to watch. Not sure what the term is but seems to be classify as "torture porn". And it just as horrible as you expect. There is the gore stuff and then there's the truly messed up stuff.

Jack Frost's nightmare includes a scene where Jack get's burn alive while his girlfriend Elsa completely ignores him in favor of having sex with the boy who set him on fire. Right in front of him like some twisted taunt that might as well be spitting on Jack's grave. While this sounds like something that I would do it was actually based on a R34 comic that inludes that exact same scenario only there it was more sexually explicit and there was rape involve (the Jack frost nightmare has no rape, the girls accepted the act). The comic that had this was rather shocking as it include some popular superheroes being on the receiving end of this act. I wouldn't say much about it other that there's now I reason why I don't like DC's biggest villain (and that should be your only clue as to what R34 comic it is)

So if I didn't like that traumatic story, why did I based a story on it? Well part of me wanted to see if I felt anything sympathy for Jack Frost if he got the same treatment and since I'm always honest with you folks, I didn't felt sorry for Jack Frost. I guess I reached my point where I lost all sympathy for this character thanks to his fans over protecting this character and losing their minds if somebody just does one bad thing with him. It's almost like Jack is the internet's precious baby and no one is allowed to mock him, not even Rule 34 artist.

Another clue for you about what artist it is, well you only have to look and read "Elsa's Nightmare" where Jack Frost tries to rape Elsa in what I consider to be the worst thing I had ever done to Elsa in a fic. She doesn't get rape but it was hard writing her being tormented by Jack Frost who delivers a disturbing speech about raping her and making her his plaything. His dialogue is word for word straight from another comic by the same artist or to be more precise from several of his works where the Rapist would not shut up. The only difference being that Elsa get's rescue and Jack get's punished while in those comics the Rapist won and the girls (who are popular superheroines) lose their minds and are brainwash to be sex slaves.

I was trying to make Jack Frost truly despicable and make a giant "Take That" towards the "50 Shades of Frost" story by having Jack become a sadistic rapist who takes pleasure in raping women to his will and degrading them and calling them lesser than human. Those rape comics by that author ended up being the only inspiration in making a truly heinous Jack Frost and his dialogue is made to be as faithful to the comic by being the most disturbing and derogatory and downright mind breaking speech ever made towards female victims. I would had never been able to come out with such creepy dialogue since I do not like to do those type of stories, except for this occasion and even here I couldn't go all the way through it since Elsa is safe and sound with the person that she actually loves by the end, while the sadistic Jack get's punished by having his neck impale in a ice pick. Jack's brutal death was meant to be bloody. especially since Jack Frost looks alot like the super powered teenage Rapist in those comics. They are both teenagers and have the exact same hairstyle. So this was 50 percent my creation and more good ending remake of that comic.

So overall, I ended up turning the worst stuff that I have seen online into more idea fuel for my stories. I guess is my way to make it less horrifying and shocking in my memory by making into a scenario that I wouldn't mind happening to characters I do not care about. Still I would consider the original stories that did this idea first to be the worst stuff I have seen online, an even I doubt that would be the most shocking stuff I will ever see as the years go by. But it if has helped me in anything is that I get to brag and mock the kids by knowing that these fragile things have not truly seen some disturbing stuff that would make them speechless due to the graphic content and messed-up scenarios. Further proving that some of us have mature due to our experience with the internet since it began, while the younger kids who are having their way online are all losing their minds over stuff that's nowhere as disturbing as those things we saw in the darkest corner of the internet since it began. Here's a tip kids, if you don't like it then DON'T SEARCH FOR IT. Is not like Jelsa that is everywhere and impossible to avoid and I actually have a right to complaint, no if you come across a incest ship comic you don't like or my stuff and are shock then don't complaint cause you were ASKING for it. Is why I put warning labels and categorise my stuff as Mature from now on.

Read at your own risk. Writing these scenarios wasn't me trying to push the envelope or taunt the fans but me discovering how far can I go in my own writing style or creativity. Plus as the Cinema Snob said in one of his reviews that talked about Congressmen complaining about video games, "in Fiction sometimes people die in order to tell a proper story!". Otherwise how are you going to deal with death and burtality if you shy away from it. The world ain't PG kids, it's a Hard R.

Anyway, since I'm assuming that most readers are here cause they are expecting to see some shocking youtube video so they can click on it, well here's the worst one I have seen in my life as a Disney fan… Why is that worst aside from being a pandering Jelsa video? Cause Working With Lemons the Mormon group behind it created their account and got permission by Disney to make their videos in order to avoid getting ban due to the copyright since they did not intent to make money,. Until they decide to pander to the Jelsa cult and charge people for the song download! Something that people like Remixluke Dainumo and Pogo (Nick Bertke, all who make FAR Better music than WWL) who make remix music of the Disney films don't do because they don't want their stuff to be remove and have to struggle with many stupid rules regarding copyright, YET Working With Lemons abuse it's deal with Disney and charged people for not only a Disney property but a Dreamworks property! One of my favorites artist on DA even got in a argument against then and how they were being ignorant by claiming to be non profit and fair use when money was the entire reason for it. They have since not charge people for it and claim that "it's for the fans" and had the audacity to said that they were going to make more "Music videos featuring Disney Couples". And the fanbase further thinks that Jack is Disney and must be respected as such..

You know it's reasons like that why I won't mind doing all sorts Horror fics where Jack Frost get's torture for the next years. Hey Fair Use folks and free publicity for ROTG, God knows they need it after their movie when nowhere.

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The Official Jelsa Party by Trackforce

Good Morning! Oh maybe I shouldn't say "Good morning" considering that people might still be suffering from Post-Election Stress Disorder due to the fact that Donald Trump is soon to going to be our new President. My sympathies since I also didn't wanted Trump to win. He did and that's bad.. but riddle me this folks, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DONALD TRUMP AND JELSA?

Crimson Frost 3   The Final Battle by Trackforce

Actually, how is today ANY different from say, the last three years? You know those years after Frozen when you all started to ship Jelsa and not only dominated Deviantart with Jelsa groups and fanarts but also the Cosplay community turn it into The Main Couple cosplay that have not only done it repeatedly but also have gone as far as to make VARIANTS of it such as Slave Leia-Elsa and Jedi Jack Frost. Really how is Donald Trump being president way worse than that?

Now before you all go Trump and respond with comments let me EXPLAIN myself a bit more. This isn't me complaining about Jelsa just because I don't like it, oh no.. This is my reasoning why I do not see any difference between Donald Trump's main image (that of a suppose racist and self absorb egomaniac) and the message that the Jelsa community unintentionally has given over the last 3 years.

First off, is easy why people hate Donald Trump and anybody that voted for him. The comments on illegal imigrants or banning Muslims from entering the country. We saw the campaign videos. The video of him boasting about "Grab them by the pussy" enfuriated everyone even further.

So yeah is obvious that Donald Trump was just the worse in comparison to past Candidates. But it wasn't him winning that has everybody feeling down, No, what really has everybody down is that we expected better from our country. All this time despite our current climate we expected ourselves to be a nation of progress. Online and outside we have been a community of Tolerance, Diversity and Acceptance. We support when people are struggling against hate and accept other cultures and even our favorite shows are also accepting same sex couples (Steven Universe, Korra). We are making progress as far as everybody is concerned. As somebody said in my favorite podcast of Double Toasted Tuesday night during the coverage of the election…

"We are making progress for people and being a model for the world, So this just gives us a bad image to what we have try to accomplish"

Or something like that, The point being that Donald Trump winning would prove that despite our culture of Tolerance there's still a majority that is the opposite of who we are. That despite our community of acceptance, we elected a guy who wants to ban all Muslims and build a Wall with Mexico and at one point didn't see women as people. So I can understand why people are really devastated and upset.

However getting to my side of the argument? How is this any difference from Jelsa?

The Guardian is watching YOU by Trackforce

Now before you all start to post about the possibility of WW3 and Muslims getting deported, let me explain myself.

Now you all consider Trump to be bad and how he is going to destroy this country with his views against minorities. Is there a small possibility that perhaps you the Jelsa shippers might have had a hand in this? That you inspired people to accept a opinion and therefore in a way help his victory even if your influence was small? The despite the Internet boasting about unity and progress and praising Steven universe and Korra for evolving animation, that we secretly want the old fashion values back?


You know I have written so many reason why I don't like Jelsa and hate the shippers and cosplayersto the point that I could actually write a book about it and make it a Best Seller on the New York Times. But one of the reasons that I was always bother by it is that.. I found Jelsa to be racist. At least unintentionally Racist..

Example, here are my google searches for Jelsa…

Here is my google search for Jelsa Cosplay…

Notice something? There is awfully a lot of white in it.

Of course right now you are thinking that that's who they are and is not racist. But is it?

You know when Elsa was shipped with Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph, a Jelsa shipper responded with this..

"Well Ralph's colors look ugly"

When Flynn Rider was shipped with Elsa there was this response..

"Flynn is married, plus he doesn't look well with Elsa"

And when I asked why people didn't ship Human Jack Frost with Elsa there was this..

"Jack doesn't look as pretty as when he becomes a Guardian and get's ice powers. Guardian Jack Frost just looks SO CUTE!!"

Yeah, according to the Jelsa fans Human Jack Frost doesn't look as cute or fit for Elsa despite being the same person and aside from the colors, having the same physical appearance. No he looks "Perfect" for Elsa once he gains POWER and literally turns WHITE.

Yeah the artists and cosplayers have decided that THIS is too ugly for Elsa…

while this is PERFECT for Elsa and looks Right…

So the only perfect one for Elsa, or to be ship with her should include turning almost snow WHITE and gaining POWER. And that's just the Hero of Jelsa.

Let's not forget the whole thing with Jelsa, which is that Elsa is a poor helpless girl in need of a Guardian, someone to protect her, or someone to TEACH her how to control her powers and also how to use them.

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This despite the fact that Elsa's powers don't work the same way as Jack's powers and that Elsa is a GODDESS in comparison to Jack. She build a giant ice castle and LIFE, meanwhile Jack only cause ineffective ice lightning and he copy the powers of sandmand which he took YEARS to even imitate. But as far as the Jelsa comminuty knows, Elsa should be dominated by Jack…

Yeah forget the canon fact that Jack is a child (13 years old or 18 at times, still not legal in most states) and Elsa is a woman (already in her 20's), No screw Elsa being the Mature one and the Dominant one they want Jack to be the man and dominate Elsa like she was a helpless naive virgin school girl.

So Jack for all intents and purposes is grabbing them by the "Pussy" cause he's a sexy devous man who knows how to seduce women despite being a preteen brat who is still playing with children…


So with all of this that I present many would just not get what I am trying to say. Most ignore this complaints as Jealousy or not liking Jack Frost or hating "True Love". Or just tell me to ignore it.

Here's my problem, Is not about Elsa being shipped with someone who is a arrogant jerk and a selfish disrespectful brat who feels like he's entitled to living a life of "Snowballs and fun times" just cause. My problem with Jelsa from Day One has been that it is a example of racist that people fail to see.

As I pointed out with those comments and visuals, The general shared idea is that people love it because how pretty it looks and frown when she is shipped when somebody doesn't share the same colors as Elsa. People had made this obvious from the very start, is about how Pretty it looks as this comment said about Artist Kazeki who created the first Jelsa fan art ..

"No, shippers dont ship them because of "ice powers". Sometimes people see a really amazing fanart of a couple, and fall in love with them hence ship it"

There have been a ton of articles about why People ship Elsa with Jack, but it always falls down to how "Pretty" they look with each other.

I once got in a argument with a Jelsa shipper and my response was this

"So would you ship Jelsa if she didn't have any Ice powers"

The response from the shipper was a almost hesitant yes. Then I replied with this..

"Would you still ship Jelsa if Elsa was Latina or black and she had fire powers?"

I got no response. He could had won that argument by saying "yes, will always ship Jelsa no matter the color of their skin or powers" but there was none. Of course there was no response and there was never going to be one, Cause Jelsa at it's core is not about who Elsa and Jack really are.. is not about the content of their characters but about how their look. It's about the color of their skin.

When I see Jelsa, I see the same old views that people have been having for a long time.

"Two white pretty people are beautiful."

"You can only end up with the white princess if you are white."

"You don't get a happy ending with a beautiful girl if you don't look like this."

"This is what a Perfect fairy tale couple should look like."

"White is beautiful."

"If you look like this then all will be given to you."

"This what women want."

"This is how a Hero should look like."

"Is not about who you are but how you look"

The only difference is, that everyone accepts it and thinks it's cute. Not realizing that by hating and attacking everyone else that doesn't share the same opinion or ships Elsa with somebody else they are promoting a very racist view. What's funny is that they could avoid that message themselves by dressing up or drawing Human Jack to show a bit more color. They don't have to stop shipping Jelsa, Just show human Jack and portray him as a young man who needs Elsa to guide him. But no, Jack looks better completely white and Elsa needs him.


So I ask people, How is that message that Jelsa has given me for the last 3 years ANY different than what you all are seeing from Donald Trump's campaign apparently? Why should I feel bad and feel bad for all of you when that same message was being given by Jelsa and you all loved it and made it popular then? How is it any different now that the next President might hold those old views?

If anything despite the stress, I can't help but feel a bit joyous. Hell I'm actually enjoying seeing your all in panic, just a little. The same worries and stress you are all feeling are what I felt when I discovered that Jelsa became a fandom and wasn't going to go away anytime soon.

Hell at times I feel like Donald is the madness you have brought down on yourselves and I should laugh seeing how Jelsa shippers are now sad that Trump has won despite not looking at everything that is wrong with Jelsa and just how much Jack and Trump have in common.…

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The difference now then what I felt about Jelsa years back is that I'm used to it by now. I still hate it and can't stand it but I'm used to it by now, which I'm sure that you all will soon be used to having Donald Trump as President. And the world didn't end when Jelsa began and it sure ain't going to end with Trump in charge. There will be troubled times and who knows how it all ends, but this isn't the end yet.

Life goes on.

So stop your worries, Everything will be alright, Move on, man up and get used to saying President Trump. And ship Jelsa while your at it, this the world you created so now Own it.

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Well I didn't expected to do this so soon but looks like I haven't paid that much attention to the CN youtube channel despite being subscribed to it for almost two years (I think). Which is probably the reason why I missed this CN short that came out back in January 6, 2016… Twelve Forever is the name of this animated short and just discovering it now makes me realize that I might had gotten my hopes up for Infinity Train being a sneak peek at a new series way too soon… and I seriously don't want to become another person complaining about how some current shows on CN are already tv shows yet this isn't.

But I will say that it is messed-up how ROTG became a movie featuring animation's biggest Jerk for a hero and yet this show featuring the most endearing teenager ever hasn't even been picked up for a show ASAP.

Anyway to the main focus, Thanks to watching Infinity Train I discovered (quite late) the Twelve Forever short and like the previous short I freaking love it. While Infinity Train gave you a basic idea of what is going on but was still a mystery, TF gives you everything that the show is about. 12 year old Reggie (I asume she's 12, title of the show after all) is a playful teenager who doesn't want to grow and indeed she doesn't as she is seen playing with a action-figure in school!

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I know it sounds crazy but that really blew my mind! In the Jr. High schools I went to during my school years (2001-2003) kids no longer played with toys, they were all about social scene crap and who was having their first sex experience, playing with toys was a public shame. So seeing Reggie a teenage girl playing with toys is something not only amusing but also heartwarming and makes me wish that real teenagers realized that they are still freaking kids and to stop trying to be adults.

Anyway back on track, After this introduction were are shown the plot of the series. Reggie has a magical key that she uses to travel to her mind where she has created a magical world called "Party Island" where they have lots of fantastical adventures but must watch out for the Witch,who Reggie calls "Butt-Witch", who wants to cause trouble for Reggie and her best friend Shane.

Magical girls I have seen before since I grew-up with Sailor Moon in the 90's , but a magical girl who can travel to her mind? Now that's something I haven't seen before! Already a unique idea and with a likable and relatable protagonist like Reggie this is a story I want to see more of.

However there a couple of things that might need work or I don't know what to make off. First the imaginary world reminds too much of Adventure Time and that one show with that fat kid (I think it's called Clarence or something..) so the designs look like something I have seen before and don't really capture me. The Butt-Witch, well she is really ..something.. I like her design but then there's her voice. I know what they are doing with her, it's a villain that is a lot of similar to HIM from the Powerful Puff Girls. I assume she's suppose to be kinda creepy or make viewers uncomfortable. However while HIM was completely scary the butt-Witch is more of comedy than Nightmare-fuel as her curvy body makes it obvious she's a female and not some abomination that you don't know what the heck is it like HIM. So for me I would had much prefer had she been voice by a female voice and just made her sound like the wicked witch of the west. Unless she's made more bizarre looking in order to make her creepy.

And last and probably the one thing that I don't like about it, Reggie's best friend Shane. You know this show really takes me back to when I was a kid, because watching this made me feel like those times when I was watching a cartoon and I was wishing I was living the adventure with the heroine .. because her friend is boring. When Reggie arrives in her fantasy world she turns Shane into a surf board and honestly for me he might had stayed that way,.. cause he really didn't leave much of a character impact. I know Shane is suppose to be the straight man to Reggie's Cloudcuckoolander but he's just forgettable. I know that by this point of the story traveling to his best friends fantasy world is now normal but c'mon have a surprised expression! Maybe it's just his design that has him have that laid back 70's kid look but overall he was the least thing I remember after watching this short. Maybe he does more if there are more episodes or probably need to see this more than twice in order to get his character but I didn't have this problem when I saw Infinity Train or the Loud House for the first time, every character left an impression when I saw then for the first time.

Still all that aside, they are just nitpicks cause in the end I still love this short and really wish that this got a series. If anything at least to see a teenager who acts her age.

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